A splash of colour

Make those words stand out… Did the graphic get your attention? Did it shock you? Did it make you stare? Did it make you pull a face? Don’t worry it’s not me after a night on the town and it is paint not blood! Point I’m making, is that pictures grab your attention, they provoke […]

Public speaking humour

How to use humour in your Speeches and Presentations. If you want to see humour used with surgical precision, look back to the 1984 US presidential campaign between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale. In response to Mondale’s comments about his age and his capacity to endure the gruelling demands of the presidency Ronald Reagan said… […]

Fear of Public Speaking

Oh those butterflies… I’ve got a book at home called “Juggling for the Complete Klutz“. My wife bought it for me one Christmas as a stocking filler… she’s good with stocking fillers. It’s a great book, it teaches you how to juggle in easy steps. It starts with simple moves and slowly builds up to […]

Public speaking clubs

Time to join a Speakers Club We’ve looked at writing your speech, we’ve looked at practising your speech, what next? You’ve got it… you have to deliver your speech in front of a real live audience. Calm down, calm down! I’m not suggesting that you book a spot at the Albert Hall for your first […]

Practice, practice, practice…

Wow! You’re a natural… When I was young I wanted to be a good skier. Not easy in England. We don’t have much snow and even fewer mountains. What to do? I joined a ski club, which boasted the longest dry ski slope in England… a staggering 235m! I got to know all the best […]