I love a happy ending I watched a great film over the Christmas break, Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina and Captain Jack Sparrow himself… Johnny Depp. I’ve seen it before but I’d forgotten what a clever film it is, well worth a second viewing. The film is set in a small French […]

Look for the Shining Eyes

Inspiration for your Public Speaking Last week in June, first week in July… Wimbledon fortnight, in the UK sales of tennis rackets go through the roof as people are inspired by their heroes. The icy coolness of Borg, the grit and determination of Nadal, the sheer bloody mindedness of McEnroe and the balletic arrogance of […]

Facts tell… emotions sell

So what’s the story – happy or sad? Take a look at the photo, what do you see? A letter, a lady and a light, but I bet you’re not satisfied with just the facts. You want to know the story behind those facts….. Who’s the lady? What’s in the letter? Is it a love […]

Public Speaking Rapport

Talk to your audience… not at them I’ve just had a great long weekend in London. I took Friday off and went down on the train. Had a stroll on the embankment, visited the Tower of London and the highlight of the weekend… a visit to the Globe theatre to see A Midsummer Nights Dream. […]

A splash of colour

Make those words stand out… Did the graphic get your attention? Did it shock you? Did it make you stare? Did it make you pull a face? Don’t worry it’s not me after a night on the town and it is paint not blood! Point I’m making, is that pictures grab your attention, they provoke […]