Great Speeches in Films

Actors can’t give speeches

I was chatting to Colin Firth last week…. not that Colin Firth, my neighbour Colin Firth.

Incidentally my wife has never been the same since she saw that Colin Firth in the lake scene in Pride and Prejudice.
Even now if you mention Mr. Darcy… her legs turn to jelly.

Anyway, I was explaining to Colin that many actors just can’t give speeches. They can breathe life into lines written by others, they can add drama and passion, but ask them to be themselves and deliver their own material and they deliver the lines with all the verve and panache of a speaking clock.

“…the only example of an actor who did become a great public speaker that I can think of is Ronald Reagan, but he’d already been rolling his own speeches on the lecture circuit for General Electric long before he became Governor of California – with a contract from the company that required him to tour GE plants ten weeks out of the year, often demanding of him fourteen speeches per day”
Professor Max Atkinson

And it was reassuring to know that Colin agreed with me. He may have had a couple of white wines, but he did agree with me.

Thing is, a great speech is a mixture of two things… content and delivery.
The content gives a speech form and meaning and the delivery holds the attention of the audience and makes your words stand out, like a varicose vein in winter.
Content and delivery, the Yin and Yang of a great speech, without both, your speech falls apart.

A great speech needs content and delivery

What an actor brings to a speech is the delivery, so if you want to learn how to deliver a speech watch the actors.
If you really want to see actors deliver a speech, take in a little Shakespeare at your local theatre. There are lots of great speeches in Shakespeare’s plays and stage actors really know how to use their voices.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

Shakespeare – Henry V

Fortunately I live about half an hour from Stratford-upon-Avon so I’m a regular visitor to the RSC and Swan theatres. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the theatre, take a look at this fantastic video with over 40 examples of great speeches in films.
It’s only a couple of minutes long and don’t blink… or you’ll miis half a dozen.

That is one great video, which I first saw over at JohnZimmer’s Public Speaking site and I hope it reminds you of some of your favourite films and some of the great speeches in them.
Point is, as the video shows, actors can deliver great speeches, but they need great material to produce a great speech.

Time to have your say

So what’s your strong point, content or delivery?
I guess that most bloggers are good with content, but could you deliver your content with power and passion?
Perhaps you have a great voice but can’t write a speech to save your life?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

My thanks and gratitude to:

Professor Max Atkinson for his post on Award Speeches
RSC for the Actor thumbnail
John Zimmer over at Manner of Speaking for posting the film clips video

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  1. I like to think that I can deliver well. At least, when I’m forced to read the small print on the screen for my girl, I do so with passion and emotion, to put a little umph into the reading, and not just blah blah blah through it.

    I loved the video…I can’t imagine how long it took for them to put all those great scenes together. So many favorites in there.

    I’d like to think I do well with content too…but refrain from fully believing that. I enjoy learning and growing. So if I believed that I could write well, I might stop trying to learn more…to be honest, my type is how I speak for the most part. I just put it out there, run it through Word grammar check and run with it. lol

    I kinda want to watch Henry V now…
    Wayne @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..Finding the right retweet plugin for your WordPress blogMy Profile

  2. Hi Keith,

    Great post (as usual) and thanks for the links back to my site.

    The old content vs delivery debate will always ebb and flow, I suspect. Of course, as you rightly point out, it takes both to create a truly great presentation or speech.

    In my experience, when it comes to presentations and speeches, most people tend to focus on content. Hence the text-packed PowerPoint slides or the long speeches that go into extensive detail. Less attention is paid to delivery.

    But that is a mistake. Aristotle said that there are three pillars to a good speech: logic (logos) (i.e., does what you are saying make sense, is it supported by appropriate evidence, etc.); credibility (ethos) (does the audience trust you, do you have the credentials, are you believable); and emotion (pathos) (i.e. do you connect on an emotional level with the audience).

    Emotion is the most overlooked of the three. But it is vital to show some emotion, even when the topic is seemingly bland. Seth Godin said that the purpose of a presentation is to make an emotional sale to the audience. The facts and figures and details can be provided in a handout for the rational sale afterwards.

    Thanks again for the nod to my “Speeches from Film” series. I have a couple more in the pipeline so look for them soon.

    Cheers and all the best!

    John Zimmer´s last great post ..Quotes for Public Speakers No 77My Profile

    • Great to hear from you John
      A good selection of quotes there… Aristotle and Seth Godin.
      What did Aristotle blog on? LOL

      Love the Seth Godin quote…
      “…the purpose of a presentation is to make an emotional sale to the audience.”
      That is so on the money.
      Take a look at my “Facts tell emotions sell” post.

      Look forward to more from your “Speeches from Film” series.

      Until next time.

      • Thanks, Keith. I went back and dug out this quote from Seth:

        “The problem is this: no spreadsheet, no bibliography and no list of resources is sufficient proof to someone who chooses not to believe. The skeptic will always find a reason, even if it’s one the rest of us don’t think is a good one. Relying too much on proof distracts you from the real mission – which is emotional connection.”

        His entire post is here:


        John Zimmer´s last great post ..Quotes for Public Speakers No 77My Profile

  3. I’ll be back to comment after I have a couple of white wines. 🙂
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Find Your Voice- Take A Risk And Tell Your StoryMy Profile

    • Hi Mel and Max
      A couple of white wines?
      Please Melanie, “all things in moderation” LOL

      Actually I’m wrong on that quote.
      The quote is…

      “Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” – Oscar Wilde

      So there you have it, let rip on that white wine.

      See you later.

  4. I always knew there was something I liked about that Oscar dude! LOL

    Content and Delivery could be equated with Peanut Butter and Jelly (No, not the kind your wife’s legs turn into).

    May sound a bit rudimentary, however …

    Separately, they’re okay. Not spectacular. Just okay. But together, content and delivery compliment one another like poultry and white wine (Your neighbor, Colin, has put wine on my mind today). 🙂

    But I must tell you …

    I’ve seen some crappy content delivered in such an eloquent and gripping manner, I could care less what the subject matter is. Ever have that experience?

    So John Zimmer makes a really good point. When presenting, go hard and heavy on the emotion! In some cases, it may be the only leg you have to stand on.

    Thanks for another fabulous post!
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Find Your Voice- Take A Risk And Tell Your StoryMy Profile

    • Hi Melanie
      Wonderful comment, really adds to the discussion.

      I go with John when it comes to delivery but some keep well away from emotion.
      You have to risk a little, to gain a lot and when people thank you afterwards… you know that you made the right decision.

      To help with your delivery, your speech has to be written as the King James Bible was… it has to be written for the ear.
      The old school essay style just won’t cut the mustard.

      Thanks Mel

      • “Written for the ear” — absolutely love that, Keith!

        And “essay” style? Pffft! Flush it down the toilet. Not only will it not cut the mustard …

        You can count on the sound of snoring reverberating around the venue.
        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Even The Sharpest Knife Can’t Carve Its Own HandleMy Profile

        • Hi Mel
          “…the sound of snoring reverberating around the venue.”
          So you have heard me speak. LOL

          A great speaker and friend of mine Dilwyn Scott calls it “voice music”.

          In the excerpt from Lord of the Rings, Aragorn says…
          “The day may come when the courage of men fails, but it is not this day.”
          When I hear that I always want to change it to…
          “The day may come when the courage of men fails them. (pause)
          That day is not this day.”

          For me the voice music is much better.


  5. Forget it Keith, I have no strong points as far as public speaking is concerned, but if you were to ask me which one I thought was more important I would have to say content. You may be able to deliver a speech well but if the content isn’t there I feel the whole thing has been a waste of time.
    Sire´s last great post ..My Blog Was Hacked And What I Did About ItMy Profile

    • Hi Sire
      You are definitely great on content.
      You knock out posts like shelling peas.

      Your writing style would make for a great presentation and your touches of humour would put the icing on the cake.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. What is difficult is to get both sides to the equation. Myself, I am better at content creation(that is why I constantly write about personal development) I am working on my delivery and I do hold regular seminars, but it isn’t my strong suite.

    Luckily it is a learnable skill.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last great post ..How to See the Truth About YourselfMy Profile

    • Welcome to easyP Daniel and thanks for a super comment.

      I’ll check out your site for the content, and you… get working on that delivery.

      Please stop by again.

  7. Hi Keith,
    I am agree with your point that actors are not good debaters. But I will also add another thing that they are only actors and not debaters so a actor should be good in acting and delivering a good speech is not necessary for him.
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..CoolhandleMy Profile

  8. Hey Keith

    Cool post – loved the little film clip you embedded.

    Here’s one of my favourite film quotes – it’s two people about to do something totally futile – and revelling in it:

    Elwood: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarattes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

    Jake: “Hit it.”

    Of course it’s from the Blues Brothers.

    For me personally I can create content – writing is my ‘bliss,’ so give me my iPod and ‘phones, park me in front of the computer and I can write forever. Public Speaking is something I do less of – but give me a topic I’m passionate about and I like to think I can convey that passion too…

    I’m about to launch a Webinar Series on Video Marketing – so we’re gonna find out real soon…….

    Catch you later.

    Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..How To Avoid Writer’s Block 7 – Stimulating your Creativity With Repetitive ActivitiesMy Profile

    • Your writing skills are second to none Wolf man.

      The Blues Brothers – big cult following that one.
      How many years ago?

      “I’m about to launch a Webinar Series on Video Marketing…” go for it.
      Drop a comment here when it’s live and I’m sure some of my regulars would pay you a visit.

      Now get back to your passion… writing.

  9. Hi Keith .. great post – neither for me .. YET .. I’ll get there – loved reading this & I’m sure I’ll be back for more .. comments to get to.

    Cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..Spring – the season of new growth- abundant change My Profile

    • Hilary – where have you been?

      Not seen you for ages and then you suddenly appear.
      A touch of the Scarlet Pimpernels.

      Keep at it with the Speakers Club.
      Takes time but you’ll get there.


      • Hi Keith .. just wanted to give value to the post via my comment & life is hairy & I need to catch up – takes time!

        As you know the drama group sessions are great .. and I am getting there ..

        Passion is the thing, small to start and learn lessons from all around – that’s me!

        Ingrid says it ” I write the way I talk and I talk with my audience and not to them.” That’s me .. and she says cheers – can’t be bad?!

        We’ve both had the same thought re this – my passion the Okavango, “The Last Lions” TED video .. and my blog of course!!

        Cheers – need another vino – it is Saturday isn’t it?! Hilary
        Hilary´s last great post ..Content is King – is it not How about Passion My Profile

  10. Hi Keith,

    Loved the video. One of the movie quotes I liked a lot was from G.I. Jane:

    “I’ve never seen a wildthing feel sorry for itself. A bird will have fallen frozen dead from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself. The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides, the movement of the sun across the ecliptic; these are just a few of the things I control in my world.”

    I’m definitely better with content than delivery. I think I could (eventually) deliver it with power and passion but first I’d have to get comfortable with the whole idea of public speaking! LOL.

    I am a fiercely passionate person and have very strong and deep feelings about my beliefs and accumulated knowledge so I think it would come across well, if I get enough experience with it — out myself out there. (Believe it or not I was a touring rock singer at one time. Too many moons ago though!)

    Thanks for the thought shift this morning. Intriguing question!

    • You were a rock chick?
      Drugs, drink, nights of unbridled passion… but enough about me, what about you. LOL

      “I am a fiercely passionate person and have very strong and deep feelings…”
      Any more talk like that Deb and I shall have to lie down in a darkened room.

      I’ve seen you on video, looked pretty good to me.
      I think that we all underestimate our own talents.

      Can’t thank you enough for a brilliant comment.

  11. This was a fantastic video! My friend and I had fun naming every movie we could; I showed how much of an old film junkie I was when I named all the older ones she couldn’t. =)

    When I was little, I would beg my mother to read the scrolling words at the beginning of the Star Wars movies because I still couldn’t read that fast. I think I watched those movies more for her reading performance than anything. She was great.

    She rose her arms and her voice thundered. There were dramatic pauses and emphasis, and excitement, and doom in her voice. I loved it. Now, I can’t wait to be able to do that for my daughter when she gets old enough to enjoy those movies.

    Delena Silverfox@Coupon Codes´s last great post ..Eleven2 Promotional CodeMy Profile

    • Hi Delena.
      You are fast becoming my number one commenter, a dubious honour. LOL

      Glad you liked the video and had fun trying to name all the films.
      Sounds as though you did much better than me.

      The scrolling words… forgot all about those.
      Thanks for the reminder.

      Great comment Delena.

      • Hey Keith,

        Well, I suppose I now have an opportunity to brush up on all the public speaking tips I’ve learned here, in order to accept the “dubious” honor of being your top commenter!


        I just enjoy it here, and I learn so much. As much as I grew up on stage (singing and piano, and being a lecter in church) I hate being in front of people. It’s the only time in my life I blush!

        But still. I at least have to practice for those scrolling words in Star Wars! =)

        Take care,
        Delena Silverfox@Coupon Codes´s last great post ..Hostgator Coupon CodeMy Profile

        • Delena it’s official… you are my number one commenter. LOL

          You could get to enjoy standing in front of an audience with some practice.
          Drop me an email via my contact page if you want to get involved in Public Speaking.

          BTW – leave me a link to your own site so that I, and hopefully some of my readers, can pay you a visit.


  12. Hey Keith,

    I love this post on so many levels that all I want to do is send it to a few political administrations (including the video) which really could benefit from learning about content and delivery.

    While reading the first paragraph, the film that came to mind was “Scent of a Woman” – where Al Pacino delivers his speech at the school. I always thought it was brilliant; from the tone to content.

    Melanie made a great point about seeing crappy content delivered in an eloquent manner – I’ve seen my share of these as well – and in all honestly, it’s true. I may have been disagreeing or hearing blah blah blah – but the way it was being presented made all the difference.

    I’ve heard speeches which I completely disagree with, where I even disliked the figure that was speaking and all they stand for – but I respected their presence and their ability to captivate just about anyone due to their style.

    I think charisma and tone are essential. You could have the best speech ever but your voice is monotonous then you’ll kill it. If your presence isn’t commanding and forceful when it needs to be, then you’re done.

    Games and battles have been won because of the power and passion within a speech, presidents have been elected because of their inspirational words, graduating classes have been put to sleep because of a lack of creativity and employees have been promoted or fired because of their content and delivery.

    I’ve given my fair share of speeches – not too many to brag about but quite the variety of them; the humorous wedding speeches, the emotional ones, the kill me now powerpoint presentations and the professional/business ones. Needless to say that I wrote my own content.

    I’ve also written a few speeches for clients – not sure how their delivery went though lol ;). I’d like to think it sounded the same way I wrote it and the same way I had intended it to.

    I think I’m pretty decent at both but my forte lies in producing the content. I write the way I talk and I talk with my audience and not to them.

    It’s important to know when to play on the emotional and rational.

    Bottom line is – you have but a few seconds to grasp the attention of your audience and it’s your voice that does that. You could have the best content ever, but if you don’t have a presence, then people will zone out.

    I’ve blabbered enough. All that to say this post was excellent and the example of actors was spot on!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week.

    PS – Kudos to whoever edited this video – well done.
    Ingrid Abboud´s last great post ..SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup 18My Profile

    • Welcome Ingrid – what can I say?
      All I can do is thank you for taking the time to add to the conversation with a comment that is worthy of its own post.

      Might steal a few of your ideas. LOL
      Wonderful to hear from you.

      BTW – I’ll post a link later to the guy who edited the video.

  13. You mentioned bloggers Keith. Personally, blogging has made a huge difference in terms of my ability to speak. Why? Take marketing for example. Since I started blogging on the subject of marketing about 16 months ago, I’ve written about 200 articles on the subject, at an average of 994 words each. If ya do the math, that’s about 200,000 words, or roughly 3 average size non-fiction books.

    So now you ask what is your point Marcus? My point is that if someone right now asked me to give a speech, seminar, lecture, (whatever) on the subject of marketing, I could speak all day. This stuff is so engrained in my brain at this point it’s second nature. Could I have said the same 15 months ago? Of course not, but the constant thought (content) now makes delivery second nature.

    That’s why I’ve never quite understood how writers can have a tough time with speaking. I know, maybe I’m lacking empathy and understanding here, but I really don’t get it.

    Just my 2cents Keith.

    Great video btw.

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion´s last great post ..Husband- Father- Blogger- Business Owner- A Sales Lion Close-UpMy Profile

    • That’s a great point Marcus.
      I’ve looked at it from the other point of view – Public Speaking making it easy to write engaging blog articles.

      Good to get the view from the other side – blog articles to public speaking.

      Always good to see you on the prowl.

  14. Keith,

    I love to come here. You always have something interesting up. The video was great. I liked the name of person? who made it “”…that’s great.

    Regarding content or delivery…in my case it’s definitely content since I still haven’t figured how to get audio set up on my site:~)

    I must confess that my legs also turn to jelly when Colin Firth is around. I heard he’s absolutely wonderful in The King’s Speech. My daughter, who was a British history major, said he did a very credible job and that’s high praise from her:~)
    Sara´s last great post ..Thinking Thursday- TrustMy Profile

  15. Hi Keith,

    Followed you over from Sara’s site! I’m so with your wife about Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice – sexy and smoldering. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    I deliver good content and delivery. Am a passionate, if not a bit over the top person who fills the room with my enthusiasm. Noticed that most of those movie clips included men. Made me think why that might be. Maybe women tend to be followers? I’ve enjoyed leading since I was a small child in my neighborhood rounding folks up to play games.

    My fav films speeches would include the late, great Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry. The entire movie’s a speech. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone become so one with a character.

    Other great speeches, Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke and Roy Livingstone in Office Space. And for women, Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. She gave “soft” speeches but they packed a punch. Other women have given great break-up speeches like Sally Field in Norma Rae.

    Really enjoyed my first visit here!

    Giulietta Nardone´s last great post ..Is life really just good and bad luckMy Profile

    • Hi Giulietta
      Welcome to easyP.

      “… sexy and smoldering.” Sounds good to me. LOL

      Yes, I noticed that the clips were mainly men, but I know and have been helped by some fabulous women Public Speakers.

      You do look as though you could deliver with passion and enthusiasm.
      If you can do that… you’ve cracked it.

      Hope you’ll visit again.

  16. I didn’t know Ronald Raegan was an actor; I thought he was merely a president. o.O We learned that content and delivery is important in my speech class. Cherie also taught us that, even if you hate public speaking, you can still fake it. If you fake it well, and people think that you are 100% comfortable with it, then you can always do that. I think self-esteem is also important when giving speeches, because if the speaker is not confident in his/herself, then they most likely will not deliver the speech as well. P.S. I’m subscribing & I’m the one that e-mailed you. 😛

    • Hi Liz
      All we oldies remember Ronald Reagan as an actor – not even a good actor.
      As a President he was famous for his self deprecation in his speeches and his ability to connect with the audience.

      “…even if you hate public speaking, you can still fake it.”
      It’s important to remember that.
      Act relaxed and you will look relaxed.

      Thanks for subscribing.

      BTW – love your blog.

  17. Hi Keith,

    again excellent post and really great comments 🙂

    The video, although shows small excerpts from movies, delivers a meaningful message. The choice of most of the movies is really good, when it comes to values. I was greatly surprised to see a small part of a movie based on one of the books of Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead”. One of the best books I have ever read 🙂

    In my case I need to work more on delivery, but work in progress 🙂

    Colin Firth introduction made me smile a lot. Your neighbor must have funny stories in his life I suppose 🙂
    Justyna Bizdra´s last great post ..Best Free Keyword Research Tool Introducing New Features VideoMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming over Justyna

      Yes the comments are great on this post.
      I should do a post on the “best comments” that I’ve received.

      Good luck with your work in progress – plenty of time, no rush.


  18. Thank you! Haha. Crazy where I am from and have lived simply means “hyper”, or “insane”. The definition I was talking about is hyper. 😛 Because I can be pretty hyper at times. ^^

    Thank you for the visit. 🙂

  19. Wow Keith, I feel like I’m really late to the party. Great comments! Y’all have been playing without me.

    Oh yes, this is one great video! It was so hard to leave each scene and jump to the next one! ‘O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?’

    This was a fun post. And, please give Colin my best wishes 🙂 LOL!

    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..17 Reasons Why You Really Want A CoachMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa
      What a beautiful star-crossed comment.

      You could never be late to the party; it’s my fault for starting early.

      Glad you liked the video and sorry you were left unsatisfied, but tell me…

      “What satisfaction canst thou have to-night?
      Perhaps the exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.” LOL

      BTW – Colin says hello and if he wins, he will give you a mention on Sunday.

  20. Me too … I could do this all day.

    btw – I adored The King’s Speech. Hope it’s a sweep. Fingers crossed with you. T
    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..A Shift in ThinkingMy Profile

  21. If you have something worth saying that you believe in and are passionate about, so long as you are generally good at delivering what you want to say, that to me is the recipe for the perfect public speaker.
    Christopher Roberts´s last great post ..Its all down to perceptionMy Profile

    • Hi Christopher
      Thanks for your input – much appreciated.

      That does indeed sound like the recipe for a perfect Public Speaker.

      BTW – how many websites do you have?
      Are you a serial blogger? LOL

  22. > stage actors really know how to use their voices
    So true. I’ve noticed that great speakers, choose their words, say their words, and lift with their words.

    I’ve noticed the key behind it is how they use their breath. A deflated speaker deflates the crowd.
    J.D. Meier´s last great post ..Jonathan Figaro on Lessons in LifeMy Profile

    • Good to see you over at easyP JD and thanks for your comment.

      “A deflated speaker deflates the crowd.” – got to agree with that.

      I’ll pop over to read Jonathan’s post.

  23. Keith,

    I have always wondered were the “Band of Brothers” quote came from. We really like that TV series.

    When it comes to delivery I like having the computer to hide behind. I am much better at writing my delivery than speaking.

    I am doing more with video and that has upped the gradient for me. I do not like being handicapped by my lack in the speaking area.
    Sheila Atwood @ landing pages best practices´s last great post ..Your Landing Page- Are You Creating A Compelling ImageMy Profile

    • Hi Sheila
      Great to see you back.

      I’m starting a video series in the next week or so and I’ve got some great video experts taking part.
      Watch this space…

  24. I enjoyed reading this post! It’s funny because I’m a singer and everyone expects me to be able to speak because of being a singer. Whatever!!! Not a speaker here, lol! It’s so different. You are most definitely right, music is my passion so therefore it is visible in my singing. Delivering speeches not my passion and would be visible in the hives on my face, lol!
    Jennifer´s last great post ..Headway Themes Killer SEO!My Profile

    • Forget about the face, Jen. I’d have hives from my hair roots to my toenails if I had to get up and sing. I love to sing. But in front of an audience? No way. I’ll stick to my big cozy comfort zone … public speaking. 🙂

      I envy you as a vocalist. Takes a lot of hutzpah to stand up in front of a crowd and belt out a tune! My father was a vocalist and guitarist.

      Love that you’re joining in the conversations here. 🙂

    • Hi Jen and Mel
      It must be the “standing in front of an audience” thing.
      You sing in front of an audience therefore you must be able to give a speech in front of an audience!
      Perhaps that’s it.

      Good to see that you know each other and thank you both for your comments.

  25. Keith
    I have noticed that when you add a photo ( that you take from Flicker) you usually leave a note that says who the author is, and you give them a link back
    is it required by Flicker?
    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Most Beautiful in the World – DivesMy Profile

  26. ok, thanks a lot
    Martyna´s last great post ..The Most Beautiful in the World – DivesMy Profile

  27. Aright Keith, here I am. Challenge accepted. Although I’m not sure how much loving you actually need when you’re averaging 90 some odd comments per post.

    You definitely write with passion and you have great content to back that up. This post spoke to me because I’ve been both a public speaker and writer and I love both worlds but you are very, very correct. Some of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard couldn’t write word one if you forced them and some of the greatest writers make some of the worst public speakers.

    It’s all about finding and understanding your passions and strongpoints and putting them to good use for your message.

    Great stuff!

    • Hi Joey
      Thanks for calling my bluff and coming over. LOL

      Didn’t realise that you were multi talented – should have guessed from reading your posts.

      What can I say Joey – loved your comment you are a true gentleman.