The Coolest Voice on the Internet

A guy a voice and a video

“Like fine wine trickling out of a decanter.”
That was my initial description of Randy Cantrell’s voice.
As soon as I heard it, I knew that I had to share it with you, so I contacted Randy.

I contacted him one Friday night and received his video early on Saturday morning – now that is service with a smile.

With a voice like that, I assumed that Randy would be some big shot with an American TV network or maybe a voice over artist for MGM or at least the guy who announces…

“This is Jack Killian, “The Nighthawk” on KJCM, 98.3 and Good night America… wherever you are.”

But no, Randy tells me he’s no big shot in the US, just a guy who enjoys producing videos.

So ladies and gentlemen, my original intention was to treat you to the mellifluous tones of Randy’s voice, but his video is far more than the celebration of a glorious voice.

An online video speech

With that voice Randy could read the telephone book and sound interesting, but thankfully he didn’t. He put together a talk that is a real and polished speech.

It has an introduction, a development and a conclusion with a real call to action.

It’s sprinkled with humour, it contains gestures, he varies his voice, he talks to the audience and most importantly… his talk has a purpose.

Watch Randy’s short video (3min 55secs) and then we’ll take a look at the speech elements in more detail – enjoy.

What makes Randy’s presentation a real speech?

If you’ve recovered from listening to that voice, let’s take a look at the points that make Randy’s presentation a real speech.

  1. An introduction that grabs your attention“… they all stem from a single question, two words… why not?” notice the pause after “two words” – makes you really wonder what those words are.
  2. Concrete examples to prove the point – Benjamin Franklin and his inventions relating to the question “why not”.
  3. Rhetorical questions to involve the audience“You know those library stools…”
  4. Repetition to drive home the point and make it memorable“why not…. why not… well why not.”
  5. Answers the question “what’s in it for me” by moving from the general to the personal“A valid question to ask when it comes to our own personal desires and dreams and aspirations, why not?”
  6. Addresses your fears and reluctance“We have such self limiting beliefs and notions, we cross bridges that we’ll never get to.”
  7. Humour to put your fears into perspective“Oh and heaven forbid if it should fail, if it should not work…”
  8. Conversational language to put you at ease“Maybe old Ben was the one sitting around…. kinda teeter.”
  9. Gestures to add to and reinforce the words“We can rock back and forth…”
  10. A definite and well signalled ending“My question to you, that I’m going to leave you with is… why not you?”

There you have it folks, ten points that turn a casual chat into a polished and professional speech and all presented in a 3 min 55 sec video.

Time to have your say

Does Randy have the coolest voice on the internet or do you know an even smoother one?
How many speech techniques did you spot in Randy’s video?
Have you ever thought of videoing your own speeches or have you done it already?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

My name is Keith Davis… see ya.

About Randy – Randy Cantrell is the Founder of Bula Network, LLC, a company designed to teach, inspire and encourage higher human performance in education and business.

Sharing 35+ years of business building leadership with public education in an effort to give teachers and administrators real world solutions to one of our society’s biggest problems – how to make schools work better.

The focus is individual performance and small group performance. Entrepreneurs, creatives, employees, educators – I help the people involved in the chase.


My thanks and gratitude to:

Randy Cantrell for sharing his voice, for sending me a video in double quick time and for waiting patiently for me to publish it.

Randy’s main site is
Hope you’ll pay him a visit.

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  1. Hi Randy
    Loved your video speech and you know how much I rave about your voice.

    Thanks for a fantastic vid delivered in super dooper double quick time.

    Hoping to get a Randy Cantrell fan club going over here in the UK.
    I’m the first to join.

    If you aren’t a big shot in the US, you should be.

    BTW – sorry that I cut off tweedle dum and tweedle dee in the thumbnail LOL


  2. Loved this Randy – beautiful attitude and approach to video. Why not?!

    I have been reading a lot of Seth Godin’s stuff recently and I love his approach to safety…

    “Safe is dangerous.”

    It’s so true, especially in business. If we want to be just very good and not stand out it’s dangerous. We need to be remarkable. We need to be beyond brilliant. He calls it the purple cow.

    You’re genuine questioning of yourself is extremely refreshing and engaging.



    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

  3. Now that is what I call a voice and the video was so professional too and the fact that Tom loved it proves my point.

    Too bad I didn’t hear the whole thing, it got stuck on the night light being a moronic thing, something I’m guilty of I’m sorry to say. Still it’s a good reason to come back later, hopefully it will work then.

    As to why not, that’s something that I really believe in. Probably one of the reasons I took up blogging and am always willing to try new things.
    Sire´s last great post ..Welcome To Buy Online Lottery TicketsMy Profile

  4. Eloquent and EXQUISITE presentation.

    Nice to meet you, Randy. And what better place to cross paths than easyP!

    Keith seems to be taken with your voice. Given his expertise, I’d view that as a great big compliment. 😉

    Such a simple question, yet so powerfully expressive. It cuts to the chase and right to the core. Love that type of call to action — “short and sharp”. I have a big affinity for those two words.

    What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night!

    Thanks, Keith, for inviting Randy to be your guest. Hey! And look who stopped by – Tom Breeze is here!


    I feel like I’ve just crashed a meeting of the Boy’s Club. Thanks for not bolting the door shut. 🙂
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Rainbow FartsMy Profile

    • Mel, no boys’ club here. Most of what little brilliance I have is due to the sharp women who have been in my life – namely, my wife of 33 years! Thanks for the kind words. And I’m flattered to have Tom “Cool” Breeze here. I’ve grown rather fond of his hair.

    • Hi Mel
      Boys club? Never.
      Where would we be without the ladies? LOL

      Thanks for coming over and leaving such a lovely comment.
      Glad Randy added to your Friday night.

  5. Hi Randy and Keith,

    Darn I thought you were talking about me, Keith. I figured it out when I got to the part about “mellifluous tones!” Just kidding!

    I so enjoyed this: the video, the subject, and the 10-point summary. Entrepreneurship is on my mind — in a big way right now — and Why Not? captures the essence of creativity, innovation, and utility.

    Without a doubt, Randy, we can’t duplicate the beauty of your voice (unless we copy this video), but we can sure learn a lot from your delivery (and subject matters). Thanks for sharing it with Keith, so he could share it with us.
    Vernessa Taylor @ Local Business Coach´s last great post ..All About The Suds- Business Development VideoMy Profile

    • Vernessa, I like that moniker, Local Business Coach. Lots of opportunities in the offline world right near where most of us live. Glad you enjoyed the video. Keith found out quickly that I do what I’m told (asked). I was happy to help.

      • Thanks for the moniker compliment, Randy.

        Though online is where I seem to be most of the time, offline work has been the bread-and-butter for many years. Looks like we might have some of that in common, especially if you do a lot of facilitation and training with the nonprofits you work with.

        I plan to listen to Podcast #90 and the backstory. Can’t wait. Cheers!
        Vernessa Taylor @ Local Business Coach´s last great post ..Diverse Venues- Guest Post at GrowMapMy Profile

    • Great to see you back Vernessa
      As for “mellifluous tones!” – had to check the spelling of… tones. LOL

      Agree with you.
      I might have highlighted Randy’s God given voice but there are lots of other things that we can take from the video.

  6. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for pointing me to this video.
    You are right Randy has a pretty cool voice.

    It was a very interesting speech and very impressive that it was put together so quickly, was so short and yet said so much.

    The hardest way to say something is a short and simple way, I think Randy did just that.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last great post ..50 Motivational ThoughtsMy Profile

    • Daniel, I’m not often that short. Like most speakers, I can be verbose. It’s a bit like that idea (the quote has been attributed to many different people), “If I’d had more time I’d have written a shorter letter.” Keith (and I) got lucky. As a man in search of an epiphany, I suddenly got one when Keith made his request. Glad you liked it.

    • Hi Daniel
      “very impressive that it was put together so quickly, was so short and yet said so much.”
      Great observation.
      I’m still recovering from the fact that Randy could knock off such a great speech in so short a time.
      Sometimes you just have to pay tribute to talent.

      • Keith, I’m just a man in search of an epiphany. Sometimes you catch one. Your timing was just right. That’s all. The muse was speaking to me that Friday night. Trust me, it doesn’t happen nearly often enough, but READING GOOD BOOKS and amping up AWARENESS is key (at least for me).
        Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Why Be In A Business You Must Always DefendMy Profile

        • Randy
          I think that we make a perfect team.
          You have talent and I have no shame.
          I just jump in and ask people for favours.

          You know what?
          Guys with real talent like you and Mr “Cool” Breeze, usually say yes.
          That’s great news for the rest of us.

  7. Hello Keith and Randy! I’m a subscriber to Randy’s blog and love it! Yes indeedy the “coolest voice on the internet”!!

    I love how Randy delivers his message and in such a soothing way – always making me think, think, think.

    Thanks Randy for enlightening me on Ben Franklin – honestly, I didn’t realize he invented the rocking chair (I know I sound not-so-smart, but …).

    Keith, watching this and seeing how you did the summary is something I will definitely pinch from.

    Glad I came this way! Definitely rates as a “faboo” site 😉 and boy can I learn a few things from you here! Yeah!!

    Much kindness,

    Elena Patrice´s last great post ..WebsitesGiveBack Celebrates wwwyourgreatlifetvcom!! Whoo hoo!My Profile

    • Elena, thanks for subscribing. Happy to “meet” you.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Why Be In A Business You Must Always DefendMy Profile

    • Hi Elena
      Please pinch away.
      Spread the good news about the Coolest Voice on the Internet.

      Sounds as though you found Randy before I did and are already a member of his fan club.

      great news that easyP now officially a “faboo” site.
      I feel rather smug. LOL

      Thanks for your comment Elena.
      Much appreciated.
      Hope you will be a regular visitor.


  8. Hi Shorty! Just kidding, hello, Randy. 🙂

    You do have a smooth voice and it’s one of those voices that you’d hear on the radio. Not to mention the use of pausing and leaving time for the audience to ponder what you’re saying really does make a significant impact. It’s nice to see Keith pointing that out, because as often as we hear people talk like yourself, in a way that is slow but entertaining to hear, I never really gave it much thought that those pauses really do enhance the listening aspects. It engages our brains as well and brings us along the ride with you. Which is of course your intent.

    Just never really think about it until it’s pointed out. lol

    Now I want to read a little more about Ben Franklin…haha

    Wayne @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..One tiger to kill the botsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Wayne! Ben is worth reading about. My “on air” pace of speech is slower than my “in person” pace. It just works better, at least for me. Keep in mind I’m in Dallas though. Geography likely does affect speech speed.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Buy Button Rehab- Why I Recorded Podcast Episode 90My Profile

    • Hi Wayne
      You’ll be looking for those pauses from now on.

      Takes confidence to pause… and just listen to the silence.

      So next time that wily politican pauses… you’ll be prepared. LOL

      Thanks for coming over Wayne and thanks for adding to the conversation.

  9. Keith and Randy,

    Yes, a great voice and video. I like how Keith broke down what else made it a great video.

    I have a sing-song voice but it is getting better with each video.
    Sheila Atwood´s last great post ..What Ever He Would Come Up With It Would Be BoldMy Profile

  10. Keith, I just want to thank you for taking a moment to shine a light on someone who I think is exceptional at what he does. And your ‘decanter’ description is still the coolest compliment I’ve ever seen someone paid online…Which, btw, could you make up something cool like that for me?? 🙂 Seriously, that line should be Randy’s tagline on his blog 😉

    This was great, Go Randy!!

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion´s last great post ..Sara Benincasa- Civility- and Final Thoughts on Bloggate 2011My Profile

    • Thanks, Marcus. I’m flattered…and I’m also glad I left a comment at your blog because that’s how Keith found me. But, that’s how this happens today folks. Joining the conversation without self-interest! Marcus and Keith do it well. I’m still learning from both of these guys and others. I appreciate the kindness, Marcus!
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Why Be In A Business You Must Always DefendMy Profile

    • Really appreciate you coming over Marcus.
      Well remembered, I did meet Randy via your site.
      Blew me away from the start.

      Struggling for something for you.
      Keep thinking of…

      “The Sales Lion, he doesn’t just paw with the internet.
      He tears it limb from limb.”

      Which is just what you are doing at the moment, and nobody does it better.

  11. I like the blow by blow dissection and analysis.

    A little cadence and tone go a long way. It’s like comedic timing. Some people ooze it, others have to work at it, but it’s the part that makes the magic happen.
    J.D. Meier´s last great post ..Dealing with Critics and CriticismMy Profile

  12. Hi Peter
    “More than just liked it, I even put a link to this post in my latest mail-out.”

    Just got your MailChimp newsletter – brilliant!
    Can’t thank you enough.


  13. Wow, well done Keith and Randy. Keith, I have to give you so much credit. I really thought Randy was going to end his speech referring to your request of him. Keith, you saw an opportunity to get Randy on your blog and said, “Why not?”

    Randy, you were asked by Keith to prepare a video for his blog and said, “Why not?”

    The two of you are a powerful pair. Thank you for a blog post I enjoyed on about a thousand levels!
    Carolyn@The Wonder of Tech´s last great post ..LOL- OMG- BRB- Speaking the Language of TextsMy Profile

    • Welcome to easyP Carolyn and thanks for coming over.
      Sounds as though you enjoyed Randy’s video as much as I did.

      “The two of you are a powerful pair.” – in all honesty… mine was the easy bit. LOL

      Hope you’ll visit again.


  14. Carolyn, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m a big believer in saying YES as often as possible. “Meeting” Keith and the rest of you is the biggest reward…and it wouldn’t have happened if Keith hadn’t asked. Ah, the power of collaboration. Ain’t it great?
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Why Be In A Business You Must Always DefendMy Profile

  15. Fantastic speech. I was expecting to hear some sort of speech about public speaking or a list of tips, or something along those lines.

    It was a great surprise to find that it was actually just a perfect example of a speech done right!

    That in combination with Keith’s analysis of it and pointing out why it worked so well for the rest of us has made this a far more useful post, really enjoyed it!
    Michael Martin´s last great post ..User Friendly Short Codes with TinyMCEMy Profile

  16. Hey Keith. I just love the way you keep reaching out to new people. Damn. We should all follow your example more! You are an amazing beacon showing us all the way to great networking experiences.

    Randy, your message is an awesome one. “Safety in not trying something… heaven forbid it should not work.” Amen.

    Reminds me of a favorite quote:

    “Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said. ‘One can’t believe impossible things.” — Lewis Carroll

    We all need to imagine ‘impossible’ things. Why not?

    Loved this post. Thank you.


    btw – I could listen to your voice for hours Randy. Keith’s right, you could make the phone book interesting:)
    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Got a MinuteMy Profile

    • Theresa, thank you. You’re right about Keith. The courage to reach out to people is big. “Why not?” 😉
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 91 – I Don’t Believe In The Law Of Attraction- But I Do Believe In The Power Of Head RoomMy Profile

    • Wonderful comment T.
      Good to see you back after your holiday – looking forward to some holiday inspired posts.

      “Keith’s right, you could make the phone book interesting:)”

      That is so true.

      Thanks for coming over T and to help you adjust to real life after your hols, another quote from Alice in WL…

      “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.
      Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t.
      And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would.
      You see?”

      Hope that clears things up. LOL

      • Well, that certainly clears things up. Yes… I think I see.

        Maybe I should write a post- ‘hols’ post. It could be titled “Crackberry Withdrawal – 7 Tips to Planning a Vacation Where You Can Find Cell Service”.

        I’m reading the strangest story right now (Room: A Novel). Fits right in with your quote. There’s outside and then there’s outside outside. And real and not real. If you like novels you should check it out. Puts a whole new perspective on things.

        Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Got a MinuteMy Profile

  17. Hi Randy and Keith,

    This was a great video…. a perfect example of a speech delivered well.

    This is what I liked the most out of everything, ‘Addresses your fears and reluctance’ — well said, we can only become better people and more forward in life when we have overcome what it is that holds us back, but also when one gives a speech they fear that the audience will not take to it or be unresponsive – normally this is never the case.

    Great stuff!

    Gabriella´s last great post ..It’s All About Image- ReallyMy Profile

  18. Hey Keith and Randy,

    Couldn’t resist popping back in (I’ve been following the comments via email). Keith, I wanted to thank you for introducing your community to Randy. I’ve already praised the video, topic, and uber-silky voice.

    But just as important is the social commentary Randy has going over on his blog, which he delivers … in video (surprise!) 😀 Randy, some of those topics are dear to my heart.

    Uh, Keith, are you on Twitter?
    Vernessa Taylor´s last great post ..Diverse Venues- Guest Post at GrowMapMy Profile

  19. Vernessa,

    So glad you popped back over.

    No, you won’t find Keith on Twitter. I think social media may be against his religion or maybe his wife doesn’t want him showing up on Facebook … or something like that. 🙂

    Actually, Tom Breeze and I really egged Keith on one day and tried to convince him to “cross over” but no soap. That’s okay. Blogging is a social media platform and Keith is rockin’ it in the blogosphere! We could all learn a thing or two or three from what he’s doing here on easyP.

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Grab A Pen And Write This DownMy Profile

    • Hi Mel
      Still recovering from the shock of your rather naughtily titled entry for the best blog post competition. LOL

      Seriously peoples… Mel is a great supporter of lots of our blogs, please go over and leave a comment on her post and do all that stuff that you Social Media people do.
      What is it?
      Tweeting, Facebook and the like.

      Link is…

      Please give her all the support you can.

      Best of luck Mel.
      When are the results announced?

      • It was a tad naughty, wasn’t it?

        So unlike me, as you know. Not sure what got into me to think in such a way. Shame on me! 🙂

        WOW, Keith – you’re Sir Speedy!

        You no sooner traveled over to WBB and you’re back here in a flash sharing a link to my guest post contest entry. I can’t thank you enough and don’t hesitate to let me know how I can return the favor.

        Haven’t gotten the word when the results will be in. Kiesha accepted the final entries on 5/31 and she’s going to continue publishing those, one by one, till the last entry is up. I’m sure she’ll be sending out updates to all the contestants so I’ll keep you in the loop!

        You’re the light at the end of my tunnel,
        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Grab A Pen And Write This DownMy Profile

    • Hi Melanie,

      I kinda figured that. No problem! I’m NOT in a lot of places … and it’s ok.
      Vernessa Taylor´s last great post ..Trending- CommentLuv 29 Launch Starts NowMy Profile

      • Sorry Vernessa
        I never answered your question…

        “Uh, Keith, are you on Twitter?”

        Unfortunately I’m a complete Social Media philistine – no twitter, no Facebook.

        Would never be able to find the time, but I do enjoy the blogging and the interaction in the comments.

        Been great to see you back here.

  20. Keith, Randy

    English is beautiful!
    Have you watched a movie titled “Field of Dreams”? If you build it, it will come…

    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Most Beautiful in the World – SculptureMy Profile

    • Hey you made it Martyna

      “Field of dreams” – yes I’ve seen it.
      A real “feel good” film.

      Let me add a quote from the film…
      “This is my most special place in all the world… Once a place touches you like this, the wind never blows so cold again. You feel for it, like it was your child.”

      Hope the wind never blows cold for you Martyna.

      Thanks for coming over and adding to easyP.

      • Hey Keith,

        Glad to hear you’ve seen “Field of Dreams”. It’s a classic.

        Kevin Costner is an old friend of mine. His daughter, Annie, and my daughter, Morgan, played softball together years ago. Did you know his big dream in life was to become a professional baseball player? He’s exceptionally talented at that sport.

        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..This Is Not What I Signed Up ForMy Profile

        • Morning Mel

          “Kevin Costner is an old friend of mine.”

          You can’t leave it at that.
          We want facts, figures, gossip.

          What sort of a guy is he?
          Do you still see him?
          What’s his favourite tipple?

          Let’s have all the info.

          Anyway, got to rush, seeing Colin Firth for a spot of lunch. LOL

          BTW – how goes the comment count?

          • Good morning, Keith!

            I left you hanging like a dangling participle, didn’t I?

            Don’t know Kevin’s favorite tipple. 🙂

            And there’s far too much to tell in this teensy comment box. However, I will say he’s a very generous man and a wonderful father … despite any derogatory remarks you may have read about him in the celeb magazines or newspapers.

            We were hanging out on the softball bleachers at the time he was divorcing Cindy and I had my own not-so-great issues going on, as well. He turned to me one evening and asked, “On a scale from 1 to 10, Mel, how happy are you?” And I replied by saying, “Oh, that’s easy! I’m a good solid 3!” He said, “Me,too”. We laughed.

            I’ll never forget the time Kevin gave me the keys to his cottage in Mammoth Lakes. It’s really beautiful there – great fishing in the spring and it’s an amazing location for snowboarding and skiing in the winter. He told me to go and spend some time there because I deserved to have a break from the kids, work, etc. No one had ever done anything like that for me and hasn’t since. It’s a really wonderful memory.

            Kevin got remarried, had another son, and moved away. I wish him all the joys in life. He deserves nothing less.

            Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..This Is Not What I Signed Up ForMy Profile

    • Thanks, Martyna. I have seen Field of Dreams. Unfortunately, they don’t always come once you’ve built it — but I say, “Build it anyway.” Why not? 😉
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

  21. Hi Keith and Randy,

    Indeed! Why not?

    Gorgeous voice… almost as gorgeous as my husband’s. LOL!

    Loved the rocking chair part. You had me starting to rock a bit in my chair with you, Randy. Fun to feel like I was there sharing in the revelation of “why not a rocking chair.” I’ll bet good old Ben was teetering on the back legs of his chair when he thought of it! Ha!

    Thanks for the few minutes of entertainment! Rock on… I mean, why not?
    Deb Augur´s last great post ..How Membership Sites Rock Recurring Revenues!My Profile

  22. Hi Randy
    I’ll sort out Skype.
    My wife and daughter use it so It’s just a matter of finding the time.

    May / June I’m involved with a Charity – organising a collection, counting up, that sort of thing.

    You won’t believe how long it takes to count and bag £15 in pennies. LOL

    Thanks for doing such a great job answering comments – you’ve really become part of the scene.

    Have a good weekend and my best wishes to you, Mrs C and to all the folk in Dallas.

    BTW – Have you ever met JR Ewing or visited the Southfork Ranch. LOL
    Used to love that programme.

    • Promises, promises.

      No matter, I’ll gladly take back seat to a charity. I’m decent like that.

      You’ve heard they’re resurrecting the TV show, Dallas? Supposedly, and JR is supposed to now be the grandfather or some such thing.

      Well, I’d better go hop on my horse and ride off into the sunset now. I’ve got some gunfighting scheduled for tomorrow!

      Have a great weekend!
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

      • Hi Randy
        I didn’t know that they were resurrecting the show.
        Not heard anything about that.
        Dallas was hugely popular in the UK – cowboys and oilmen.

        This should test you…
        “Who did shoot JR?”
        And no Googling.

        Have a Rootin Tootin weekend and think about me counting the pennies.


        • I didn’t know there’d be a quiz…can’t remember the name of the gal who I THINK shot JR…seems to me it was his sister-in-law though. Sue Ellen was his wife, right? I can’t remember her sister’s name though. I’m old. And forgetful.
          Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

          • “I’m old. And forgetful.”
            You and me both Randy.

            If anyone can remember who shot JR, without Googling, put us both out of our misery and come on over with the answer.

            Off to bed now – lots of counting tomorrow.

  23. About the “comment count” …

    I’m doing great but Holly J. is doing a whole lot better. She’s got 236+ !! And she submitted TWO posts! Kinda strange, but she’s competing against herself.

    Pretty tough competing against a professional writer and published author. No. It’s damned tough! 🙂

    All I really need is about 300 more people to Re-Tweet and post comments. Know a couple hundred people you can send over there? LOL!

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..This Is Not What I Signed Up ForMy Profile

    • Keep working at it Mel.
      Don’t know if in the US you use the phrase…

      “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”

      But it’s true wherever you are.

      If you need additional comments or links etc. – please let me know.

      We want our girl to win.

  24. Hi Mel
    Don’t need to know any more…

    “He turned to me one evening and asked, “On a scale from 1 to 10, Mel, how happy are you?” And I replied by saying, “Oh, that’s easy! I’m a good solid 3!” He said, “Me,too”. We laughed.”

    That tells me everything.

    BTW – Hope that 3 has moved up a bit.


  25. Thanks Keith for sharing this awesome video!

    Randy….I could listen to you forever! Seriously I wanted to hear more about Ben, lol.

    Such a very simple, clear message that is memorable and out right inspiring.

    You put my videos to shame, but at least I get out there and TRY, right?!

    Why not …..
    Lynn Brown´s last great post ..Top 5 Outsourcing Solutions To Grow Your Online BusinessMy Profile

    • Thank you, Lynn. I may have to do some more heavy reading about Ben so I can talk intelligently about him in future videos. I’m intrigued by historic figures. I’m currently on a bit of a Civil War kick. Glad you enjoyed it, but you’re spot on about your own efforts – put ’em out there!
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

      • Actually, Randy, I liked the little tid bits on info you gave from Ben! And my husband would get along with you real well, because he is a big history nut too.

        I look forward to more of your videos!

    • Hi Lynn
      Great to see you back.

      Problem with watching Randy and Tom Breeze on video, is that we compare ourselves to them.
      Good thing is, we can watch and learn, watch and learn.

      Please let me know how your mentoring with Tom goes – I think that you are going to learn such a lot.
      Mel K pointed out that Tom delivers more than he promises.
      I’ll second that sentiment.

      “Such a very simple, clear message that is memorable and out right inspiring.”

      Sounds like the perfect description of a great speech.
      And Randy makes it look so easy.

  26. Keith, feel like plying your craft to my latest little video? Well, it’s about 12 minutes long, but I just did it moments ago.

    I’m now off to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Yes, I’m into hockey! Everybody behave and have fun!
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

    • Randy, Randy, Randy.
      I’ve just been over and watched.
      Why are you so good.

      The quiet life lived in honour

      Better than anything I’ve ever written, performed, seen performed or ever likely to see performed.

      I could take your speech, deliver it at the ASC National Speech Contest and walk away with the big cup – easy!

      I’ll add a few comments over on YouTube but I need to sit down and recover first.

      I’ll say it again…
      Randy, Randy, Randy, why are you so good?

      • Keith, Keith, Keith…perhaps you’re simply too easily impressed. 😀

        Truth is, I stood up in public for the first time during a kindergarten play where I was assigned the role of the Ring Master as the other kids did their performances as though they were part of a circus. My parents said up until “show time” I vowed I would not do it. I remember practicing it at school. The night of the show, I’m told I went out and in spite of my threats, I reeled off my lines without a hitch. From then until now I’ve stood up in front of lots of people, written countless thousands of words and bungled enough speeches or presentations to choke a horse (a large horse).

        I’ve practiced, studied, read and sought criticism. For almost 38 years I’ve been involved in the business world. I’m now embarked on my encore career – that career we craft once we’ve already spent a lifetime doing something else, something we don’t really want to keep doing.

        I have many weaknesses. I’m rather convinced we should all soar with our strengths. Truth is, public speaking is easy for me. It just feels right, natural. So a bit more than a year ago I began podcasting and doing videos. Wise advice is, “just do it.” I did. No strategy. No plan really. Just create. Keep creating.

        Sorry for the long reply, but IF (and that’s a big if) I’m good at all, that may explain why. Thank you for all the kindness. Things may be big in Texas, but I assure you my ego is humbled by all the kindness expressed here. It does fuel my desire to press on and find my way in public speaking.
        Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..My Failed Attempt So Far To Make Sense Of It AllMy Profile

    • Bravo!

      Good work, Randy, and you’re right …

      We don’t often celebrate what some would deem boring and commonplace. And talk about “crying” …

      That’s a crying shame.

      More celebration of “ordinary” people would be “extraordinary”, don’t you think?

      Celebrate contentment? You bet!

      I’ve raised four daughters on my own and not one is a drug smuggler (I’m happy to report). Instead, they’re resourceful, resilient, and relentless in their pursuit of a career and a fulfilling life. Don’t suppose you’d ever see a celebration of women like THAT on television. Nope. Not a chance. Wouldn’t sell.

      You’ve made some really good points in your video and it was totally enjoyable. Thanks!

      Too bad our society focuses on (let’s face it … thrives on) “sensationalism”.

      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..This Is Not What I Signed Up ForMy Profile

  27. Hi Keith! Thank you so much for introducing me to Randy! You’re absolutely right about what a smooth and beautiful voice he has! See, you come across lovely voices like that, and then it’s no wonder why most people don’t like the way their own voices sound. There’s just no comparison! =)

    Hi Randy,
    Y’know, right after hearing your speech, I thought to myself, “Yeah, why *not* me?” Sometimes I wonder at the things people subscribe to in their minds which keep them from change, or from challenge. And I appreciate how you put a little perspective on it, too. “God forbid it should fail…” The world won’t end in fire and brimstone if an attempt of ours doesn’t work.

    Thanks for more of the awesomeness, gentlemen. =)

    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..Rag Doll CodeMy Profile

    • Delena, thank you. Our lives manifest what we put into our minds. One goal I have is to help convey messages that can help people live better. Don’t tell anybody, but almost 100% of the content is aimed mostly at myself. I figure if I need it, others might need it, too.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..A Rewarding Life- Is It Boring Or One Worthy Of A TV ShowMy Profile

      • Hi Randy,

        Y’know, I’ve found that the most popular and successful content on my blog is the stuff I write for my own benefit, “letters to myself,” as it were. Oftentimes the feedback I receive is that I’ve been brave enough to acknowledge and talk about things a lot of people are afraid to admit to themselves, but they see how candid I am and suddenly I have all these people sharing their same stories!

        I love when that happens. Thanks again! =)

        Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..SS20 Discount CodeMy Profile

    • You made it Delena
      Go a little easy on the flattery.
      Randy is just like most of us.
      We don’t know how to react to praise.

      Both Randy and Tom “cool” Breeze are at the top of their game and the great thing is… it gives us all something to aim for.

      Thanks for a great comment D.

  28. Great video – and thanks for the deconstruction of the content too. It’s really helpful to see information like this, perhaps those of us with a less wonderful voice will feel inspired to produce our own videos and use some of the techniques you’ve described here.

    I think it’s perhaps easy to make the excuse “I don’t sound like that”, but essentially, anyone can do what you have done and do the best they can with their own sound!
    Dan O’Neil´s last great post ..Can You Really Learn to be ConfidentMy Profile

    • Dan, long ago I learned that indifference is the worst reaction we can get from people. How people sound – their voice – isn’t nearly as important as what they say and how they say it. You’re absolutely right that anybody can do what I’ve done. I certainly don’t think I’m so special.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..A Rewarding Life- Is It Boring Or One Worthy Of A TV ShowMy Profile

    • Hi Dan
      Welcome to easyP.

      “I don’t sound like that”

      Don’t worry Dan, none of us do.
      Guess you and I have to work that bit harder.

      I’ll pay you a visit and check out your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  29. Hi Keith,

    I thought that video was so inspiring! It made me stop and think about why I’m doing what I’m doing, taking this journey to become a businesswoman.

    It was somewhat personal for me in two ways. I consider myself to be an inventor, and I’m a teacher in a public school. I would love to hear some of Randy’s ideas for making our schools better.

    I’m excited about getting to read my favorite blogs more often since I now have a bit more time to devote to my business.

    I really enjoyed this post!


    • Stacey, tenacity is an enormous component of any success. There’s a passage in the scripture that I suspect may have served to inspire many a story crafted by men – Eccl. 9:11 “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.”

      This I believe, time and chance are affected by our refusal to quit. Keep chasing it. Don’t let today be the day you quit. Thanks for visiting this site and for watching my video.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..A Rewarding Life- Is It Boring Or One Worthy Of A TV ShowMy Profile

    • Stacey – you’ve been away too long.
      That’s just one of the great things about Randy’s speech, he is speaking to you and me.
      There is a message for us all.

      Good to see you full of enthusiasm for blogging – please visit away!

      BTW – don’t forget to visit Randy at his main website…
      I think you’ll enjoy it.

      • It’s so nice to have the time to actually get to visit all of my favorite blogs, plus some new ones so that I can learn the things I need to know to move forward with my business!

        I’m going to give a 45 minute presentation at a Women in Business conference in July, so I’ll be looking to your blog for all kinds of tips!!


        • Hi Stacey
          45 mins ia a long presentation.
          Presumably there will be a break somewhere in that.

          Please feel free to use anything you find on easyP and do let us all know how it goes.

          Break a leg Stacey.


          • I will have a powerpoint presentation to go with my presentation! I’m guessing there will be some questions, but I’m planning of 45 minutes of content, just in case. I’m going to start scouring your site for advice on good techniques!! I will definitely let you know how it goes.

            Staceybeginnerbusinesswoman´s last great post ..Reflection – Finding my Place!My Profile

  30. I sent this link to a friend – and they found the video and points very useful.

    Again, thanks a bunch! 🙂

  31. Randy, I am so in love with your voice! Keith, I wholeheartedly agree that it’s the smoothest I’ve heard and I bet that massive microphone made a difference. =)

    Absolutely loved this post, by the way! I was thoroughly inspired by Randy’s “why not” speech. This was exactly my thought when I decided to move from Canada to the Central Andes of Peru and I continue to ride the “why not” waves into new ideas and new beginnings.

    Keith, I also loved how you broke down Randy’s speech. I found that I could apply a lot of your pointers to my writing as well, especially your points about using concrete examples, asking rhetorical questions and making it personal. Thanks for this super valuable post, friend!
    Samantha Bangayan´s last great post ..The State Versus the Church on Sexual HealthMy Profile

  32. Oh, I appreciate a great voice. That was awesome. Super smooth and soothing. Ahh…

    • Hi Julie
      Thanks for coming over and I’m glad you appreciate one super voice.

      Love your site.
      Just seen the aligator post, still laughing.

      Hope you’ll visit again.

  33. Julie, thanks! I aim to please.
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Don’t Be That Dog! 3 Things Solopreneurs Must Do To Prepare For “Yes”My Profile

  34. Randy and Keith
    What an inspiration you two are together.
    Randy, I feel so motivated by your speech. I try to listen to a motivating message at the start of every day, and I feel today is going to be a good one….Why not :-)?

    Keith, I have to agree with you…what a cool voice. But what I love is that you have taken a fabulous speaker and broken down why the speech works so well.

    Great work
    Louise Steiner´s last great post ..Video Email – 7 Reasons Why You Need Video Email Software In Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Louise
      Glad you liked Randy’s vid and my breakdown.

      Randy’s speech was a classic of speech construction and a joy to analyse.

      Being able to analyse a speech doesn’t guarantee that you can write a good speech, but it certainly helps.

      The annoying thing is… Randy just does it!

      A guy with a gift, the right words combined with the right voice.

      Appreciate you adding to the conversation – hope you’ll stop by again.


  35. Louise, I’m glad you’re inspired by the message. For months I’ve toyed with recording a daily 3-5 minute inspirational message on my YouTube channel. I did a word-a-day for awhile (mainly, I confess, to make myself record a video every day). I’m still noodling the idea though. Why not? 😉 (have we completely worn out that question by now?) Also, Keith is quite good at breaking down things. The man clearly has a gift.

  36. Keith, thanks for getting Randy to leave this video.

    Randy, great to hear that melodious, southern voice. Keith’s introduction did not disappoint. (And I’m from Canada now living in Switzerland!)

    What I liked about Randy’s speech:

    1. A simple message;
    2. Of relevance to the audience (everyone);
    3. Told from the heart;
    4. With pauses and rhetorical questions that allow us to internalize the message and make it relevant to us.

    This video is an excellent example of how, with a bit of effort, a simple speech can have a big impact.

    Best regards to you both.


    • John I’d almost given you up.

      You know how much I value your opinion and I think that you’ve hit on an important point…
      “… a simple speech can have a big impact.”
      Randy’s speech certainly had a big impact.

      Canada and Switzerland, what’s the connection, the French language?

      My wife spent six months in Geneva studying French so I leave you with…
      Merci beaucoup pour la visite, John
      J’espère que vous retournez bientôt.


  37. John, at least you’re keeping a cold weather going in your life. I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland. Being from Oklahoma we called Norman Switzer-land, but that was our college football coach, Barry Switzer.

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 92 – Chasing Numbers- Losing Opportunities And Remaining UnknownMy Profile

  38. Hi Keith and Randy .. exactly as you told us .. not a word out of place, or an intonation left out .. love this.

    Thanks Keith for letting us into Randy’s world .. great exposition .. and I shall refer to it later.

    A really useful reference point on all counts – the video itself (and Randy’s voice!), his methodology .. that Keith you’ve set out so clearly for us .. love that .. so much here, which I will definitely use in the months ahead ..

    Delighted to eventually get here .. have good weekends – cheers Hilary

    PS Keith could you let me know re that WP plug-in re spammers below – pls email me .. many thanks!
    Hilary´s last great post ..Happiness is spreading the sunshine and more awards- prizes and recognition My Profile

    • Hi, Hilary! Glad you found Keith’s post here useful. The man clearly knows how to help people understand better (aka easy) public speaking.

      I appreciate the kind words about the video. As for “not a word out of place…” – well, trust me…I botch things plenty, but anybody who speaks publicly is going to suffer mishaps, misspeaks and mistakes. My main objective in my own public speaking to get out of the way of the message. It remains, however, the toughest task of all for me.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 92 – Chasing Numbers- Losing Opportunities And Remaining UnknownMy Profile

      • Hi Randy .. thanks for replying .. I subscribed to your blog earlier – to watch, listen and learn! I noticed that you had a crib sheet .. but equally practice makes perfect and having those notes around, despite being a professional speaker (whatever you say!), shows the professionalism … just be prepared.

        It certainly doesn’t seem the toughest task of all … I guess the most important thing, of course, is the point you what to get over … then delivering it is the easier part … and your “why not?” … applies to each and every one of us …

        Keith, as you say, has a great blog with lots of extremely useful advice – equally introducing us to people who have a lot of experience in the field of public speaking, as well as his interpretation of the points made and the how tos …. all very good stuff for aspiring first graders!

        Cheers – have good weekends .. Hilary
        Hilary´s last great post ..Happiness is spreading the sunshine and more awards- prizes and recognition My Profile

    • Hi H
      Hope you’ve cut the grass – raining all day tomorrow.

      You won’t go far wrong watching Randy.
      Perhaps the greatest difficulty in writing a speech, a good speech not just a time filler, is finding a subject that applies to the audience and has an emotional connection.

      Randy’s great gift is to come up with topic after topic that applies to all of us and has an emotional connection.
      No emotion equal average speech.

      Notice how involved you become listening to Randy – emotion!
      You can’t help it.

      Info on anti spam plugins later by email.
      Does this mean you’re coming over to the dark side… WordPress?

      • Hi Keith – fortunately no grass to mow .. but actually I love doing it – that’s a job I’m very happy to do! Just get lost in my own thoughts …but it had better not rain tomorrow – Queen’s final is on .. and someone up there will be hearing a word or two from me.

        Mind you what can you expect – we seriously have had two or three showers down here this year (note this year!) .. next week is the tennis at Eastbourne .. even Venus and Serena Williams are going to be here .. and it’s as windy as anything – probably the worst I’ve known it … and I’m certain it’s going to be a wet week – spoil sports are the clouds! The roses etc will be chuckling with delight.

        Yes – I can see that .. and Randy certainly had the emotional connection .. if we don’t engage, we’re as dull as ditchwater ….

        Yes and no … another blogger has just set one up .. and I can’t stand subscribing to comments – blogger and its hassles is one thing .. but WP maybe great .. but subscribing as I have to to some blogs – drives me demented …

        Whether I take mine over to WP or not .. is questionable, but I will be starting others as part of a project and they’ll be WP … any way thanks for the future email – appreciate it.

        Cheers – enjoy the rain .. just I’d like my tennis! then it can rain …. Hilary
        Hilary´s last great post ..Happiness is spreading the sunshine and more awards- prizes and recognition My Profile

        • Hi H
          Didn’t know that you were a tennis fan.
          Murray to win at Queens and it will soon be Wimledon can’t wait.

          Hope John Mcenroe is commentating – great guy and interesting observations.

          In all honesty I don’t think that I’ve ever recovered from Mcenroe beating Borg.
          Borg was my hero and in my eyes he could do no wrong.

          Anti spam info coming your way tomorrow.

  39. Keith,
    Randys voice is amazing. He has a compelling and challenging message. I believe the “why not” attitude is key to having a successful life. Thank you for sharing.

    Dan Black´s last great post ..Christian Leader’s Having Godly WisdomMy Profile

  40. Holy. Hell.

    That’s quite possibly the best 3 minutes and 55 seconds I have spent in a looooooon time!

    Randy is a star – even without the voice (which is super-slick!). He should be speaking at TED.

    Great stuff, and yes, why not indeed?

    Cheers, guys!
    Danny Brown´s last great post ..How Smart is Your Local Business MarketingMy Profile

  41. Agent Keith,

    I definitely need a little “scale-tipping” right about now — thank you! 🙂

    I’ll head over to the WBB.

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile

  42. Keith, I have discovered your wonderful blog. On your Home page you have written about Winston Churchill’s gifts as an orator.

    My husband and I recently visited the Winston Churchill Museum and Library on the Westminster College campus in Fulton, MO.

    As you know, it is housed in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Alderbury, that was brought over stone by stone from London and restored to its original condition, the way it looked prior to its being gutted in a World War II bombing raid.

    Outside the church is a new sculpture by the St. Louis, MO. sculptor Don Wiegand. It portrays Churchill’s facial expression and gesture at the moment he said “…an iron curtain has descended across the continent…” in his “Iron Curtain” speech that he delivered on the campus on March 5, 1946.

    • What a nice bit of history to share! I’m a history buff (and love to listen to those with the gift of oratorical utterance).
      Vernessa Taylor´s last great post ..Audio Interviews- Young Fathers Speak UpMy Profile

    • Hi Barbara
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, especially one so full of history and interest.
      “As you know, it is housed in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin….”
      I’d like to pretend that I knew all that Barbara, but sadly not.

      Speaking of history, I’m just off out to Stratford Upon Avon to see The Merchant of Venice with Patrick Stewart.
      I only live 20 mins away.
      Wonder if his voice will be as good as Randy’s. LOL


  43. Hi Keith, I agree that voice is hypnotic and very easy on the ears. Shame we can’t do much about our own. 🙂
    Roz Bennetts´s last great post ..No One Makes You a LeaderMy Profile

    • Roz, you’re getting sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy.

      I wish I had the power of hypnotism. It would make marketing so much easier.

      As for voice training – I’ve not had any, but I know people who have. You’d be quite surprised at how people can improve their voices if they put in the proper training and work.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..First- Get Millions Of Barrels Of Oil A DayMy Profile

    • Hi Roz
      Good to see you back and glad you enjoyed listening to Randy.
      I don’t think that many people like their own voice but it’s the only one we’ve got.

      BTW – like the new colour scheme on your site.

  44. Hello Keith,

    I enjoyed the video very much. Randy relays his message in a compelling way. He’s got great presentation style.

    It’s great that you’ve also laid out 10 tips for me to learn from. I found it very useful!!

    Evelyn Lim´s last great post ..21 Role Models for SuccessMy Profile

  45. Hi Keith, great site! Seems to be getting a lot of action for you too.. goode job! Thank you for commenting on my website. It is reassuring to know that my comments on Elegant Themes are being read 🙂 I realy like what you’ve done here and your choice of theme for your site works very well.

    Randy sure does have the perfect voice for radio.. and his use of pauses and inflections are just right! I would love to have you guest blog on my PR Comms site sometime (also an ET – can you guess which one? 🙂 Keep in touch and all the best. I will be back!
    Sally´s last great post ..Music By the Bay Festival all set for Canada Day 2011My Profile

    • Keith Davis says:

      Hi Sally
      I always skim down the comments over at ET and check out the odd site – your comment obviously caught my eye.

      Thanks for the kind words about the site and glad you liked Randy’s voice.
      If you head over to Randy’s site he has so many great videos.

      Always good to have an Elegant Themer pay me a visit.

      Cheers Sally.

    • I also happen to have the perfect face for radio. 😉
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Special Episode – Does Your Small Business Have Some Systems Worthy Of Death Row?My Profile

      • Hi Randy
        I’m going to share an amazing fact with you.
        Are you sitting down?

        When women fall in love, they fall in love “ears-first.”
        In other words, they fall in love with a man’s whispers, promises and endearments.

        I have to believe that’s true, because I read it in Cosmopolitan. LOL

        • Honestly Keith .. Nutella and ears-first .. and reading Cosmopolitan .. what’s got into you men??!!

          Cheers H
          Hilary´s last great post ..Have you got talent?My Profile

          • Hi H
            I’m just about to set off for a long weekend down the smoke so I’m in high spirits.
            Booked up for the Globe to see “Much Ado About Nothing” Saturday night.
            Really looking forward to it.

            Did I tell you that I saw Patrick Stewart as Shylock in Merchant of V last week?
            Love that “If you prick me do I not bleed…” speech.
            Great voice but not a patch on our man Randy.

            Cheers H hope you enjoy the Wimbledon finals.

  46. Hi Keith .. no wonder .. enjoy the long weekend .. sounds lots of fun .. & NO YOU DIDN’T TELL us/me!! re Patrick Stewart ..

    Is Much Ado with Kevin Spacey? or have I gone off at a tangent ..

    Enjoy it all – and yes I’m enjoying the tennis and hating Blogger – that’s gone AWOL again .. ne-er mind .. time for other things.

    Go safely and have a ball .. looking forward to hearing all about it .. cheers H
    Hilary´s last great post ..Have you got talent?My Profile

    • Hi H
      Sorry I didn’t mention Patrick S – saw him at the refurbed theatre in Stratford.
      Got front row tickets and with a raised stage, I could touch him!

      No, not Kevin S – no big names in this one but the thing about the Globe is the atmosphere. As you know, open air and people at the front standing.
      Makes for great interaction.

      Sorry to hear about Blogger.
      I always have problems leaving a comment and I’m sure that the ones I do leave don’t always appear.

      I’ve just bought the ProPlus licence for the Genesis theme framework so if you are interested in setting up a WordPress blog let me know.

      See the Genesis theme child themes here…

      I’ll give you the full SP on Much Ado as soon as I get back – Sunday night.


  47. Keith, when you commented on my blog that I’d love Randy’s voice and his thoughts, you were spot on. : )

    Randy, I so very much appreciate your message. It’s one I’ve paid lip service to most of my life — but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve begun truly learning it by putting it into practice.

    Sometimes, it’s terrifying. But without fail, every time I follow the why-not and do something with it, the results are wonderful, breathtaking, satisfying, and uplifting.

    I might not invent rocking chairs, but I sure am a better human being than I used to be. : )

    Randy, I wish there were a way for me to pour your message straight into the hearts of several people I love dearly — but who cringe away from the why-not. It breaks my heart to see them live in that paralyzing fear. But I can at least try to point them toward your video through Twitter and word-of-mouth.

    Thank you so much for everything you say and how you say it.

    P.S. Don’t know what’s wrong with my CommentLuv. Trying to get it fixed!

    • Courtney CANTRELL…well, don’t you have a special last name!

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad I could serve up a bit of inspiration. And I’m pleased to “meet” you.

      Thanks for sharing. I must find out more about you and your writing. I’m going to your site right now.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Special Episode – Does Your Small Business Have Some Systems Worthy Of Death Row?My Profile

      • Hi Randy,

        Why yes, I do have a rather special last name. 😉

        I’ve intended for the past three weeks to revisit this post and reply to your comment and Keith’s — but I’ve recently moved, and unpacking my home took priority.

        Still, I’ve been going over your message in the back of my mind…and I’ve discovered that the “why-not” and “go-do” is really a foundational building block for me. It isn’t the absence of fear, it is courage in the face of fear. It is the strength to try, again and again, in spite of resistance — and, sometimes, in spite of repeated failure.

        Randy, thanks again. You’re an inspiration. : )
        Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..Be Honest — Was I Snoring?My Profile

    • Hi Courtney
      “Keith, when you commented on my blog that I’d love Randy’s voice and his thoughts, you were spot on. : )”
      So glad you came over and what a fantastic comment.
      I got rather emotional just reading it… silly old fool that I am.

      That’s what a guy like Randy can do to you and that’s why his talk is a real top drawer speech.

      His words change lives, no doubt in my mind.

      I won’t say any more – Randy gets embarrassed.

      Thanks for coming over, thanks for a great comment and thanks for being so open with us.

      Keith Davis´s last great post ..The Coolest Voice on the InternetMy Profile

      • Hi Keith,

        It’s taken me awhile, but I’m finally back to reply to your comment and Randy’s! And what is this “old fool” business? If something I write can inspire such emotion, I am humbled. What a privilege to be able to dialogue with both of you — even if I am tardy in my responses!

        In the post and in these comments, you’ve both made it very easy for this introvert to be open and honest and vulnerable. And Keith, you make your whole blog into such a “safe place.”

        Except, of course, when you’re challenging an introvert to do ten videoblogs. No, I haven’t forgotten. 😉

        Anyway, thank you. I might not say much, and I might not say it often, but there’s an awful lot going on in the back of my mind that wouldn’t be there if not for you guys.

        Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. ; )
        Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..All I Have to Do Is DreamMy Profile

    • Hi Courtney

      “Keith, when you commented on my blog that I’d love Randy’s voice and his thoughts, you were spot on. : )”

      So glad you came over and what a fantastic comment.
      I got rather emotional just reading it… silly old fool that I am.

      That’s what a guy like Randy can do to you and that’s why his talk is a real top drawer speech.

      His words change lives, no doubt in my mind.

      I won’t say any more – Randy gets embarrassed.

      Thanks for coming over, thanks for a great comment and thanks for being so open with us.


  48. As this blog post surely winds down – I must let Keith and the rest of his community know how appreciative I am of Keith’s request, attention, breakdown of the video and generous praise. I’m genuinely humbled and grateful.

    Public speaking and using communication professionally are things that have been such a big part of who I am, I don’t remember a time without them really.

    Whatever your strengths may be – no matter how small you may feel they are – use them as gifts to serve others. It’s the best service you can offer yourself. Don’t rob the world of your best. It’s a subject often on my mind, as evidenced by this recent post:

    Thank you,

    P.S. Keith, I’m ready for you to overcome that Skype challenge. And I also feel a bit strange entering into the July 4th weekend here in America – what with all my new friends in the UK watching.
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Special Episode – Does Your Small Business Have Some Systems Worthy Of Death Row?My Profile

  49. I’m way ahead of you, Keith!

    As soon I caught Randy’s last comment and saw his link to “What Are You Robbing The World Of?” …

    I jammed over there as fast as I could. GREAT music video from Mat Kearney and an even greater lesson from Randy …

    ” … mature people know the little daily things constitute the quality of our lives.”

    Saying “Thank You” to Randy just wouldn’t cut the mustard in my book. And saying “Goodbye” is not even in the realm of possibilities.

    So allow me to say …

    What matters isn’t being applauded when you arrive – that is common – but being missed when you leave.


    What you’ve brought to this community is indescribable and immeasurable. Please return as often as you can!

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile

    • What a comment Mel
      The words that I couldn’t find.

      My thanks and my gratitude for putting words to the sentiments that we would all like to express to your own, your very own, Mr Randy Cantrell.

      BTW – what did I say to you yesterday about a comments competition?
      This is the comment that should be entered.

      Many thanks

  50. Randy,

    P.S. With any luck (and by the grace of God!!), Keith will be doing a piece on impromptu speeches. I’m sure you’ll be able to lend some pearls of wisdom. 🙂
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile