The Coolest Voice on the Internet

A guy a voice and a video

“Like fine wine trickling out of a decanter.”
That was my initial description of Randy Cantrell’s voice.
As soon as I heard it, I knew that I had to share it with you, so I contacted Randy.

I contacted him one Friday night and received his video early on Saturday morning – now that is service with a smile.

With a voice like that, I assumed that Randy would be some big shot with an American TV network or maybe a voice over artist for MGM or at least the guy who announces…

“This is Jack Killian, “The Nighthawk” on KJCM, 98.3 and Good night America… wherever you are.”

But no, Randy tells me he’s no big shot in the US, just a guy who enjoys producing videos.

So ladies and gentlemen, my original intention was to treat you to the mellifluous tones of Randy’s voice, but his video is far more than the celebration of a glorious voice.

An online video speech

With that voice Randy could read the telephone book and sound interesting, but thankfully he didn’t. He put together a talk that is a real and polished speech.

It has an introduction, a development and a conclusion with a real call to action.

It’s sprinkled with humour, it contains gestures, he varies his voice, he talks to the audience and most importantly… his talk has a purpose.

Watch Randy’s short video (3min 55secs) and then we’ll take a look at the speech elements in more detail – enjoy.

What makes Randy’s presentation a real speech?

If you’ve recovered from listening to that voice, let’s take a look at the points that make Randy’s presentation a real speech.

  1. An introduction that grabs your attention“… they all stem from a single question, two words… why not?” notice the pause after “two words” – makes you really wonder what those words are.
  2. Concrete examples to prove the point – Benjamin Franklin and his inventions relating to the question “why not”.
  3. Rhetorical questions to involve the audience“You know those library stools…”
  4. Repetition to drive home the point and make it memorable“why not…. why not… well why not.”
  5. Answers the question “what’s in it for me” by moving from the general to the personal“A valid question to ask when it comes to our own personal desires and dreams and aspirations, why not?”
  6. Addresses your fears and reluctance“We have such self limiting beliefs and notions, we cross bridges that we’ll never get to.”
  7. Humour to put your fears into perspective“Oh and heaven forbid if it should fail, if it should not work…”
  8. Conversational language to put you at ease“Maybe old Ben was the one sitting around…. kinda teeter.”
  9. Gestures to add to and reinforce the words“We can rock back and forth…”
  10. A definite and well signalled ending“My question to you, that I’m going to leave you with is… why not you?”

There you have it folks, ten points that turn a casual chat into a polished and professional speech and all presented in a 3 min 55 sec video.

Time to have your say

Does Randy have the coolest voice on the internet or do you know an even smoother one?
How many speech techniques did you spot in Randy’s video?
Have you ever thought of videoing your own speeches or have you done it already?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

My name is Keith Davis… see ya.

About Randy – Randy Cantrell is the Founder of Bula Network, LLC, a company designed to teach, inspire and encourage higher human performance in education and business.

Sharing 35+ years of business building leadership with public education in an effort to give teachers and administrators real world solutions to one of our society’s biggest problems – how to make schools work better.

The focus is individual performance and small group performance. Entrepreneurs, creatives, employees, educators – I help the people involved in the chase.


My thanks and gratitude to:

Randy Cantrell for sharing his voice, for sending me a video in double quick time and for waiting patiently for me to publish it.

Randy’s main site is
Hope you’ll pay him a visit.

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  1. Keith,

    This was wonderful. I really enjoyed Randy’s speech. I swear I heard a Southern accent in his voice. As I come from the South, I enjoy the flow of this dialect. If he’s not from the South, he still has a wonderful voice that makes want to listen to him.

    You’re right. This was a good speech. And I’m pleased you asked the question, “Why not ask Randy Cantrell to do a video?”
    Sara´s last great post ..Thoughtful Thursday: Feeling StuckMy Profile

    • Hi Sara
      Great to see you back on easyP.
      Sounds Southern to me… but what do I know?

      Glad you enjoyed Randy’s speech.
      He makes it look oh so easy.

  2. Miss Sara, you think I’m from the South? 😀

    I’m in Texas, but I must admit I spent the biggest part of my youth in Louisiana. I miss the food, music and big trees, but not the humidity.

    Thank you for your complimentary words. I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I aim to please!
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..The Bula Network Q & A Video Show Coming SoonMy Profile

  3. 2 questions :

    1st Do you think that the fact of having such a great voice changed your way of speaking ? (I mean some words do sound better with your voice.)

    2nd Have you done anything to have such a voice or it all natural ? Do you “treat” it somehow to keep it like that ?

    Thanks. Great speech.
    Luke´s last great post ..Scholarships for adultsMy Profile

    • Luke,

      Since it’s my voice – and it’s the only one I’ve had – I can’t say anything has changed. I know people who have great voices, and even do voice over work, but they couldn’t deliver a speech to save their life. My personality has had a far greater impact on public speaking than my voice. I think effective public speakers embrace who they are, rather than trying to mimic somebody they’re not.

      I don’t do anything special for my voice. I don’t drink alcohol, never have. I don’t smoke, never have. Other than taking care of our voice, perhaps the best thing many people could learn is proper breathing. If your stomach isn’t moving in and out then you’re not breathing deeply enough. When your stomach is moving in and out, then you’re taking air into your lower lungs and more properly breathing from your diaphragm than just the top part of your lungs.

      I’m a life long student of public speaking. Effective communication is always my goal. I want to properly convey a thought, an idea. I’m not a style, no substance advocate. I want to let the idea shine by getting my delivery out of the way. It’s a work in progress.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for the compliment about the video.
      Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..The Bula Network Q & A Video Show Coming SoonMy Profile

    • Welcome Luke
      Best book on Voice…

      “Change your voice, change your life”

      by Dr Morton Cooper.

      Small volume and very cheap but well worth a read.

      Appreciate you coming over and leaving a comment.

  4. I was very impressed with your website and found it very interesting

  5. Thanks for sharing. Actually I feared of speach. I become nervous when I have to face many strange people. I guess sometimes I just not prepared well. I will try your method to get ready.
    sunny @iPad Keyboard´s last great post ..FC Barcelona Logo Sealed Leather Covered Hard Case For iPhone 4 (Verizon, AT&T) – BlackMy Profile

    • Hi Sunny
      Thanks for coming over.

      Let me tell you something… I’ve never met a good Speaker who wasn’t nervous before they went out, and that’s the truth.

      If you want to learn to control your fear of Public Speaking, join a Speakers Club.
      If you want details of how to find a Speakers Club near you, please send me an email via my contact form and let me know where you live.

      Appreciate your comment Sunny and look forward to hearing from you.


  6. Hey Keith

    What’s up?
    haven’t heard from you in ages, are you OK buddy?

    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..Tuesday : Success Strategies of the Successful Ones: Omar Alhegelan- FreedomMy Profile

    • Hi M
      What a treat to hear from you and see your ultra cool avatar.

      I’m as well as can be expected… for a man of my age, as my doctor always says.

      Just been mega busy at work.
      Having to travel a lot to London to find work.
      Great place but very tiring having to travel.

      What about you?
      What are you and your sister up to?
      Let’s have a little gossip. LOL

  7. Okay, Keith. I’m still waiting for my Skype call. It’s time to embrace modern technology, dude. 😉
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 99 – Know Thyself (The Tough Work Of Seeing Yourself As You Really Are)My Profile

  8. Do you feel that your voice is god’s gift to you? Or you have worked a lot on your voice to make it impressive? Whats the secret about your magical voice?

  9. Lauren, I’m flattered, but honestly – neither. It’s just my voice. God has blessed me with many things, but I’ve never considered my voice anything special. I certainly haven’t worked at it really. I don’t smoke or drink. Perhaps that helps, but those are choices of faith, not vocal health. 😉
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 101 – One Price Does Not Fit AllMy Profile

    • Well said Randy
      Fortunately I’m an Anglican so I do enjoy a drink.

      My Rector says that he could never belong to a religion that doesn’t allow alcohol. LOL

  10. Hi Keith!!
    Wow….Randy’s voice is really cool!! 🙂
    How are you? Is everything ok?
    I’m still searching for a job in England, next month I’ll stay in Bristol and Yorkshire, trying to find something…hope everything will go ok!
    Best regards!

    • Hi Laura
      Great to hear from you.

      Job situation in the UK at the moment is not good… 2.5 million out of work.

      Most of the jobs I’m working on are in London, no recession in London.
      The bankers in London are still living high!

      Hope you have some luck in Bristol and God’s own county, Yorkshire.

      Please let me know how things go.

      Best wishes.


      BTW – where abouts in Yorkshire?

      • Thank you for your kind words!!
        Well…I won’t like to live in London, it’s a beautiful city, but too busy!!!

        I’m going near Sheffield, because John’s parents are so kind to offer me a shelter1!! I’ll search for some job in Harrogate, York, Whitby and over there along the coast….I really would like to live near the Ocean! 🙂

        Laura´s last great post ..MONTECATINI ALTO E NOVITA’ – MONTECATINI ALTO AND NEWSMy Profile

        • Hi Laura
          Sheffield! I’m from Sheffield.
          Great city and the locals are all friendly.
          Trouble is… you can’t stop us talking. LOL

          York is a fantastic place.
          My wife and I often talk about moving to York when we retire.

          I wish you well Laura and leave you with a little saying about Yorkshiremen.

          “You can always tell a Yorkshireman… but you can’t tell him much.”
          How very dare they. LOL

          Please let me know how things go.

      • “The bankers in London are still living high!”

        Podcasters in Dallas are, too. 😀
        Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..Episode 101 – One Price Does Not Fit AllMy Profile

        • Hi Randy – good to hear from you.

          Donations gladly accepted from Bankers in London and Podcasters in Dallas.

          Please make cheques payable to:

          Keith Davis Enterprises Ltd.
          C/O 27 The Mews…….

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog Keith.
    I’m glad I dropped by…thanks for sharing this.


    • Eh Akash… you came over.
      Many thanks.

      Hope you enjoyed Randy’s video.
      Terrible thing is, he did this video without any practice.
      Makes you weep. LOL

      BTW – love your Genesis theme – gorgeous.
      Hope you’ll be a regular here at easyP.

  12. Hello Keith/Randy,

    I enjoyed that video – the voice, and the speech itself, in equal measure.
    Hamish´s last great post ..Kindle 4 – Is It Amazon’s Ace In The Hole?My Profile

    • Hi Hamish
      Glad you liked Randy’s video and thanks for your comment.

      Just visited your site… see you are a Headway Theme man.
      Have you been taking a look at Headway Version 3.
      Looks fantastic.

      I’ll pay you a visit and leave a comment this weekend.

      Cheers Hamish.

  13. Nice video. Really easy voice to listen to and a very good story!
    Linda´s last great post parkeren schipholMy Profile

  14. Carl Winchester says:

    Randy has a great voice indeed. I hope he could get a chance to work with some of Television networks. The speech as so great!
    Carl Winchester´s last great post ..Kim Kardashian Is Photoshop’s Latest VictimMy Profile