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The art and technique of online video

I first came across the phrase Un Art… Une Technique in Georges Joubert’s book “Le Ski: Un Art… Une Technique.”
In his book Joubert explains that behind every great artist there is a serious amount of technique which allows them to express their art.
Take away the technique and the art is diluted and lost like tears in the rain.
As Joubert puts it…..

“What skier was able to contain their admiration while watching Ingemar Stenmark play with the difficulties in a slalom which the other skiers wildly attack like savages?

Who wasn’t aware of the touch of genius in some of Franz Klammer’s downhill runs?

Certainly it is inspiration that makes them artists, but without technique, how would they express their inspiration?”

Georges Joubert – “Le Ski: Un Art… Une Technique.”

So, before you can express your inspiration via online video, you have to learn a little technique.
In the video below, Tom Breeze of Tom Breeze TV covers ten techniques that are essential if you want to master online video.
Watch, listen, learn and be aware… you are in the presence of an artist.
BTW – Tom’s video is in HD so if you want to see him in full screen mode, just click on the expand icon at the bottom right of the video – enjoy.

Tom’s mini course in Online Video

In answering my ten bullet point questions Tom has given us a mini course in online video.
To act as a memory jogger, here is a list of the points in the order that Tom covered them.

  1. That zoom in and out that you do.
  2. Audio quality.
  3. How to speak to the camera as though it were an audience – keeping it conversational.
  4. How to sound confident.
  5. Script, notes or off the cuff.
  6. Adding a little humour to liven things up.
  7. Sitting down or moving about.
  8. Smiling and making your smile look genuine.
  9. Equipment.
  10. Background – not cluttered.

There you have it folks, all the technique you’ll ever need and the art?…. that’s up to you.

Time to have your say

Tom would love to have some feedback so please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.
Which technique did you find most helpful?
What else would you like to know?
Do you have any tips of your own that you can share with us?
And perhaps most importantly of all… do you believe Tom when he says that he doesn’t watch Eastenders?

About Tom– Tom Breeze is an Online Video Marketing Expert and runs three very successful businesses using video marketing as his main strategy for business generation. Since creating his first business video in 2007, the world of video marketing has seen many changes and technological advances, making it a must for any business owner.

Tom states that, “If you’re one of the ‘good guys’ and truly care about your customers and clients then through video you’ll build long lasting relationships that will serve your business well. If you believe that business is about building relationships, then make it your business to build relationships.”

Tom now focuses most of his energy on his new site – go check it out and say hello!


My thanks and gratitude to:

Tom Breeze for his fantastic video Tom’s main site isTom Breeze TV

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  1. Hi Keith and Tom .. congratulations to both of you .. 202 comments now .. professional advice from both you .. and Keith your posts are enlightening ..

    Cheers have happy weeks ahead .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..Food and snippets – more glorious food – Dinner a la Royals 2-2My Profile

  2. Hi Tom!

    I trust you received my recommendation on Stik — happy to oblige and well deserved.

    Just wondering …

    How did your “Skype” experiment go this past week?

    I contacted a few of my friends here in the U.S. in the Pacific Time Zone and directed them to your sign-up page, although I didn’t know who might want to awaken at 6:00 A.M. to participate. 🙂

    Make it a great day today!
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Be Social Be RichMy Profile

    • Hi Melanie,

      Yes, you shocked me with your generosity – I really appreciate it. Thank you.

      D’you know, it was a massive success, they all loved it. It was great to give live training across the world and I am incorporating it into my membership programme soon to be launched.

      Thanks for sending people across, I will be doing more in the future.


      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

      • That’s really great news, Tom! I’m glad your Skype experiment was a huge success.

        Membership programs are quite popular and have a big draw. The challenge, of course, is developing the content and coming up with a price point.

        “Content” will be NO problem for you, I’m sure. “Price point”, on the other hand, may be a little trickier. Why? Because I can already tell you, generously, over deliver (your video here is testament to that!). So just be sure to charge what you’re worth. And my apologies for sounding like your mum. 🙂

        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Be Social Be RichMy Profile

        • You’re right Melanie, there are times when I over deliver.

          The thing is, in all fairness this video is only the tip of the iceberg.

          Inside the member area it’s very step-by-step. Do this do that and you can expect success. A lot of members are getting their staff to go through the videos I create and copy the steps for traffic and it works!

          A lot of people know the power of online video but are unaware of how to really do it properly.

          The silent squeezer is the new addition to the mix which is going down a storm!


          Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Mel
      I think that Tom has been surprised by the community spirit here on easyP and of course a community is only possible if people take part.

      What I’m trying to say im my clumsy fashion, is…. thank you and thanks to everyone who has visited the site, left a comment or contacted Tom.

      Hope that you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have.

  3. Congratulations on passing the 200 comment milestone. That is awesome and a brilliant effort.
    Sire´s last great post ..Will Google Penalise You For Using ZaparenaMy Profile

  4. Okay, Tom “Cool” Breeze, you’ve convinced me to use my black back drop more. If I was really sharp I’d use more screen capture and stop putting my face in front of the camera.

    Good tips though – each and every one of them. Thank you!
    Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..How To Succeed In Business By REALLY TryingMy Profile

    • Thanks Randy, and I like my new middle name!
      Do you know, make sure you get in front of the camera as much as possible – it’s important that you’re viewers see you – they need to know, like and trust you.

      Glad you found the tips useful!

      Love your videos by the way… I like the quality mic set up you have.


      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Welcome to easyP Randy.
      Appreciate you coming over and leaving a comment.

      You know I think that “Tom “Cool” Breeze” is going to stick. LOL

      Please, no black backdrop – I like to see your learned books and “Tweedledee and Tweedledum on the shelf.”

      Gives you an air of learning and sophistication.

      However if Tom tells you to go with the black backdrop….. he’s the man.

      • Tweedledee and Tweedledum HATE being hidden away. Besides, a plain background makes my face/head more pronounced. That does NOT help my videos. But, if I had Tom “Cool” Breeze’s hair, I’d definitely draw more attention to my head.
        Randy Cantrell´s last great post ..How To Succeed In Business By REALLY TryingMy Profile

        • Randy
          You know that you have the sexiest voice on the internet.
          You don’t need hair.
          If you had Tom’s hair, the ladies wouldn’t stand a chance.

          Your choice Randy… your voice or Tom’s hair?
          Assuming of course that Tom would be willing to share his hair. LOL

        • My hair is actually getting very grey which is not good at my age!
          I think you should keep the tweedle’s in the shot of every video!

          • There you have it Randy.

            “I think you should keep the tweedle’s in the shot of every video!”

            And that’s from Tom.

  5. Loved this! We all need a little camera time and this is a great way to engage with the visitors of your website!

    • Hi Gabrilla,
      Yes, getting out and being seen on camera is just so important for connections. I don’t think that screen capture videos compete.
      In business today it is essential.

    • Hi Gabriella
      Welcome to easyP.

      Saw your comment over on Danny Brown’s blog.
      Good to see you there, even better to see you here. LOL

      I’ll head over to your blog later and see what you blog on.


  6. Hi Keith and Tom .. I came across this today and from the Public Speaking video part I’m sure it’ll be of interest .. but also perhaps from the educational aspect he’s providing .. I haven’t looked and probably won’t as I haven’t the time right now – but you and your readers might be interested .. cheers Hilary

    You were lucky you nearly got a recipe for potato salad .. I’d be trying to post as a comment – as Blogger is causing problems again ….?!

    This link will be better!:
    Hilary´s last great post ..Judy Croome – how much pleasure a parcel can bring My Profile

    • Hi Hilary
      Thanks for the link.
      As coincidence would have it I’ve recently read a post on Salman Khan here…

      “Blogger causing problems again.”
      I always struggle to leave a comment when I visit you – Blogger has lots of hoops to jump through.

      Time you came over to the dark side Hilary – WordPress!

      Thanks for your comment and thanks for the link.


  7. I must have missed Ari’s one .. or it didn’t stand out quite so clearly ..

    anyway .. do you – even with the pop out box?

    I struggle with some blogger blogs – one today and have to go from Chrome to IE .. yet on my other m/c it’s ok .. it’s very weird.

    I’m going to open a WP blog fairly soon – but for another reason .. I think I’ll keep that one ticking along ..

    I did sort of think people might point out what you’ve mentioned re commenting – but people are too polite OR they’re not coming over from WP to comment??!!!!?

    Strange going ons in blogosphere lately ..

    PS love the check box to confirm I’m not a spammer – makes life simple …

    Glad you saw the Khan link .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..Judy Croome – how much pleasure a parcel can bring My Profile

    • Hi Hilary
      Let me know when your WP blog is up and running.
      I’ll give you some info on plugins and the like.

      The confirm you are not a spammer is the GASP plugin.

      I also use an anti trackback spam plugin that Ari Hertzog mentioned on his blog.
      I’ll give you details when you need it.

      Talk to you soon.


  8. Cheers Keith .. H
    Hilary´s last great post ..Judy Croome – how much pleasure a parcel can bring My Profile

  9. Hi Tom, 235 comments is huge! You are indeed doing some work here. Many thanks for the comment you left on my guest post.

    Goodluck and thanks again.

  10. Keith and Tom,


    I’m using video on my blog and these tips are very valuable.

    Most of the time I have issues of figuring out on how to shoot the videos with as less clutter on the background as possible. I have only one place in my apartment where I can do it. However, thanks to your tip, I might just go to a meeting room at the office, since I can be quiet there and shoot as many clips as possible 🙂

    What about using a canvas of some sort on the background, how much does that cost? Any experiences?

    Timo Kiander´s last great post ..How did I earn dollars online for the first time – and why it was importantMy Profile

    • Hi Timo,
      Good idea with getting the meeting room for your videos, just make sure you don’t upload all on 1 day – spread it out as it’s great for SEO (little trick!).
      I have used canvases, just make sure you test lighting and make it look good before. TubeTape is a great company for this stuff.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..YouTube SEO – Optimising Your Videos &amp ChannelMy Profile

    • Glad you liked the video Timo.
      Don’t forget that Tom runs a video blog over at
      Lots cand lots of videos all bursting with ideas and tips.

      Thanks for coming over and I appreciate your comment.

  11. Very informative video, Tom. You seem so polished at making videos, but I’m sure it’s taken a lot of practice to become that way. Still, you remind me of one of those infomercial guys – I mean that in the best possible way of course. 🙂

    Keith did a great job coming up with questions. Many of them were what I would have asked. The one I would have added is how to you become comfortable seeing yourself on video?

    I have no issues talking to a group of people, but once that camera is on something in my head switches and I feel like I’m acting. It took me a long time to get used to hearing my own voice on recordings, but video of myself is still not something I’m comfortable watching. Any suggestions? Is it just more exposure?
    Brad Harmon´s last great post ..Why You Should Stop Trying to Write Unique- Original ContentMy Profile

    • Haha, an infomercial guy… I’ll try take some positives from that!! Haha!
      Thank you though for your kind comments.
      Getting used to video – the best thing to do is keep watching your videos back and looking for what’s working well. Try and do different things and get comfortable.
      The other thing to do is ask helpful others for feedback!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..YouTube SEO – Optimising Your Videos &amp ChannelMy Profile

    • Welcome Brad.
      Seen you around the blogosphere and nice to have you stop in at easyP.

      Glad you liked the questions, and I hope you found Tom’s answers useful.

      Lots of interesting info over on your site.
      I’ve subscribed to your email feed.

      See you soon.

  12. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME advice! I’m passing this one along!

  13. Hi Keith

    I followed your link from a comment you left on Tom’s website.

    Wow this is a great site you have!

    I am going to share straight away – fantastic resource!



    • Hi Tony
      Thanks for those kind words.

      Easy to have a good site with material like Tom’s and Randy’s.

      Keep in touch.

  14. Never mind about me or the bench Mel.
    Only one star tonight… and that’s you.

    Congratulations on your Second Prize in the great blog post contest… and you were up against the pros!

    Hope you’ll allow us all to bathe a little in the sunshine of your success.

    A great achievement.

    It’s been a great evening Mel.
    I’ve talked to Tommy B and I heard about your success.

    BTW – glad you liked the picies… and the bench.
    My beautiful daughter, Nikki, took them at Baddesley Clinton a National Trust property not far from us.

    • Oooh … a house with a moat!! Thanks for passing along the link, Keith. I would love to see Baddesley Clinton some day. I love Tudor-style homes and cottages.

      Nikki did a great job with your photos!

      “Hope you’ll allow us all to bathe a little in the sunshine of your success.” 🙂

      This was the first writing contest I’ve ever entered so it was a great experience.

      Keep us posted on the details of Tom’s affiliate program. I’ll be waiting.


    • Hey Keith, good chatting with you and great to see you in the pictures! I now know what you look like and have heard your voice… brilliant!

      Also, glad to hear your excitement about the affiliate programme – I’ll be getting on the case with this. We are all ready to go, just need to go through the finishing touches and will be with you in the next day or two.

      Mel – I’ll send you a link too and thank you for that!

      Looking forward to chatting soon and I must say, Marcus (the Sales Lion) is brilliant!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Chatting With Rob HargreavesMy Profile

  15. I’m new to video and this guide is very helpful.
    Some of your tips like Audio quality and Background issues, actually cover the most common problems a newbie can face during the creation of their first videos.

  16. Hi Keith,

    I’ve been out of touch for about a month and I’m makin’ the rounds today visiting my blogger friends. Seems you haven’t been posting too much lately yourself. What’s up? (Poke) 😉
    Deb Augur´s last great post ..What an Ex-Rock Singer Can Teach You About Self ConfidenceMy Profile

    • Hey good to see you back Debs.
      I’ll be over later tonight to see if you’ve been busy.

      As for my abysmal performance, I’ve been overtaken by “Events, dear boy, events.”
      Just been doing lots of other things, but I’m keeping an eye on the blog.

      Thanks for giving me a nudge Debs.

  17. I have been meaning to watch this video for a few months now. I had some time while encoding a video last night, and I wandered over. Tom, thanks for the practical advice – you are undoubtedly an expert in online video. Within the past few weeks I finally acquired a good camera, a wireless mic and real editing software (Adobe Premiere). I’m looking forward to taking my videos to another level on the technical side with my equipment, and your advice on how to be more personable and genuine on camera is priceless. You are awesome.
    Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..‘Searchify’ Government WebsitesMy Profile

    • Hey Kristi, now it’s comments like these that makes me happy!
      Just checked your website and love the concept. With the equipment you’ve now got, you should be able to produce some killer video and you’ll notice the difference it makes as your viewers (your tribe) will love you for it!
      Cheers Kristi!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..How To Use YouTube Annotations – 3 Key Annotations To UseMy Profile

      • Okay, Tom. Hope you think imitation is flattery. I took all of your advice and just posted my newest video:

        I totally stole your ‘working at your desk’ shot! I even acquired an Olympus recorder for great audio. Unfortunately, I accidentally recorded in ‘slow’ mode so it didn’t sync up properly and I couldn’t use it. Better audio next time. I also watched some of the videos on your site and I made my own light kit by hanging a sheet from the ceiling in front of a cluster of florescent bulbs =)

        Thanks again for all the advice!
        Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Selling ads on government websitesMy Profile

        • Hey Kristy, I just left you a youtube comment, but here is some feedback here too…

          First off – love love love the look!

          I’m glad you got to see Keith’s stuff and then saw my video for him. I really like your conversational style and this layout makes it really easy.

          You know, so many will give you feedback, some of it great too.

          The only thing I’d focus on for a while is the zooming in and out. It’s a great tool to use, but I’d cut in instead of zoom in (unless you have a really important message that lasts sometime). It’s? important to cut in when you have an important part.

          I’d also say that see if you can get the video camera a little lower (it puts you in the position of authority). That said, I love your passion, your knowledge and also the natural way you come across. Keep it? up!

          I’ve naturally subbed, so keep it coming you star!


          Tom Breeze´s last great post ..How To Use YouTube Annotations – 3 Key Annotations To UseMy Profile

    • Hi Kristi
      Great to hear from you.

      Sounds as though Tom’s video was worth waiting months for.

      That guy is just way too good.


      • Hey Keith, thanks for the kind comments! Oh yeah, and we are now up to 279 comments!

        I think I need to do another video for you very soon…
        Tom Breeze´s last great post ..3 Simple Steps To Getting More ViewsMy Profile

        • Hi Tom
          Surely we can reach the big 3 on this one.

          I might invite my neighbours round for a “comment on my blog” party.
          Trouble is… none of them know what a blog is.
          What do you think, does it sound like a good idea?

          Almost forgot – how did your brother’s wedding go?
          Were the speeches any good?
          I heard that the best man’s speech was half decent. LOL

  18. Thank you and yes, always look at videos in 2 ways everyone – one level for the information and content. The other level is to see what I’m actually doing in the video that makes it engaging!
    Extra points for anyone that see’s the “ninja” tactics that are going on!
    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Chatting With Rob HargreavesMy Profile

  19. Tom
    Great to talk to you earlier – I can now tell everyone that I’ve talked to the Tom Breeze.

    Can’t wait to get involved with your Affiliate Programmes.
    If there is anyone who I can promote with hand on heart, it’s you.

    Would love to speak at one of your workshops, might make a good video for a post.

    Cheers Tom


  20. Hi Keith,

    Did I just hear you say “affiliate program”? Tom has an affiliate program?

    Music to my ears!

    I’m an avid affiliate marketer and I’d be honored to market and promote Tom’s offerings.

    I better head over to and see what he’s got cookin’ for his affiliates.

    I hope Tom accepts your invitation to speak at one of his workshops or conferences! Would definitely make a great Vlog post! 🙂

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile

  21. P.S. Really nice pics on your About easyP page!

    Beautiful setting, Keith. The bench you’re sitting on looks almost identical to the one I have on my patio. It’s my favorite outdoor spot to sit and contemplate what I’m going to blog about next. 🙂

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Grab A Pen And Write This DownMy Profile

  22. Hi Mel
    Heard it from Tommy B himself tonight.
    I’ve been trying to persuade him for ages, a week or two actually, to set up an affiliate programme.

    Tom is sending me details and as soon as I have them, with Tom’s permission, I’ll distribute the information.

    BTW – how are you doing with the photos of the blogging breeches? LOL

  23. Tom
    I think you are going to have real problems trying to persuade people to sign up to your affiliate programme.
    Or perhaps not. LOL