Online Video: Un Art… Une Technique

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The art and technique of online video

I first came across the phrase Un Art… Une Technique in Georges Joubert’s book “Le Ski: Un Art… Une Technique.”
In his book Joubert explains that behind every great artist there is a serious amount of technique which allows them to express their art.
Take away the technique and the art is diluted and lost like tears in the rain.
As Joubert puts it…..

“What skier was able to contain their admiration while watching Ingemar Stenmark play with the difficulties in a slalom which the other skiers wildly attack like savages?

Who wasn’t aware of the touch of genius in some of Franz Klammer’s downhill runs?

Certainly it is inspiration that makes them artists, but without technique, how would they express their inspiration?”

Georges Joubert – “Le Ski: Un Art… Une Technique.”

So, before you can express your inspiration via online video, you have to learn a little technique.
In the video below, Tom Breeze of Tom Breeze TV covers ten techniques that are essential if you want to master online video.
Watch, listen, learn and be aware… you are in the presence of an artist.
BTW – Tom’s video is in HD so if you want to see him in full screen mode, just click on the expand icon at the bottom right of the video – enjoy.

Tom’s mini course in Online Video

In answering my ten bullet point questions Tom has given us a mini course in online video.
To act as a memory jogger, here is a list of the points in the order that Tom covered them.

  1. That zoom in and out that you do.
  2. Audio quality.
  3. How to speak to the camera as though it were an audience – keeping it conversational.
  4. How to sound confident.
  5. Script, notes or off the cuff.
  6. Adding a little humour to liven things up.
  7. Sitting down or moving about.
  8. Smiling and making your smile look genuine.
  9. Equipment.
  10. Background – not cluttered.

There you have it folks, all the technique you’ll ever need and the art?…. that’s up to you.

Time to have your say

Tom would love to have some feedback so please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.
Which technique did you find most helpful?
What else would you like to know?
Do you have any tips of your own that you can share with us?
And perhaps most importantly of all… do you believe Tom when he says that he doesn’t watch Eastenders?

About Tom– Tom Breeze is an Online Video Marketing Expert and runs three very successful businesses using video marketing as his main strategy for business generation. Since creating his first business video in 2007, the world of video marketing has seen many changes and technological advances, making it a must for any business owner.

Tom states that, “If you’re one of the ‘good guys’ and truly care about your customers and clients then through video you’ll build long lasting relationships that will serve your business well. If you believe that business is about building relationships, then make it your business to build relationships.”

Tom now focuses most of his energy on his new site – go check it out and say hello!


My thanks and gratitude to:

Tom Breeze for his fantastic video Tom’s main site isTom Breeze TV

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  1. Hi Tom
    Can’t thank you enough for your fantastic video – a true masterclass.

    Thought that you might cover a few of my points, but you answered all ten.
    You presented an online video mini course.

    Talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Keith!

    Happy royal nuptials day to you! I watched it while half awake at 4 a.m. this morning — it really was stunning. A new generation. And thanks for the mention! You are one of the best banterers I know.

    I loved your intro to your post. You always write a wonderful line in your posts… “lost like tears in the rain”. This has become your personal trademark, in my opinion, and I look for it every time. You didn’t disappoint! Same is true with your wonderful knack for finding inspirational and beautiful quotes. This video was so helpful. You asked some great questions. And the bonus? Tom is pretty easy on the eyes!

    Hi Tom! Thank you for the really great video! My favorite tip was your discussion on how to speak with your audience. Logically I know this, but putting it in practice is another thing entirely. Talking as though you’re at the pub, asking rhetorical questions, laughing mistakes off, having a chat about something, self deprecating humor, etc… all really great tips. Thank you.

    I’ll be sure to check out Gary Vaynerchuk online. Thanks for the referral of someone who does this well. Well, someone else who does this pretty well. You’ve got this down! 🙂

    I really enjoyed your video. No questions leap to mind. I’m looking forward to visiting your site for more inspiration.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Compassion vs Knee Jerk ReactionsMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa,
      Thanks for your kind comments and great to connect here.
      As questions arise let me know and I’ll makes sure I do my best to help.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa
      What a great comment to get things moving.
      Thanks for your kind words and glad that you found Tom “…pretty easy on the eyes!”
      If you look closely at Tom’s avatar… you will see him blushing. LOL

      Appreciate you stopping by T.

  3. Keith and Tom,

    This was very helpful, I am still new at making video and find myself shaken in my boots.

    These tips really stood out for me:

    Knowing your stuff makes sound confident.

    Give the how what why and taking people on a journey.

    I have to admit that this made me feel like I could actually confront doing more video and not worry so much about making mistakes.

    I will be checking
    Sheila Atwood´s last great post ..What The Heck Is That Post Doing In My AnalyticsMy Profile

    • Hi Sheila,
      Really glad I can help and it’s great to hear you’re feeling better about doing video!
      Let me know when you post a video and I’ll give you some feedback…
      Thanks for your kind words and it’s great to connect.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Good to see you back Sheila.
      Glad you liked Tom’s video.
      I think that Tom’s confidence is infectious – he is so good he convinces us that we can do it.
      Good thing is, Tom has not only shown us how to do it, he’s given us the tools.

  4. The video in a blog has never been my favorite. But slowly I am getting used to the fact that people like it than having to read.
    Whenever I watch a blog video I want it to be short and sweet! That’s all 🙂
    Hajra´s last great post ..SINGLE BAD TIMING!My Profile

    • Hi Hajra!

      Great to find you here. 🙂

      I’m sure you’re not alone in your thinking. As Tom mentioned, most people do prefer a short video since attention spans online are really short.

      See you in the blogsphere,
      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

    • Hi Hajra,
      Yes, normally I’d keep it short and sweet although in this video I wanted to answer all of Keith’s questions.
      I’d typically break it into different sections as this is better for traffic to a blog too.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Hajra
      Short and sweet is Tom’s usual style.
      Fortunately for easyP, he answered all my ten questions, which makes for a longer video than he usually produces.
      I’ve watched it twice now and I keep finding new info.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Oooh … this is HOT!

    I grabbed pen and paper before I clicked the start button on the video. Had a hunch I’d hear some outstanding tips and glean some great advice in this mini online video course.

    In fact, it turned out to be “maxi” with a lot of moxie! 🙂

    One particular segment I enjoyed the most …

    Why? What? How? What if? Call to action. In my estimation, this is a perfect formula for creating a value-packed video.

    The very BEST tip of all?

    “Know what you’re talking about inside out! Be ‘solid’ with your language and passion.”

    Got a lovely giggle during the smiling bit. 🙂

    A million thanks, Tom, for answering Keith’s questions and adorning his blog with your brilliance. Truly loved your presentation.

    Keith, this has been wonderful. And thank you, my friend, for the mention. You are a rose amongst the thorns!

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

  6. P.S. Keith, this post needs to go viral and pronto! There’s so many golden nuggets in Tom’s presentation that I, for one, don’t want my audience to miss.

    So pardon me while I step away to blast this masterpiece into cyberspace!

    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

  7. Thanks Keith for sharing this video from Tom Breeze. Tom you are awesome and I really enjoyed listening to you and answering the questions that Keith provided.

    I have been producing my own video’s for a few months now. I basically did what you suggested … just jump in and start creating videos and each one, you learn more and more what to do better and what not to do!

    I really appreciate all the tips and advice and will incorporate the information when I make my next videos.

    Which by the way, I am in search for a good video blog theme as I am developing my training program and thought a video blog for just my program would be perfect. If you have any suggestions for a wordpress theme for videos, I’m all ears!

    • Hey Lynn,

      Kudos to you for taking the time to visit Keith’s blog and watch Tom’s video.

      Sounds like it was time well spent! 🙂

      Hope Tom can give you some good pointers on finding just the right video blog theme to meet your needs.

      Chat with you soon,
      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

      • Hi Lynn and Melanie,
        First off, thank you for your kind comments. The theme I use is ‘Thesis’. I have heard ‘optimise press’ is great too but have not used it.
        Thesis is so flexible and easy to use in WordPress.
        Where can I see your videos Lynn?
        Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Lynne
      No problem sharing Tom.
      Please let us know how you go on with the “video blog theme.” and which one you choose.

      Appreciate your comment.

  8. Tom “Maestro” Breeze so slick and so to the point and always ‘On The Money’if only he supported the right football team he’d have it all ~ Steve, London UK.

  9. Wow Tom, that’s some amazing value you provide in one video. Rarely seen! Thanks for that.

    Actually your video got me to buying the Kodak Zi8, so be sure to contact Kodak for your commission 🙂

    Outstanding presentation skills by the way!

    Wim @ Sales Sells´s last great post ..Don’t Say… Common Words And Phrases To Avoid In SalesMy Profile

    • Thanks Wim, and great to hear you’ve invested in the Zi8 – you’ll love it.

      Thanks for the kind comments too. I need to become an affiliate for Kodak!

      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

      • Welcome Wim
        The more I watch Tom’s video the more I realise just how good he is.

        Like I said, an online video mini course and all without notes.

        Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  10. In the few videos that I’ve made I’ve failed the uncluttered background rule. I’ll have to remember that the next time I do one.

    It’s strange that although I hate the thought of speaking in public I’m not all that fussed about speaking on camera.
    Sire´s last great post ..Ah- If Only All I Had To Do Was BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Sire,
      Good to speak again! I know so many people that love speaking and hate camera work and also many people that love video and hate speaking.

      I think people think you need the same skills but it really is quite different. Of course there are similarities but the mindset can be and needs to be totally different.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

      • I’ve course when I’m videoing there is no-one else in the room. I doubt I could perform if there was someone there with me, unless it was a a family member that is.

        Naturally I think the knowledge that when videoing you do have the opportunity to edit all the crap out helps somewhat.
        Sire´s last great post ..Sharing Photos Is Best Done With FlickrMy Profile

        • Hi Sire, you know, I have worked with many clients in the room whilst we record them and it’s only uncomfortable for the first 5 mins. After that I get them comfortable and knowing it’s fine to make tons of mistakes!
          Editing is key though!
          Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Good to see you back Peter.
      Thanks for taking a break from your DIY and leaving a comment.
      Appreciate you coming over.


  11. Keith: Great questions. I think this is a must see video for anyone trying to do video in the blogosphere. Tom, thanks so much for all the information. I thought you provided so much helpful information and really broke down some of the secrets of creating a good video. I really appreciated what you said about being conversational and letting your personality come across. All great pointers. Great post guys.

    • Hi Sibyl,
      Great to hear you enjoyed the post and I am glad you took a lot from it.
      As always, if you need further training there is a tonne of stuff on
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Sibyl it’s great to see you again
      I remember you and my database certainly remembers you. LOL

      Glad you enjoyed Tom’s video and found it useful.

      I know that you won’t believe this, but the ladies usually enjoy Tom’s videos. LOL

      Don’t leave it so long until you pay easyP another visit.


  12. Keith,

    Did you take note of what Tom just said about Facebook and Twitter? And he’s even willing to sit you down on the couch for a session. I wouldn’t look THAT gift horse in the mouth! Get over to his place right away.

    You told your wife you’re writing a book?!


    Now here’s the next thing you need to tell her …

    Tell her you’ve got to do EXTENSIVE research for your book via social media. And it’s imperative that you begin your research immediately.

    I think this tactic will help to avoid justifiable homicide under your roof. 🙂


    P.S. In case your wife bumps into me, what’s the title of your book?

    • It’s only a working title you understand but I was thinking along the lines of…

      “Self help for the bleak – A short history of Social Media.”

      If you can think of anything snappier, please let me know.

      • Keith,

        A title of that caliber doesn’t get any “snappier”!

        Actually, I’d like to see Tom Breeze help you create a video with this title. Should be really quick to produce — would take about 20 seconds. 🙂

        Allow me to help you with your video script …

        My name is Keith Davis.
        I’m a public speaking expert.
        I don’t use social media.
        My wife will kill me if I dare to appear on Facebook or Twitter.”

        Let me know when it’s uploaded to You Tube.

        Oh, wait a minute …

        You Tube is a social media venue.

        Scratch that thought. 🙂

  13. I’ve watched the vid here, and on Tom’s site, and I am nothing but impressed, and inspired!

    Tom, you make it look so easy, and I bet after following your tips and advice that it would become easy for anyone.

    As Keith can confirm, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing video for a bit now, and I know I’m going to do it. It’s just a matter of time…having it. lol I seem to have a knack for burying myself in client work as well as my own work, leaving my blog in the dust for some time while I do my stuff for others.

    My girl has a really nice HD camera that I plan on using. You know, one of those tape-driven ones…high-quality production stuff that she uses for her work.

    What I’d like to do is use that, but during editing, I’d like to create an effect that will interlace thin black lines in the video. My hope is to reduce the video footprint and be able to quickly stream the video for those that don’t have a large a pipe as we all seem to.

    If I had any questions it would be how can I create an HD video that is optimized better than most HD vids? I don’t know my stuff here, but I would think that thin, interlaced black lines would reduce the file size, and create a sort of “techno” effect that would really fit in with my site.

    I’ve rambled enough. I’m glad Keith has brought you to my attention. You have some really great information to share, and darn it all, you do it really well. 🙂 Cheers!
    Wayne John @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..Google can care less about the nofollow anchor tag attributeMy Profile

  14. Keith and Tom,

    Thanks so much
    the Video is so informative, it will help in the near future
    have a great day

    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Most Beautiful in the World – DivesMy Profile

    • Hi Martyna,
      Thank you for your kind comments and I am glad you took a lot of value from the video.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Martyna
      Glad you liked Tom’s video.

      “…it will help in the near future” could a certain little lady be thinking of producing a video?

      If you are, head over to Tom’s video site – see link under Tom’s bio or just Google Tom Breeze TV.

      Thanks for your comment Martyna.


  15. you’re welcome
    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Most Beautiful in the World – DivesMy Profile

  16. Hi Tom,

    First let me say… awesome video man! Loved it. Heck, that’s good enough to be a sales page. And it would be so good because you weren’t even trying to sell anything, but the video sold your most valuable commodity – you.

    Okay so here’s a question for you.

    I’ve been doing videos myself now for about two years, most of which are screencasts (in fact I think that’s how Keith and I became friends, through one of my videos).

    But for head shot videos (I’m using the Zi8 already), can you give me again the equipment you recommend for the clip on mic?

    I’ve tried a couple lapel mics and they always sound like I’m talking in a box.

    So here are my two questions:

    1. What clip on mic would you suggest getting?

    2. What audio recorder was that again you mentioned in the video?

    Thanks bud. And yep, I’m headed over to your blog right now to subscribe.

    @Keith – Thanks for the mention in the article. One of these days I’ll have to get my butt over there and we’ll have to go have a beer or something.

    • Great to see you over here John – you’ve been working too hard. LOL

      Interesting that you say…
      “…that’s good enough to be a sales page.”

      If you Google “online video technique” there are 35,600,000 results and this post is… number two!
      That’s Tom’s pulling power.

      Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a great comment John.

    • Thanks John for your awesome comments and Keith, great to hear I have pushed you to 2nd on Google!

      Okay, I tend to record into my dictaphone using this exact equipment:
      Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-650S. I then use a YOGA EM8 electrical condenser tie/lapel/lavalier microphone.

      Then I edit the sound if need using software on my mac. Anyone can do this using Garageband or iMovie.

      Does that help buddy?
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

      • Only second Tom… where did we go wrong?
        BTW – Tom I can’t thank you enough for your prompt and detailed replies – I think you’re helping a lot of people with your technical advice.
        Probably more important is that watching you is convincing lots of us that we can give it a go.
        Effortless ease – the mark of a pro.

        • Hey Keith, it’s the interaction that goes with your videos that makes it that much more personal.
          I know how much it means to me when mentors and “gurus” respond to me.

          Not that I am one of those special gurus… just yet!
          Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

  17. Oh and one more thing I wanted to add to a topic you touched on in the video.

    You mentioned how you make use of the zoom to reset people’s attention.

    Being that I do a lot of screencasts (screen capture and slides), what I’ve learned also resets people’s attention when your showing text and slides is making use of fonts and colors.

    Obviously you don’t want to go too crazy with different kinds of fonts and text colors (2 maybe 3 at most), but if you change it up a little… add a little blue text color here to highlight a benefit or something, that helps people reset their attention much better than just a block of black text on the screen.

  18. > behind every great artist there is a serious amount of technique which allows them to express their art.
    So true, and this is exactly why I focus on skills, principles, patterns, and practices.
    J.D. Meier´s last great post ..Steve Jobs- Good Enough is Never Good EnoughMy Profile

  19. Really, really excellent video, Tom. All ten tips are terrific.

    I’ve always had problems with my audio, which I agree is the worst thing to have problems with! I’m definitely going to buy a lapel mike. My computer is a Sony VAIO (all in one unit) and the fan noise is getting worse over time. I have several mikes to plug in but they also pick up the noise since I’m usually sitting at my desk. I hope a lapel mike helps.

    My husband has some awesome (and expensive) video equipment that I could use but he uses it on location (for work) so it’s not always readily available.

    I loved your explanation about a genuine smile. LOL. No worries, yours comes across as genuine. Don’t give it another thought! (Leave it to Keith to make you think about it nervously! Just kidding Keith.)

    Awesome stuff, Tom. I’ll be visiting your site regularly from now on.
    Deb Augur´s last great post ..Tutorial Tuesday- Amplify Your ConversationMy Profile

    • Hi Deb,

      Thanks for your kind words, it really does mean a lot to me.

      Lapel mics are good – you can sometimes do an editing job and get the background noises to quieten down. Even Camasia will do it I think on a PC. That might just do it, or a lapel should do the trick too.

      Glad you like my cheesy smile!


      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Hi Debs
      Many thanks for coming over.
      Glad you liked Tom’s video and let us know how you get on with the lapel microphone.

      The stand out thing about Tom’s videos is the quality. Both sound and vision.

      Appreciate your comment


  20. Putting some of Tom’s tips in to action…
    ~ Steve
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Hi Steve
      I’ve left you a comment over on youtube.
      As I watched your video, just for a second… I thought it was Tom.

      Thought you were brilliant.

      • I really enjoyed Steve’s video, as well, and I’m so happy to hear the fabulous Kenwood House was wearing a “skirt”. Not exactly sure what that means but it sounds lovely.

        The first thing I did after viewing, of course, was share Steve’s video on Facebook and, naturally, I tagged Tom Breeze via my message-sharing box. For those people who don’t have a Facebook account, this part of my comment will hold no meaning.

        I bet you could produce a video just as great as Steve’s, Keith! You most likely have lots of wonderful outdoor settings nearby. And you probably have an accent like Steve’s. too! 🙂

        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

        • Hey Mel, that’s MAD where did that comment come from I’ve never used it before..! I had to ‘Play Back’ to hear, what was I thinking about..? Thanks for the feedback so appreciated perhaps I should have a go at this professionally one day…
          ~ Steve
          Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

          • Hello Steve,

            As Keith likes to say …
            Stop pulling my leg. You’re already a pro! 🙂

            And thanks for the invitation to Facebook friendship. Very kind of you.

            See you and Tom soon on the internet telly!

        • See Keith, the facebook sharing is working… what’s it going to take???
          Thanks Melanie!
          Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

      • Thanks for the kind words Kieth, I’m just so pleased to be connected with really talented people… I know I’m giving away a few years but I feel like a ‘baby’ in this fast moving Internet Highway… we can so help each other to massive riches if we stick together.
        Awesome blog page Keith ~ Steve
        Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

        • Steve / Mel
          I enjoy writing posts but it’s interaction like this that makes it all worthwhile and brings a website to life.

          Steve I’ve just had the invitation to subscribe to your YouTube. Too tired tonight but I’ll subscribe tomorrow.

          As for the “massive riches” perhaps you could say a little more. LOL

  21. I just want to say Keith that not only is your whole website brilliant, but the community you have here is incredible.

    Great banter, great interaction and it’s absolutely fantastic to see.
    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Should You Use A Script For A VideoMy Profile

    • Thanks Tom
      I’m just very lucky with the community.
      And might I add that you have really added to the banter with your replies to comments.
      Appreciate that.

  22. Hi Keith,

    Thank you for introducing us to Tom (Mr. Video) and for sharing this awesome tutorial. Although I don’t do video (yet) on my blogs, now I know where to find the information when I need it. Tom’s tips are spot on and coming from a professional like him, I know I wouldn’t go wrong if I followed his lead.

    Thank you Keith for also linking to my blog. I truly appreciate it. 🙂
    Barbara Swafford´s last great post ..Blogging SheepleMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming over Barbara.
      This is a bit like a celebration of my all time favourite bloggers – you and John Hoff are two of the first bloggers I met when I set up easyP.
      John helped me with the technical info and you showed me how to build a blogging community.
      I owe a lot to you and John.
      Lovely to have your comment and thanks for helping me shape this blog.


    • Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for your kind words and when you make the leap into video I’ll be here to help you out!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

  23. Hi Tom and Keith!

    Wow, there were so many really good points in this vid that I really don’t know where to start. I particularly appreciated the length of it, though. So many people enjoy shorter videos and will sit down and watch them rather than the longer ones, but I sometimes wonder if it really is about the Short Attention Span Syndrome as much as it is just that we lead such hectic lives now? Everyone is so busy with so many different things, and investing a couple of minutes on a vid isn’t nearly as difficult as committing to ten minutes (or more) of focused attention on something that you didn’t really schedule in, if that makes any sense.

    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..epc LisburnMy Profile

    • Hi Delena
      Lovely to see you back – wondered what had happened to you.

      Agree with you on length of video… provided the video holds your attention. I’ve watched this video three times and Tom had my full attention each time.

      What you say makes perfect sense.

      Until next time.

      • Hi Keith,

        Oh, you now how it is when there are babies in the house. My daughter’s 9 months now, and demands 100% of my attention. Sometimes I don’t realize just how many days pass. =)

        Y’know, just a random tidbit about this blog’s influence on me; you’ve given me so much to think about and aspects of public speaking I haven’t considered, I’m now researching joining Toastmasters. It’s all contingent of babysitters, but hey. =)

        Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..Life Uniform CouponsMy Profile

        • Toastmasters!
          That is fantastic news Delena.

          Hope things work out re babysitters and let me know how the Public Speaking goes.

          Go for it Delena, go for it.


    • Hi Delena,
      I think you’re right. People tend to prefer shorter videos than longer videos but I think that comes down to content and expectations.
      I have sat through many awful films of well over an hour because I gave it my time before I sat down to watch it. Not the same with online video typically.
      I think it’s more how concise and to the point the video is over the length of time which is important. I tried to keep this one short but couldn’t which means that yes, it’s longer than usual but hopefully concise and packed full of value.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

  24. Another great article – bookmarked! Love the look and feel of this site and thanks for visiting mine 🙂
    Alison Griffiths´s last great post ..What Sir Baden-Powell Can Teach Us About e-Commerce SuccessMy Profile

  25. This is one I did Today… I LOVE doing short corporate promovids…
    Just great Fun. This film will have pictures and captions edited in to it. I’ll try to remember to post the finished Video at a later date. Great Stuff Tom and Keith…
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

  26. Well you know what I say… “A Picture Paints a 1000 Words a Video Paints a MILLION” and If Video Presentation is a hurdle to far… take note “Dare to do, where others Dare to do not…” Wishing you all a pleasant weekend 🙂 ~ Steve, London UK
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Steve
      Been great having you in the comments mix.
      Hope you become a regular on easyP.
      Next post is a video – totally different to Tom’s and pretty short.
      I’m sure you won’t want to miss it.

      Have a good weekend and may the football gods look down with benevolence on your team.

      Keith, Solihull UK – sat at desk off now for a cup of tea.

  27. Keith, thanks for bringing this video to my attention and kudos for getting Tom to do it.

    Tom, many thanks for the helpful insights. When I saw that the video was 25 minutes, I thought that I’d last for a minute or two. But your manner and your content kept me hooked and I watched it straight through in one shot. (I’ll probably come back to bits of it as well.)

    I appreciated the technical tips but was also very happy to hear you say (1) keep it conversational and (2) ask yourself why the audience should care. Two very important things for public speaking, whatever the forum. I also liked your advice about doing a few takes and then picking the best one and posting it. Too often (in so many things) we agonize about eliminating every possible mistake. And that’s when paralysis sets in. So bravo on that.

    Here’s a question: Recognizing that it is difficult to generalize (especially given the subject matter), in your experience is there an “ideal time limit” for videos in terms of keeping an audience’s attention? In other words, will people be more likely to sit through a 3-minute burst on a subject vs. a more detailed 15-minute discussion of a topic?

    Thanks again to you both for a great job.


    John Zimmer´s last great post ..25 Ways to Make a PointMy Profile

    • Hi John, thanks for this and your kind words.

      Do you know, I get this question a lot and think it comes back to your audiences expectations and also, keeping your message as concise as possible.

      For instance, if a wedding speech is longer than 15 minutes, people will start looking at their watches. If you’re at a business presentation, you’ll give someone 90 minutes because that’s what you expect. Rather like an advert or a tv programme – we have different expectations.

      Some videos will want to be short and snappy such as youtube. Some launch videos will be 7-15 minutes. Some educational videos will be 20+ minutes.

      It’s about keeping it concise and on message. With 10 questions from Keith the content was easy and you knew you wanted to hear all responses (a little persuasion technique I teach).

      I don’t know if this answers your question but I hope it does.

      As a side note, as a comment on this post, you may have expected this answer to be shorter??? Well, I’ve tried to keep it concise.

      If I was to go on for another 1000 words you wouldn’t read it… or maybe you might if you’re a geek like me!!



      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Hey John appreciate you coming over and putting Tom through his paces.

      I knew that you would love this video.

      A great video for anyone interested in online video and a fantastic video for any Public Speaker.

      Thanks John

  28. How about a 90sec Video Tip..! You should look out for my “Tip in a Minute” Videos ~ Steve London UK
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Morning Steve

      Raining here in Solihull – what’s happening down souf?

      Is that what’s known as a Norman Tebbit video? – Short sharp shock. LOL

      Liked it.


  29. Hey Tom (and Keith)

    Thanks for the video.

    I’m gonna disagree with something. Before I do, I want you to know that I’m not trying to be controversial for any particular reason. There’s just something in this video I disagree with and I’d like to get a healthy, respectful dialogue going to examine the issue further.

    So let’s get going, I don’t like Talking Head videos. (A talking head video = a video where the camera is focused on the speaker, and they talk about the subject – as I’m sure you know!) And there are lots of ‘video gurus’ out there who give advice along the lines of: Buy a Flip style camera, record yourself speaking, upload to YouTube and Whammo – you’re video marketing.

    Only this advice is disingeneous at best, and downright misleading at worst. IMO Talking Head videos don’t really work – before anyone cites Gary Vaynerchuk (who I’m a big fan of, btw) – he doesn’t make talking head videos. He makes ‘instructional’ videos. His wine videos teach something about wine – it’s easy to mistake them as talking head videos because of the personality and charisma with whcih he speaks. (Although watch some of his really early shows, they are quite different)?

    Here’s a better example. Darren Rowse of Problogger. Problogger is one of the top 2000 websites in the world (according to Alexa). And Darren started incorporating video three years ago – he’s now got nearly 60 videos on his channel. Most of them have got less than 5000 views. And yet Problogger must get a couple of thousand unique visitors per day (don’t know the exact figure – but would imagine that it’s of that order).

    Here’s why I think talking head videos don’t work – there’s no visual story. Very few people making talking head videos do the zoom in/zoom out that you did to try and create some visual interest. Without creating that visual interest talking head videos are dead in the water. Watch the news – the producers of the news know this. And yes they have more budget and can do multi camera shoots, and they have multi presenters too and can ‘hand off’ the visual interest to another presenter to keep the dynamics of the show going.

    To truly leverage the power of online video though we have to get more creative than just point a camera and speak.

    I’ve got more thoughts on the issue of talking head videos, but I don’t want to overwhelm the post with a 2000 word comment! So let’s get some dialogue going. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the topic.

    (To re-iterate, my purpose is to learn, I’m not here to ‘bash’ or disparage anyone. Anyone thinking of putting online videos up could do a lot worse than take the kind of set up that Tom has in terms of camera, lights, audio and backdrop and incorporating them into their own set up).

    paul wolfe´s last great post ..Protected- OS 17 – The Video ScriptMy Profile

    • Wow… Paul, that’s a hell of a ‘thought provoking’ comment… and I agree with a large part of what you say. I suppose I have carried out a lot of what you suggest. Feel FREE to checkout my range of Video’s on it’s not easy standing in the middle of Westminster Bridge, Central London with a tripod and FlipCam telling people how much I love London..!!! But that for me is called “Stepping Outside the Box” and that is how I like to coach people I also like to sculpture a persons personality creatively apposed to show all the techy stuff… and sitting behind a desk.
      I could go on… interesting topic ~ Steve, London UK
      Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for this comment and I am very excited about chatting about this. I am in the middle of a video marketing workshop this weekend and so I am leaving this comment to say I will answer you fully on Monday.
      I didn’t want to not get back to you as this is a great comment and I looking forward to taking this further.
      Chat Monday!!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

      • Tom

        Thanks for the reply – exactly the kind of reply I hoped for. Looking forward to pushing this dialogue forward on Monday!

        paul wolfe´s last great post ..What Questions Do You Have About Creating eBooksMy Profile

      • Hi Tom
        Sorry to hear that you are working this weekend… you are indeed dedicated to your art. LOL

        Hope you have time to hear the progress of the big game, headline reads…

        “Manchester United v Chelsea: established order go on title parade at Old Trafford.”

        Fingers crossed.


    • Very meaty comment, Paul!

      I think ‘talking head’ videos are okay sometimes and sometimes not. I know that sounds vague, but stick with me.

      If you’re producing a short landing page video, for example, I see nothing wrong with filming yourself at your desk or sitting at the kitchen table (I’m a big fan of Chris Brogan’s Kitchen Table Talk):)

      Even a short video clip to welcome subscribers to your Facebook page is acceptable to me in ‘talking head’ format.

      What I find intolerable are video series I’ve subscribed to that are lengthy ‘talking head’ videos that literally put me to sleep. And, to boot, the person shoots each one wearing the exact same attire — I, for one, would like a little change of scenery. That blue suit gets a little monotonous after a while.

      Get where I’m going with this? Everything becomes so darn PREDICTABLE so there’s never any “anticipation” factor. By the second or third video, I don’t care to tune in any longer.

      Anxious to read what Tom Breeze has to say on this topic. I’ll stay tuned.

      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..5 Monster Size Marketing MistakesMy Profile

      • Morning Mel
        I trust that you and Max are in fine fettle.

        Thanks for a super contribution to the comments and the heads up on…
        ” Chris Brogan’s Kitchen Table Talk”
        I’ll take a peep at it.

        Notice that you say…
        “That blue suit gets a little monotonous after a while”

        I would never be caught dead in a blue suit.
        Note to self – throw out blue suit. LOL

        • Well, after you’re dead …

          You won’t be able to do a blinking thing about it if your wife has you dressed in a blue suit for your departure. 🙂

          Max and I are doing fine — not sure there’s any “fettle” involved. LOL

          Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..We Blog Better And Maybe You Blog BestMy Profile

          • Hi Mel
            I’ll never be able to look at a blue suit in the same way again.
            Blue suits to me will always be departure suits. LOL

            Your fettle’s looking good, mighty good.

    • Hi Paul
      Appreciate you coming over and giving us your views on video.
      A great comment, which gives us all lots to think about.

      All the best

    • Hey Paul, Keith, Melanie and Steve et al., only just got round to this so I apologise for the delay.

      Talking head videos – I get your point. They are not the most exciting videos you can create. Unless you’ve got some incredible content then visually they can get quite boring.

      That said, it depends on what you’re looking to do with video. If you’re talking to your customers and clients about an important topic, then let’s get rid of all the fancy graphics – let’s just talk to them. Keep it simple, concise and incredible value.

      In my personal opinion, getting any video out there for your business is video marketing (but there is good marketing and bad marketing as I am sure you agree!) The key thing for any video is content. Make sure it’s worth watching.

      I do think the better videos tend to be videos that keep the viewer engaged and I know that’s what I look to do, but really, sitting at my desk it easy for me and I can get my point across.

      With video, we need to think about the outcome we are looking for. In this instance, Keith asked me some questions and I answered them. I was not necessarily looking for a load of traffic, I was really doing it as a favour. I’ll be sure to cash the favour in sometime soon! Lol.

      We need to think about the best way to communicate with our audience. Sometimes that is not even video.

      To summarise, I take your point that talking heads are not that interesting to watch, but it works. If you create a ton of those types of videos for youtube and optimise them then you can expect to get a ton of traffic and loads of conversions. Content is key. If I really wanted the information then I want it in it’s simplest form.

      Final point… I am doing some research at the moment into how to create a cool fan page on facebook and some nitty gritty details. I am yet to find a straight forward video of someone showing me what to do. It’s all too “whizz bang”!

      Looking forward to people’s thoughts.


      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

  30. This is a Video that I send to New Facebook friends… I have to say it gets received very well 🙂
    Be interested to hear comments ~ Steve London UK
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Morning Steve
      Took a look at video – 59 seconds is far too long.
      Slash it man slash it! LOL

      I’ll leave you a comment over there.

      • Love the Comment Keith Thx… Lol
        Who knows one day when I’m a Pro… I’ll have it Nailed On..!:)
        Wishing all a Wonderfully, Relaxed Sunday..!
        ~ Steve ‘It’s a Wrap…’ Harris
        Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

        • Steve, you are my sort of commenter.
          I was born daft as a brush, but I’m guessing that you sir… are a self made man. LOL

          Sorry Steve, I stole that from a film (forget which) where the words were far naughtier.

          Don’t ever change Steve.

  31. Keith and Tom–thanks for this! I’ll forward this link to my dear friend who just wrote a post on home video horror.
    Adena Atkins´s last great post ..Cash Over CardsMy Profile

  32. Tom, may I just say that I’m pretty dang picky when it comes to speaking in public, and am usually disapointed by many supposed ‘professionals’, but you’re as good as they come my man. Your relaxed and fluid way is appealing and trust inducing, and you help listeners truly feel like you’re talking directly to them. Plus, the fact that you’re 10x better looking than me doesn’t hurt much either 😉

    Keith, thanks so much for having Tom on here. This is the type of thing that anyone doing online video really needs to watch…like immediately.

    And thanks so much for the mention too as well sir.


    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion´s last great post ..3 Amazing Ways Content Marketing Can Change You- Your Company- and Your LifeMy Profile

    • Hey Marcus, thank you so much for your kind words and I am glad I can help you with your online video marketing efforts. Much appreciated!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Hi Marcus
      I knew that you would be impressed by Tom.
      A pros pro.

      Every time I visit TSL it looks as though a squadron of B52’s has just carried out a comments bombing raid, so I know how pushed you are for time.

      Really appreciate you stopping by and adding to the conversation.
      Best in return

  33. Hi Keith and Tom,

    First of all a lot of compliments to Keith for contacting Tom and preparing the interesting questions to be asked!

    The video itself is excellent. Tom is an excellent speaker and performer. Only watching Tom I could learn a lot of things about how to behave in front of the camera 🙂
    Talking heads video are real challenge, but now easier after watching the video.

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. I linked to this post on my Facebook fanpage to let my colleagues benefit from it as well.
    Justyna Bizdra´s last great post ..Recent CommentLuv Plugin Update Important SettingsMy Profile

    • Thank you Justyna!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Hi Justyna

      “Only watching Tom I could learn a lot of things about how to behave in front of the camera.”

      Words out of my mouth Justyna.

      Just watching how Tom moves, smiles, talks, looks at the camera is a great place to start with video.

      Add to that the tips on equipment and being conversational and you really do have a mini video course.

      Good to have your comment.


  34. Hello Keith and Tom,
    I am new in video making and this video helps me a lot in many ways.
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..Hisroom CouponsMy Profile

  35. Hey Keith, its been 11 days and we’ve smashed the record for most commented upon blog past on your site! Cool!

    Sounds like video marketing is a hot topic!


    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Congratulations, Keith and Tom — good show!
      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..We Blog Better And Maybe You Blog BestMy Profile

      • Thanks Mel
        All down to the two C’s.
        Content and community.

        Tom gave us some fantastic content and you, are part of a great community.

        No community – no blog.


    • Brilliant Tom.
      I know that you’ve been doing all the heavy lifting but I’ve been beavering away in the background answering emails via the easyP contact form.

      So far you’ve had four proposals of marriage and a message from an American lady who just wants to fool around a little.

      I’ve turned down the proposals of marriage and the lady who wants to fool around a little… I’m seeing her next Wednesday. LOL

      Don’t bother to thank me Tom.
      What are friends for?


  36. Keith, great questions and Tom, excellent answers! You nailed all the questions my clients ask as well. Will most certainly send them your way to view!

    Thanks for the great resource!

    At your service,

  37. Really loved the video Tom and Keith! (Thanks for the suggestion to make sure I watch it, well worth it!)

    I loved his point on adding comedy to the video. I think he’s spot on there; staged jokes come off so badly sometimes, but if your video is flowing well and you happen to think of something funny, then it does just make the video more interesting to watch. Even the fact that he laughs to himself a bit during the video was enough to make me smile more 🙂

    Also really impressed that all of the editing was done with just iMovie and his audio recording equipment was so simple as well! That’s quite inspiring; it’s very nice to see it proven that buying expensive tools isn’t what makes a good product.

    Great video, learnt a lot here!
    Michael Martin´s last great post ..8 Tips to Secure a WordPress SiteMy Profile

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you took a lot of value from the video.

      D’you know, it’s all about being yourself and very natural. If there is a moment you find funny, laugh!

      And also, there are a ton of people out there that believe you need to get all the right kit to make it look good. Nope.

      It you get used to your equipment and editing software you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.


      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Hi Michael – I knew that you would love Tom’s video.

      How goes the course?
      Are you studying hard and keeping away from that black liquid that you boys drink?

      For people who don’t know Michael Martin – he’s the guy behind Pro blog design (pagerank 5) and the fantastic WordPress themes over at Pliable Press.

      Appreciate you stopping by now back to your studying. LOL


  38. Hi Tom & Keith!
    I’m loving this post. I can’t believe I’m so late to the party. But as you know, Keith, I’m a video blogger so this info is invaluable to me.
    Thank you!
    Marlee´s last great post ..Corporate Dropout turned Independent Tech Consultant &amp CTO @ The Domino Project- Meet Willie JacksonMy Profile

    • Hi Marlee,
      I’m off to check out your vids… Really like your approach and enjoyed your personable style.
      Loved the fact you “rocked” your glasses!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Getting More Views On YouTubeMy Profile

    • Hi Marlee
      You know that I love your vids but now you’ve heard it from the man – no more to add.

      Appreciate you coming over and adding to the comments.


  39. Keith,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog to come over here to watch this video. Tom–excellent video! I rarely can sit still for a 25 minute video, but I watched the entire thing.

    I particularly liked the advice about using humor and giving us permission not to force some bad jokes in our presentations 🙂
    Chris Cobb´s last great post ..Easy Video CreationMy Profile

    • Great to hear you enjoyed the video Chris. Yes, it’s longer than I expected it to be, but I also tried to keep it concise for Keith too.
      Yes, humour is a difficult area as some people think they are funny when they are not (I am a classic case of this!!).
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Welcome back Chris
      How long has it been?
      Saw your short video and thought that you would like Tom’s mini course.

      I’m with you – I watched it from start to finish – held my attention throughout.

      Hope you’ll keep in touch.


  40. Tom,
    This was very helpful. I haven’t attempted video yet, but I plan too before too long.
    Thanks for hosting Tom here Keith.
    Angela Artemis´s last great post ..How Angie Got Her Groove Back &amp You Can Too!My Profile

  41. Hey Keith,

    Sorry for taking so long to watch and comment on this video, it was awesome though.
    Thanks for this video both to you and to Tom.

    I have saved in it my reference folder for videos so I’ll be coming back to it many times so that I can use it when I am creating my own videos.

    Thanks a lot buddy.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last great post ..Product Review- The Daily Goal MachineMy Profile

    • Hi Daniel,
      Great to hear you’ll be coming back time and again. I am always creating content at for online video marketing, so if you’re interested come and say hello there too!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Daniel
      I know that you are a busy guy, I keep seeing you all over the web, so thanks for stopping by.
      Make sure that your reference folder is safe, you don’t want to lose this one.

      BTW – what else do you have in that reference folder. LOL

  42. Wow, lovely video. As someone who is camera shy and videos unscripted (hence they never see the light of day) I found this video really useful. Thanks Tom and Thanks Keith for sharing it
    Sarah Arrow´s last great post ..Always Be Creating – ReviewsMy Profile

    • Hi Sarah, I am glad this has helped. I know that when I first started I hated the camera, but now it’s my best friend. Well, not quite my BEST friend (that would be sad), but you know what I mean!
      Glad you found it useful.
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Sarah
      Welcome to easyP and thanks for your kind words.
      Hope Tom has helped with the camera shyness.

      BTW – good to see another Genesis site.
      I think that Genesis is slowly taking over the world.
      What theme are you running this week?

    On my video blog ( Keith has agreed to donate some cash to charity if we can get to 200 comments and I will match whatever Keith puts in (wow, that could be dangerous!).

    So, without just writing comments for the sake of it, I am going to answer any questions you have around video marketing until we hit the 200 mark!

    I will answer absolutely everyone to make sure Keith is out of pocket!!

    I am looking forward to connecting with you all – so I can help but also for Charity.


    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Count me in, Keith and Tom! I’m a blog commenting fool. 🙂

      This might seem like a silly question, Tom, but which post do you want people to comment on? Any one of your posts? Or a specific one?

      If it’s a particular post …

      How about posting the link here and then people can quickly and easily click over to the right location.

      Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Struggle Is Optional – Work Is RequiredMy Profile

      • Hi Melanie,

        Sorry, I don’t think I was clear enough – the comments are meant to be left here (this blog post of Keith’s).

        Once we hit 200 I’ll do another video for you guys too if you wish answering some new questions!

        Hows that sound Keith?
        Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

        • Thank you kindly for clarifying, Tom. Sorry I didn’t catch your drift the first time around.

          Another video, you say?! Only a lunatic or an idiot would turn down an offer like that.

          Keith, you’re not going to turn down Tom’s offer, are you? 🙂

          Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Be Social Be RichMy Profile

          • Mel
            I may be daft, but not that daft. LOL
            Thanks for your support.
            I’ll say more about the charity later.
            Rushing out to the AGM of my Speakers Club.


  44. Hey Keith and Tom,
    Thanks for the informative presentation.
    My question Tom is what is a good time frame for a video to run? I realize it may be dependent on the subject and use, but is there a general rule to address attentions spans? I know I can make it 24 min and 20 seconds as I watched the entire video. I’ve seen long and short vids and don’t seem to prefer either one as long as the quality is good. Your opinion sir?
    Rob´s last great post ..It Is Not The Critic Who CountsMy Profile

    • Hi Rob, great to see you here and on my vlog too!
      Right, timings of videos…
      It really depends on the mindset of the viewer. If they see you on facebook or stumble across your stuff with little time or loads of distractions, make it 2 mins or less. On youtube, I reckon about 5 mins per video.
      Inside a training programme 20-40 minutes is good.
      I rarely do longer than this but sometimes I do for incredible interviews, but then I might just give out the audio instead.
      I realise that this video for Keith breaks the rules but there were 10 questions and I tried to keep it concise!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Rob and welcome to easyP.
      I’m with you, I watched the whole of Tom’s video, but I’m not sure that many videos of that length would hold my attention.
      Not many Tom Breezes about. LOL

      There are some super short videos to be found on the web and my guess is that because they are short… most people will watch them.
      We can all spare 2 / 3 minutes.

      Thanks for a great question I’ll pop over later and check out your site.

  45. Hi Keith and Tom .. great video – with wonderful pointers – this is a great reference post and when I get videoing one I’ll come back to ..

    My first question was who’s doing the camera .. but I see (heard) it’s via the editing ..

    You were making jokes through the video – unintentionally .. as we all do .. and smiling or laughing them off .. so that’s another way of bringing humour in .. unintentionally but totally naturally.

    And I loved the pointers of Why, What, How and What If ..

    Great – Keith you were right .. but I got here eventually – cheers to you both .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..Food- Food Glorious Food fit for a future King and Queen 1-2My Profile

    • Yes, just the camera and me for this shoot and it’s all editing after that!
      Good to see you here Hilary!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Hilary
      I know how busy you are at home so I really appreciate you coming over.

      You may be late to the party, but your comment has really added to the conversation.

      Hope things get less frantic at home.


  46. Keith,
    Great pointers and thoughts. I have been thinking about and moving toward doing video blogs and your pointers have helped me a lot. This video boosted my confidence even more while giving me great take home pointers. Thank you for posting the video.


    • Hi Dan
      Good to hear from you and thanks for your comment.
      I’d love to bask in Tom’s limelight, but you have just watched the maestro in action.

      I hope that Tom’s performance has given you that little push that you needed.

      BTW – what news of coming over to the dark side… WordPress? LOL

      • Keith,
        Still working on moving over to the dark side. Its taking longer then expected due to learning and doing everything on my own. Looking forward to the switch.

        Can’t wait for your next post.


    • Great to hear it Dan!

      I think people always worry about looking good on video, but my advice is to just get it done and start somewhere!


  47. Hi guys,
    I’m just starting now to create some videos so this post was very helpful. I’m trying to figure out a good distance for the camera so it’s not too close or too far.
    I have a technical question. In Camtasia, they have different dimensions when creating a project such as standard 640×480 (4:3) and widescreen (16:9). The first video I did I chose 4:3, which was the default, and I ended up with a black bar on the left and right size of the video. I guess 16:9 would be better?
    Also, when selecting widescreen 16:9 output, there are different dimension 640×360 for web/blog or 1280×720 for youtube/HD. Since I want to create videos to put on my blog and youtube I’m not sure which dimension to choose.
    I hope this made sense.
    Thanks for your help. Loving blessings
    Andrea DeBell @ britetalk´s last great post ..What motivates you to help othersMy Profile

    • Hi Andrea,

      Good to hear you got this video at the right time!

      Distance wise, it will depend on your equipment and audio, but it’s important to shoot in HD so you can zoom in and out. Play around with it and I think 5 feet from the camera is a good distance for web video…

      When exporting go for 1280×720 as this will export in high quality and therefore when played large it will still be as clear as possible. It will make the video that much bigger in file size so a good bit of free software is Handbrake ( as this will compress the video and maintain a great level of video quality.

      640 x 390 is the standard for YouTube…

      When you embed the videos into your site, if you do find the dimension a little out you can always fiddle around with the embed code to get a better result.

      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Andrea
      I watched your video over at Britetalk and thought it was super.

      Hope you found Tom’s info useful and can apply it to your own online vids.

      Always good to get your comment Andrea and always appreciated.

  48. I must say, Tom you have an engaging smile. That’s proof positive of point #8 because it makes folk want to come on in the room to see what you’re up to.

    I’ve gotten a little better with video over time, but still no expert. But for the sake of comparison between using a digital camera and recording for online: my daughter told me that the video I recorded for her college graduation would make someone absolutely dizzy! 😀

    Thanks, Tom, for these insights (and Keith for hosting it and sharing with us).
    Vernessa Taylor´s last great post ..Timers – Not Clocks – Make The World Go-RoundMy Profile

    • Hey Vernessa,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I know a lot of people always find it difficult to get their initial videos right, and investing in a tripod will definitely help with your viewers sea sickness!
      The more video you do the better and it’s all about getting started.
      My first video fills me with embarrassment and pride – a weird mix!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

      • Hey Tom, you must be psychic, because I think the words my daughter actually used were indeed “sea sick!” 😀

        Yes, the hallmark of a first job (not-quite so well done) can be a strange mixture of pride and prejudice. One of these days, I’ll have some “great” equipment. For the time being, I’ve grateful for some cool video editing tools.

        Again, thanks for the inspiration (and techniques).
        Vernessa Taylor´s last great post ..What Time Is It In The Rest of The WorldMy Profile

        • Welcome back Vernessa

          In the words of Led Zeppelin…
          “Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time” LOL

          Glad Tom gave you a little inspiration and technique to take away.

          Let’s both keep in touch this time.

        • Tom Breeze says:

          Haha, not psychic, just know how it feels!!

          You’ll find that you won’t need brilliant equipment to do online video well, but once you’re making your millions you can invest in better ‘stuff’!

          Cheers, Tom.

  49. Thank you Keith, thank you Tom.

    It’s lovely to see Tom demonstrate with such ease and poise exactly what he is telling us.

    Technology is obviously so important these days, and yet most of us still wear the ‘technophobe’ badge with a strange inverted sense of pride.

    Great stuff!


    • Hey Michael great to have you visit easyP.
      @Tom – Michael is the Association of Speakers Clubs National Speech Contest winner for 2010.
      He’s a great speaker and he lives in your neck of the woods – somewhere down souf.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Michael – much appreciated.

      BTW – a little bird has just told me that you’ve done a series of Public Speaking videos of your own.
      Just taken a look – eh they are very good.
      Take a look people, link is…

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your compliments, much appreciated.
      I do think that the technical aspect of video is actually pretty simple once you’ve done it once. That said, I do get flustered and frustrated with some technology!
      Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

  50. Dear Keith and gang,
    We have just hit 200 comments and this is incredible. I must say thanks to Keith for creating such a great community and it’s amazing to be a part of it.
    I must say that it’s been an absolute pleasure commenting and networking with you all and I will remain active here.
    I think this means that Keith is going to pay some money to charity (amazing) and I will be happy to donate too.
    I’m so glad that video marketing has been a topic of interest and I’m sure Keith and I will do more video together very soon.
    Tom Breeze´s last great post ..Setting Up For A Video InterviewMy Profile

    • Brilliant Tom.
      I know that I’m a sad man, but I couldn’t be more pleased.

      That’s 200 sorted out so let’s get started on 3….
      only kidding Tom, only kidding.

      I’ll contact you about the donation to charity and thanks for your offer to continue to answer any questions.

      Tom it’s been a ball and I’ve enjoyed every minute.

      Online Video: Un Art… Une Technique.
      What technique and what works of art you share with the rest of us.