Keep it short, keep it sharp

Use video to increase your traffic

Last month the traffic to my blog increased by 250%.
Do you want to know why?
In a word… video.

Sure I did a little re-branding to my site, but the big difference was my use of online video.

The power of video is that it’s shareable. If you upload your videos to a video sharing platform such as YouTube and someone likes your video, they share it. They embed it on their own site, they Facebook it, they Tweet it and that gives you the potential of a huge audience.

And don’t forget who owns YouTube… the big G, the overlord of the web surfing kingdom, Google.

Video blogging and Public Speaking?

I’ve done a lot of Public Speaking, hence my connection with Keith Davis and EasyPublicSpeaking. I’ve taught over a dozen undergraduate classes in Public Speaking and I’ve spoken to audiences ranging from two to two thousand, but talking to a video camera is a hell of a lot different to standing and talking to a live audience.

I’ve made a few comments in my video, which should allow you Public Speaking types to strut your stuff without sounding like Richard Burton playing Hamlet or blowing up the microphone.

Videos are easy to produce… and they’re cheap

The great thing about video blogging is that you don’t have to have expensive equipment or amazing editing skills. Just like a ‘live’ speech, your focus should be on having a conversation and keeping folks entertained.

Take a look at my video and then we’ll chat about the main points that I make.
Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Main points I cover in the video

Here’s a summary of the points that I made in the video.
Try them, use them, see what works for you.

  1. Practice for your speeches and presentations – video is a great way to practice your speeches and presentation without the intimidation of a live audience.
  2. Content is important – you still have to offer or share something meaningful. People aren’t going to watch you unless they’re getting something out of it.
  3. Keep your video short – it’s the old attention span thing so keep your video short, under five minutes. Just like a good speech you have to Edit, Slash, Cut… you get the idea.
  4. Breathe life into your content – tell a story, give examples, bring life to your content, make it real.
  5. Keep it natural – don’t write everything down and try to remember it. Work from written keywords that will jog your memory and keep you going.
  6. Voice projection isn’t so important – you’re not trying to reach that guy in the back row, you’re talking to someone in their living room so you can tone it down a bit.
  7. Articulation – don’t present it as though you were an “actor” – keep it clear but conversational.
  8. Speed of delivery – you may want to pick up the speed of delivery a little – back to that short attention span thing, people want video short and sharp.
  9. No audience feedback – speech and presentation techniques such as….. pauses, don’t always work on video.
  10. Ferrets are good listeners – if you can’t speak without an audience, do what I do: use your pet ferret as an audience, they really are good listeners and they give great feedback.

There you have it folks, my whistle stop tour of the world of video. Hope you found it useful and I hope you enjoyed your trip.

Time to have your say

This isn’t an exhaustive list of video blogging tips, so please feel free to ask questions and continue the conversation in the comments.
Do you use video or are you thinking of using video on your blog.
What do you think is the key to performing well on video?
Do you have any video tips that you can share with us?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below.

About Kristy – Kristy Fifelski is a speaker and public servant. She created and is the Web Services Manager for the City of Reno, Nevada, USA. She serves as the West region director for the National Association of Government Webmasters.

Kristy is also an experienced teacher, having the privilege of instructing classes at TMCC, NIU and the University of Phoenix.

Kristy graduated with honors from Northern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Communication.


My thanks and gratitude to:

Kristy Fifelski for her super guest post. Kristy blogs over at

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  1. Kristy – what a great video.
    Can’t thank you enough.

    Those tips are going to be useful to anyone who wants to get involved with online video – public speakers and non public speakers alike.

    Your enthusiasm almost bursts out of the video.
    I can just see you in front of that big audience.

    After Paul’s post on getting used to the sound of your own voice, this is just the information we needed.

    Look forward to reading your replies to readers comments.

    Kristy – you are a real superstar.

  2. Bravissimo!

    Thanks for the video tips, Kristy, and I’m grateful to Keith for having you as his guest blogger and ‘vlogger’.

    May be insignificant or sound a little quirky, but it’s so nice to watch someone like me on video who “talks with her hands”. I suspected I wasn’t the only one. LOL!

    I haven’t started creating videos yet but I can predict with 100% accuracy what’s going to be my biggest hurdle to jump over — Tip #8 from your list.

    Like you (and Keith), I’ve been standing in front of live audiences for many years. And similar to a stand-up comic’s routine, an effective presentation involves the use of a technique I’ll call “pace and pause” — which won’t be effective on video. So I’ll have to learn to “speed it up” and get my message across in under 5 minutes (not an easy assignment for a chatterbox like me) 🙂

    I popped over to take a peek at your website — lots of good stuff there.

    Vlog On!
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Blogging Causes InsomniaMy Profile

    • Hey, Melanie. Thanks for your comment. I don’t know where the ‘talking with my hands’ came from in this video! In my other vids, my hand movements are more subdued and less distracting. I suspect I unconsciously entered into ‘presentation mode’, given the topic of the video.

      I also think it’s easier to keep your gestures in check when you’re standing up. Darned presentation mode… hard to shake even after years of presenting!
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

      • Kristy, I think it’s wonderful when people talk with their hands. Shows spirit and spunk! I do it all the time — although I’m not Italian. 🙂

        To me, hand gestures help you come across as more “expressive” and “animated” and less statuesque.

        Thanks again for the video tips and I hope you’ll be a regular here on Keith’s blog.

        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Pasteurize Homogenize And MonetizeMy Profile

        • Hi Mel

          “To me, hand gestures help you come across as more “expressive” and “animated” and less statuesque.”

          I know what you mean.
          It’s a fine line between looking wooden, animated or hyper.

          I like to see plenty of movement and I always say, look at the stand-up comedians.
          They never stand still.
          OK that may be too much movement but I do like to see, and hear, enthusiasm.

          BTW – if anyone would like to see a fine example of using threaded comments – take a look at Mel’s spanking new site.

  3. While video may have helped your traffic I dun think it will translate to more traffic for others. Good content is good content whether it comes in the form of written word or video
    Henway´s last great post ..Verison QAMy Profile

    • While content is key… you get added benefits with video if you use YouTube and embed the videos to your blog or website. YouTube is ranked 3rd in terms of web traffic because many, many people enjoy surfing the vids.

      In a way, YouTube advertises your site for you. They suggest your video to users after they watch a related video. When these people visit your channel, they see your web address, and potentially visit your website to learn more about you.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

    • Hi Henway
      Guess you pays your money and…..
      As you say not for everyone and good writing is timeless.

      Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment.

  4. Wow! 250%!! I need to get over my fear and get on this! Thanks for the great tips! This has inspired me to get going on video!

    • Welcome Jennifer

      Probably best to go with Paul’s suggestion of building up a stock of “practice” videos.
      Upload to YouTube, mark as private and voila… all done.

      Appreciate your comment Jennifer.

      BTW – Jennifer and everyone, Kristy is recovering from a sinus operation and she has to rest – no blogging allowed.
      Can you imagine that!

      The downside… you’ll have to suffer my replies to your comments.

      She sends her apologies and I’m sure that you’ll all join with me in wishing Kristy a speedy recovery.

  5. BTW, Keith, I really like the title of this post. “Short and sharp” — where have I heard those words before? 🙂

    Jen! I’m so happy you stopped by. Kristy shared some cool video tips and Keith is going to be doing an upcoming series on impromptu speeches. This is one of the best hangouts in blogland!
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Blogging Causes InsomniaMy Profile

  6. Hi Kristy!

    These are excellent tips. I think you’ve integrated video blogging and speaking very well. I’m a video blogger myself and I completely agree with you. I would say you have to be cautious about over editing – in some cases it can make you seem like you don’t know what you’re saying and become a distraction.

    Great job here.

    Looking forward to connecting with you on YouTube!
    Marlee´s last great post ..Radical Marketing- The First Element – Educate Beyond Your Product &amp ServiceMy Profile

  7. I know the importance of videos to increase blog traffic and want to use it. But I think that my voice is not OK for Video background.
    I should try my own voice or hire someone to speak?
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..4inkjets Coupon CodeMy Profile

  8. Well, keeping ones attention is so much easier when you’re as pretty as you are! I’ve been chewing on this for a few weeks now, and have made a few attempts at a video, but I find that location means more to me than anything. Sitting in my home office probably isn’t the most ideal or pretty location to do a video…with blinds waving in the wind behind me. But, it’s coming. I’m going to do it.

    The tips you shared will come in handy. Thanks!
    Wayne John @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..CSS Quick Tip – How to remove the hyperlink outlineMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Wayne.

      Sorry to disappoint,it’s not Kristy… it’s Keith.
      Kristy is recovering from a minor op, but she’s doing well.

      Good point about the background.
      Surely in Southern California you can use the sunshine and the sea as your backdrop. LOL

      How does the song go…

      “Seems it never rains in southern California
      Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
      It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya
      It pours, man it pours.”

      Hope it’s not pouring today PHP man.


    • It does make you think whether it’s better to have an interesting location for your video, or a bland background where the focus can only be on you.

      I’d really like to try some videos outdoors, once it warms up in my area. My video camera doesn’t do lighting very well (as you can see from my vid).

      P.S. It takes me an hour to get ready for each video shoot because my face is held on by makeup.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

  9. Hi Kristy,

    You have a wonderful video presence and voice. I enjoyed watching it. Loved your audience shot! LOL. Very cute.

    A 250% increase is fantastic! Congratulations. Goes to show that video works. I’ve only been doing video for a short time as well. So I appreciate your tips, particularly about not reading from a script. Somehow I thought I needed to script out my videos, though I never did it. I kept saying that I would “someday.” Now I won’t worry about that. Thanks!
    Deb Augur´s last great post ..Got a Giant List of Twitter FollowersMy Profile

  10. Hi Kristi!

    Congratulations! 250% increase is completely awesome. I’ve started to dabble in video; my first attempt was an abysmal failure, but I posted the outtakes and those seemed to go over pretty well.

    People love outtakes, and it gave me the permission NOT to be perfect.

    One thing in the world of mom bloggers is the joke (yet oh-so-sad truth) that most days we look like hell on a good day. Nobody wants to make a video of themselves looking like hell; needless to say, there aren’t a whole lot of videos posted on mom blog sites, and they all do pretty well.

    But I want to go a bit of a different route with my blog with how-tos and demonstrations. I want to be a little more personal.

    This might have to wait a bit until I can put my daughter down and brush my hair without her screaming, but until then? There are tons of fantastic sites like SlideShare and others so you can make videos without having to actually look at the camera.

    Might have to go that route until “getting ready” consists of more than throwing on a sweater and putting a head scarf on so nobody sees the messy bun hastily tied at the nape of my neck. =)

    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..epc BelfastMy Profile

    • Hi Delena
      Love the idea of the outtakes…
      “…and it gave me the permission NOT to be perfect”.

      Something that we could all try.
      Somebody coming into the room, starting to laugh, cat walking across the screen… lots of ideas to use as outtakes.

      Appreciate you stopping by.
      See you next time D.


    • Hey, Delena

      Outtakes are awesome and I love watching them myself. I do struggle to keep videos short, so I decided not to include them. But I’m reconsidering, because I think audiences would be forgiving about duration if they had a few laughs at the end.

      Alas, I spend almost as much time piling on makeup for the shoot as I do taping it 😉 It’s a business hazard. And if all else fails, sock puppets are my standing fill in.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

  11. Hi Kristy! I would not have guessed you’ve only been doing this for a short time. What a thoroughly enjoyable and informative vlog!

    I always believed if you are passionate about your topic you do not need a script. If you are well informed about your topic you can draw on background knowledge and opinion. Stories and humor come naturally from having lived and breathed your topic. Your point about extemporaneous delivery (keywords on a note pad) keeps it natural while helping you stay on course. I’ve always thought powerpoints were for the presenter not the audience for the same reason. But they only work if the presenter knows not to read from the slides.

    Loved your audience. Here’s a question for you. When you set up a staged audience as you did in your video, are you looking at them or at the camera lens?

    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..The Interaction between Seeming and BeingMy Profile

    • Hi Keith! Wonderful guest post. Your series has been amazing. I’m looking forward to the next installment!


      Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..The Interaction between Seeming and BeingMy Profile

      • Hi T
        Sorry that Kristy can’t answer your comment but perhaps when she’s fit and well?

        Glad you’ve liked the series so far.
        Two more to go – no names no pack drill.
        What I can say is that both guest bloggers are right out of the top drawer – I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

        Thanks for coming over T and adding your support and… a great comment.

    • Theresa, thanks for watching the video and for your comments. Video blogging is certainly new territory for me, and I’m sure that I still haven’t found the perfect balance between unscripted, rehearsed, editing level and everything in between yet. It’s fun to continue to learn, though! And I do look directly into the camera, even with my makeshift audience 🙂
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

  12. Hi Kristy! Thanks for all the tips. As someone who has exactly one video blog post to her name, I can say with certainty that every one of your tips is very useful to me!

    I especially appreciate your point about keeping it natural. For my video, I didn’t write anything down; I just pretended I was talking to a friend — and just started talking. When my husband watched it, he said he could tell I was nervous, but that it wouldn’t be obvious to someone who didn’t know me. (Although I’m guessing pro public speakers would see it.) ; )

    Anyway, it’s good to know I went into it with my mindset aimed in the right direction.

    Sadly, I do not have a ferret. Hmmm…I wonder if the cats would deign to help me out?
    Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..I Dream- Therefore I Write — And Video!My Profile

    • Haha, I think ferrets are great test audiences because they have the attention span of most these days – short.

      Sad to say though, the stuffed animals in the video are mine. Well, all except The Grinch, if you looked closely. That one has been adopted by my ferret. He has spent many hours trying to pull it under the one inch gap between my dresser and floor, where he hides all of his favorite things.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

      • Ha! I don’t think it’s sad at all that the stuffed animals are yours. I have a collection of stuffed toys, too — including a sprite from Rainbow Brite. ; )
        Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..I Wrote This Because You Are BeautifulMy Profile

        • Hi Courtney
          No stuffed animals, but I have a portrait of my all time favourite cat.

          This was a special cat – it could open doors!
          As I live and breathe… it could open doors.

          Mel – this is the cat that I mentioned to you.
          His name was Max – a ginger tom.

  13. This was a great inspirational blog Kristy. Between you and Keith’s inspiration and resourceful insights and tips, I’m going to get my first video blog out if it’s the last thing I do!

    Paul Wolfe has been a great inspiration as well and the bottom line is I need to dive in and let the video’s fly!

    Thanks for the push in the right direction today and great insight and suggestions 🙂
    Mark Harai´s last great post ..Entrepreneur Series- Strap Your Seat Belts On- You’re Going to Be Stretched!My Profile

  14. Keith and Kristy,


    I picked up some great tips…like talking fast.

    I have been keeping my videos short. I have been doing video tutorials and teach only one thing at a time.

    I have been in front of the camera yet, so that is one thing to work on. I like your clean back ground. There is nothing to distract your viewers.

    I agree with not memorizing your script. I do much better when I just know what I want to talk about.
    Sheila Atwood´s last great post ..The Blog Challenge Gets Headline Advice From Copywriting HeavenMy Profile

    • Appreciate you coming over Sheila.

      Yes, I noticed the background had nothing there to distract – this girl is a real pro.
      Even has her own audience. LOL

      Looks like a vote from you for no scrpt.
      That’s starting to look like what most people favour.


    • Hi Sheila
      Thought that I’d draw attention to the fact that you are running a blog challenge over on your site.

      For those interested, take a look at

      Hope that gets you a few more entrants Sheila.

    • Hey, Sheila. Your mention about video tutorials is interesting. I’ve produced that type of video in the past for various purposes, and I have gotten into the habit of making those more scripted. For tutorials, I shoot the video first, then do an audio overlay. I watch the video several times, saying out loud what I plan to say in the recording; then record the audio when I’m comfortable with what I’m going to say.

      I think I take that approach because I’m afraid that I’ll skip an important step when recording the tutorial. On the contrary, my video blogs are much less scripted.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

  15. Hey Kristi, good to see that Keith has brought a bit of class to his blog. 😉

    I really enjoyed your video. I reckon I’m more likely to do a video than speak in public, in fact I have actually done a couple. It didn’t really increase my traffic all that much but then I don’t look anywhere as pretty as you do, not to say you’re not providing great video content, just that people would rather look at you than me 😀

    I’ll try to keep your points in mind next time I do video.
    Sire´s last great post ..Back From LA With A Tip For BloggersMy Profile

    • Hey Peter
      You’re back from your trip to the States.
      From your various posts it sounds as though you had a great time.

      Thanks for fitting in time for a comment over here on easyP – appreciate that.

      Glad that you appreciate class when you see it – Kristy will be very pleased.
      Sorry she can’t reply to your comment. She’s recovering from a small op and should be up and about soon.

      BTW – from my RSS subscription emails, it looks as though you have been very busy since you got back.
      I’ll be over later.


      • Hey Keith, I sure hope Kristi gets well soon.

        I have been really busy, and that’s kept me away from blogging which is a bit of a pain but it’s necessary that I get to all those jobs around the house that I’ve been ignoring whilst running my business.

        That said I have tried to post regularly on Wassup, but I also need to attend to my other blogs.

        Keep up the good work mate.
        Sire´s last great post ..More On LA- Las Vegas &amp Rewarding Your ReadersMy Profile

    • Yep, video is a great way to get your feet wet in public speaking. A lot less intimidating for most people than a live audience, and you get to correct any behavior you didn’t realize you were doing, before an audience sees it. Thanks for your comment.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  16. Hi Kristy,

    I’ve been hearing a lot about video blogging. Reading that you had a 250% increase to your blog from adding video is more incentive for me to try and include this in my own blogging journey.

    I can see how this would benefit. I know for me I love a short and sharp video clip of excellent information. I’m the type that doesn’t like all the fluff, get straight to it.

    I’ll have to come back to your tips when I get ready to create/post my own videos.

    Chelsea Thomas´s last great post ..Take Advantage of The Trained EyeMy Profile

    • Welcome Chelsea
      It’s always good to get a new visitor – thanks for dropping in.

      250% is fantastic and I’ve noticed more traffic on easyP since I started the video series.

      Let us know when you kick off with your videos and we’ll all rush over to add our support.

      BTW – started seeing you around the internet – are you new to blogging?

      • Chelsea, the 250% increase was great. But, after being on hiatus for a month, I realize how quickly web traffic can go down. As with regular blogging, once you stop producing new content, the slowdown is indeed noticeable.
        Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  17. Hi Keith and Kristy

    Was only talking about videos last night with a marketing friend. He does great videos. So natural and full of great information.

    I was explaining to him that I feel self-consious about my Aussie accent. Probably because when I was living & working in the UK people would always comment on it whenever I opened my mouth and spoke.

    Think it was a bit of a novelty to them. Now I’m back home I sound the same as everyone else, so no-one says anything about it. But I still don’t like the sound of my own voice! And I’ve done heaps of teaching and presentations, so it’s not because I’m shy 😉

    My friend pointed out I was making the video for my visitors on my blog, not for me LOL Will have to have another think about it.

    Really enjoyed your input Kristy to this already wonderful blog. Great choice Keith.

    Patricia Perth Australia
    Patricia@lavender oil´s last great post ..The Clue’s in the Lavender BrewMy Profile

    • Hi Patricia

      “… I feel self-consious about my Aussie accent…”

      I think that the days of speaking perfectly in an RP accent are behind us now and schools in the UK encourage accents.
      After all RP is still an accent.

      Personally I love an Aussie accent.
      I hear it, it registers as an Aussie accent, end of story.

      Forget about your accent… go for it girl!

      Look forward to your first vid.


      BTW – thanks for your comment.
      I’ll stop by this weekend and take a sniff at that lavender.
      A great business you’ve created Patricia – you should be proud.

    • Thanks, Patricia. By the way, Australian accents are hot in the U.S. Your videos would go over great here!
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  18. I loved the video. I liked how it was packed with information, and it was entertaining. I’ve used videos for my blog, but I haven’t talked to my blogging audience through a video blog post. I think I want to try it, but I have to find the right topic. Thanks for the great tips!


    • Welcome back Stacey
      Glad you liked the video.
      Kristy has that infectious enthusiasm, which can be difficult to get across.
      She does it perfectly.

      Let us know when your video is up… we’ll all pay you a visit – no pressure! LOL


    • Thanks for the comment. One tip I learned from Keith is that people like to have a written piece to accompany the video. It lets them know what to expect, gives them a reference, and appeals to people who prefer reading posts instead. Best of both worlds!
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  19. Wishing Kristy a super smooth and swift post-operative recovery! Sorry to hear her sinuses landed her in the hospital.

    Get well soon, Kristy.
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..“F” is for Friday and Fun and Four-legged Furry FriendsMy Profile

  20. Hi Keith and Kristi .. a great addition to the previous video post – and Kristi you explain it so well .. and it is an arena that we all need to move into ..

    Thanks – enjoyed this cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..H is for Hare – that is what H is for My Profile

    • Hi H
      Glad you enjoyed Christy’s video.
      She’s recovering from a mior op at the moment, hence my less than adequate attempts at answering comments.

      Always appreciate your comments and additions to the conversation.


    • Hilary, thanks for your comment! The responses to this post have been great – I learned a lot more than I thought I knew from everyone’s ideas.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  21. Hi Keith
    David here from Derby Speakers Club.
    Kristy has done a great job with her tips on online video.
    Can I put in a little plug for our speakers club.

    Derby Speakers Club are a friendly club where you can develop the ability to speak confidently in front of a group of people and get a cup of coffer and a biscuit at half time.

    Might see you at the ASC National Conference Keith.


    • Hi David
      I’ve visited Derby Speakers Club a couple of times and always received a warm welcome.

      Love your site – hope it brings you lots of new members.

      I’ll keep an eye out for you at the National.


  22. Using Videos to target visitors is great but it is bounded with technical requirements. most of the web owners are incapable to promote their sites using video marketing.

  23. I haven’t made a video yet, I kind of know which side of the camera I belong.

    Thanks for the tips i think i may give it a go 🙂

  24. I like your pragmatic approach and delivery.
    J.D. Meier´s last great post ..Accountability Is Something We Do to OurselvesMy Profile

    • Hi JD.
      Always good to hear from you.

      Just been over to your blog, double guest post!
      I like your style sir, I like your style. LOL

  25. Great article Kristy. I use my kids as an audience instead of a ferret, but I’m thinking the ferret’s a better idea! LOL

    I’ve been getting tremendous results from all of the blog entries that have videos in them.

    An easy alternative to creating a video that features YOU, is to create a screencast using a free software like Check it out!


    • Welcome Todd.
      Not sure which would cause the most trouble, kids or ferrets. LOL

      As for increased traffic – most people report a big increase.
      This short series on using video has been very well received.

      Appreciate your comment.
      I’ll pay you a visit ASAP.

      • Hi Keith,

        I’m rather new to public speaking, so I’ve been enjoying all of the articles on your site. Fortunately for me, I performed in the fine arts and drama department back in school, so I’ve nipped the stage fright in the bud!

        Since I’m comfortable on stage, what I’m trying to learn is how to get the audience emotionally involved and committed and KEEP them that way – for up to 75 minutes! My next speaking engagement is in three weeks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

        All the best,
        Todd Breen

    • Hi, Todd. Thanks for your comment. I’m familiar with Jing. I use another software by the same company, called Camtasia Studio. Works great for screen capturing and overlaying audio for things like tutorials.
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..8 Ways Government Can Connect With CitizensMy Profile

  26. Hi Keith,
    Very timely. I’ve been thinking about doing some videos pretty soon. I loved the tips she provided. I’ll definitely use them. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement in this area.
    Many loving blessings.
    Andrea DeBell @ britetalk´s last great post ..Find yourself by fostering a spiritual practiceMy Profile

    • Good to see you Andrea
      Sounds as though everyone is thinking about making a video.

      Glad you found Kristy’s vid helpful – let me know when you go live.


  27. Kristy: Great write-up and list of tips to follow! I couldn’t agree more with you on the point of keeping a video short – people have short attention spans, and I do mean SHORT.

    I’m in the Real Estate Niche… I’ve seen Agents make use of video in very unique ways. Unfortunately, these videos are 8+ minutes long and I’m sorry, but I’m as techy as they come, I’m not going to sit there and watch a video that’s 8 minutes long. I’m certain the average consumer isn’t either.

    2-3 minutes at most is ideal (in my opinion). And it helps to include a short outline of what you covered in your video for readers (like you did here).

    Anyway, great post and list of practical tips!

    • Hi Ricardo
      Great to see you back at easyP.

      Good tip on the short attention spans – 2 to 3 mins sounds good to me.

      Thanks for the mention of the summary of points covered in the video.
      I’m with you on that one.

      I’ll pay you a visit over the Easter break.


  28. I know what you mean, that feeling of engaging an audience – I love that too!

    Videos are brilliant, agreed. But, the one thing I hate is when it’s not been scripted! When people think this is too short, but I haven’t got anything to say, so they blag!

    On the country, your video is brilliant!

    Nice post, great video Kristy 🙂
    Christopher Roberts´s last great post ..A Weekend in DorsetMy Profile

    • Hi Chris
      Always good to hear from you.

      Yes I thought that Kristy gave us a lot of info in her few minutes.
      No blagging!

      I’ll take a look at your Dorset post – I absolutely love Dorset.
      My second favourite county.
      My first? Yorkshire of course. LOL

  29. Hi Kristy!

    I recently got another video camera and have been playing with it. I do video in other ways – screencasting – and can attest to that working out quite well in terms of reaching new audiences. Last night I got back into it; I had forgotten how fun it can be.

    For me, what’s keeping me from recording myself in front of the camera is that I don’t like to watch videos often. It’s not a format that appeals to me unless there is text there (like a recorded PowerPoint). I think it’s because video forces you to slow down – you can’t “speed read” your way through a video, you know?

    Just today, I recorded myself giving a presentation at a networking event. I’ll look through it later. If it’s good, I’ll definitely archive it and use it!

    Tia Peterson´s last great post ..Fix Your Corporate Blog- 3 Reasons No One is Sharing Your PostsMy Profile

    • Hi Tia
      Not heard from you for ages – good to have you back.

      Great comment, particularly…

      “I think it’s because video forces you to slow down – you can’t “speed read” your way through a video, you know?”

      That’s one of the reasons I never liked video and it’s a good reason for speeding up a little on your video presentations.

      Don’t stay away for so long next time.

  30. Kristy, I love your video (and your pretend pet audience :)). The way I trick my self into having an audience right there is that I’ve created my ideal client, including a picture of the person, and I speak to that image. In my mind, I’m looking right at that person as I look into the camera. It’s as though the camera is the person. It helps.

    It takes time to learn how to do video effectively and I’m still learning. I used to write it all out and memorize it too and that didn’t work so well for me either! It becomes easier over time to be natural – – just takes practice.
    Leanne Chesser´s last great post ..5 Great Sites for Work at Home Mom BloggersMy Profile

    • Welcome Leanne
      Really appreciate you taking the time to come over and leave a comment.

      My apologies but Kristy is recovering from a minor op, hope you don’t mind my poor attempt at filling in.

      Like the idea of holding the image of a real person and talking to that image. It’s what we do best… talk to real people.

      Not sure about notes, memorise etc.
      I always face the same dilema when delivering a speech.

      Hope you’ll visit again Leanne.

      Happy Easter

    • Leanne, picturing your ideal client is a much better idea than my fake audience! I, too, am still learning what works and what doesn’t in online video. I agree practice, practice!
      Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

  31. Hi Keith and Kristy,

    This is a great kick-in-the-pants reminder for me. I started a video series awhile back but abandoned it when I got tired of “looking good” for the camera. As others mentioned, I can write in my fuzzy slippers, but I’m very sure you don’t want to actually see what I look like when I blog. I know it’s the content that’s important, though — so perhaps I should get back on the wagon.

    Kristy, you’ve brought up some excellent points in your video, and I adore your audience participation. Showing your humor can go a long way. I’m not so sure I’d edit as extensively, though. I think audiences today are very forgiving, and I’ve taken to apologizing and laughing off my glitches on webinars and audios instead of editing — it lets people know my human side, and makes it so much more likely that I’ll actually get the thing produced and be willing to tackle more in the future. Editing is not my favorite thing and is another element that holds me back.

    Thanks for a great post! (And the 250% traffic increase stat.)
    Marcia Hoeck´s last great post ..How to Sell or Save Your Soul on the Internet- What it Really Means to “Market” OnlineMy Profile

    • Welcome Marcia and thanks for a great comment.

      The looking good thing is a bit like appearing on television or radio.
      For television you have to smile and look good, for radio… you just have to sound good. LOL

      Thanks for the comments on editing and hope that you get back to producing a few videos.

      Hope you’ll visit again.

  32. Wonderful post and video Kristy. First I would like you to know that I found you on Twitter with hashtag #professional.

    Second, I love all the tips and advice you are sharing here. I started using video’s about 6 months ago and get such a huge response that if I could, I would do everything on video!

    I especially like your tip ‘keep it natural’… I did exactly what you did my first video. I wrote everything down and there were so many retakes. So I did finally put short tips on cards just to keep me on course.

    I also wanted to add that I have been enjoying producing my videos through Microsoft Movie Maker. It allows you to but in title pages, captions and other great features to make the video even more interesting and to always have your website displayed periodically throughout the video as a reminder to your audience.

    Thanks again for the wonderful way you presented this topic. Happy videoing!!
    Lynn Brown´s last great post ..Are You On Target Towards Online Business SuccessMy Profile

    • Welcome Lynn and thanks for a great comment.

      Glad you found Kristy’s video helpful and many thanks for the tip on “Microsoft Movie Maker” sounds like a useful piece of software for anyone interested in video.

      Hope you’ll visit again.


  33. Keith,
    I have read this post several times since you posted it.(On my phone) but have not been able comment until now. This post has inspired me to start doing leadership video posts. Which I plan on starting after I complete the switch from Blogger to WordPress and being self hosted. Great points on how to cover a video post. I plan on using your post once I start video posting. Thank you so much for taking to time to blog about speaking. It has helped me in so many ways.

    Dan Black´s last great post ..Moving Past FailuresMy Profile

    • Wow Dan
      Sounds as though Kristy has really motivated you – brilliant.

      Blogger to self hosted WordPress has got to be a good move.
      Choose your theme with care and make sure you get the right domain name.

      Please let me know how things go.


  34. 😉 and you have to look sweet as well – that will improve the traffic as well as people (mostly opposite sex) will be interested in you 🙂

    maybe that is not targeted traffic but still some of them might be 🙂

  35. I like this idea. I think video has high possibility to going viral — especially on YouTube.
    Dana´s last great post ..What is Fiber Optic BroadbandMy Profile

  36. Well folks, my latest video is up at I adapted to some of the feedback I read from your responses on this post, including to ease back on the editing. Thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragement! Happy vlogging.
    Kristy Fifelski´s last great post ..Digital Divide Sucks Part 1My Profile

    • Great topic and video, Kristy, and I’m anxious to view the rest of your series!

      My mom is without a computer and she gets extremely frustrated when television ads direct viewers to a website for more information. She’s 84 and has no desire to own a computer.

      Love your “visuals” — very high tech. 🙂

  37. Kirsty, Nice work… you look like you wore out the ‘Edit Button’ on this Video presentation… But you got the message over weldone ~ Steve, London UK
    Simply A Video Lover…
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Welcome Steve.
      Good to hear you are a video lover.

      BTW – just visited your site and noticed Genesis running with Church theme. How are you finding Genesis?


  38. You’re wonderful. thank u for this generous information. keep on with the great videos.

  39. thank you for the ideas,
    for me videos weren’t that successful in bringing me traffic but it guess it was because i made something wrong and not because there was a problem with videos. thank u 🙂

    • Welcome Farouk
      Guess video is not for everyone.
      Please let me know if you give it another go.
      Thanks for your comment.

  40. As someone who teaches real estate professionals how to shoot videos, I’m thrilled to see vidoes growing in popularity.

    I have almost 200 videos on one YouTube channel, and 30 on another and they’ve definitely done wonders for my real estate website, increasing both traffic and conversions.

    Keith and Kristy, how cool would it be for us to review each other’s videos on this blog? I know I’d really appreciate feedback on my new mainpage video, and would be happy to watch and comment on other’s videos too!

    Here’s my new mainpage video that just went up today:

    Love to hear your feedback!

    All the best,
    Todd Breen

  41. Does this work..? my first attempt at an information based video ~Steve
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Love it Steve.
      Just been over there and left you a mark out of ten.
      I gave you…. well take a look at my comment.

      Very practical tips and you look and sound so good.
      Has Tom been coaching you? LOL


  42. Yeah, people tend to share the interesting video. That’s why video can be a good way to increase our blog traffic. However, it only works if we do it in right way. And I think your tips is a big help to do the video blogging in right way.
    Dana´s last great post ..Google Nexus S Receives Update of Android 234 with Video Chat FeatureMy Profile

  43. Thanks for the great video and tips, Kristy (and Keith). I particularly liked the advice on pauses and how they don’t work nearly as well in video as they do when speaking live.

    I have a few videos up on YouTube but nothing in the way of a Vlog. Having said that, I plan to embark on vlogging in the near future and am sure that I will be back to watch your video again, as well as other’s on Keith’s blog.


    John Zimmer´s last great post ..Analysis of a Speech by Conan O’BrienMy Profile

    • Hi John
      Thanks for coming over and thanks for your kind words.

      Look forward to seeing your videos – let me know when they are live.


  44. Hey Keith, another great post. I concur that video is VERY important in marketing online, and having your list of speaking points handy when creating a script is key to having it flow nice and smooth. Creating a video means you can post it to your website or blog – to give it that *live and personable* feel, but you can also post it to YouTube (like this one is), Vimeo and other video sites, to extend your audience reach. One thing I did notice on the YouTube page of this vid is that you did not include a backlink to your website in the description. It’s a good idea to use the video description area on YouTube to the MAX – always start with your website URL because that is the first thing readers see and it will not be cut off (be sure to include “http://” so it creates an actual link) ie: …. and then, write a full description that flows like a well structured paragraph but also contains all your targeted keywords – You currently have “Kristy Fifelski shows how Public Speakers can use online video.” This can be beefed up. You’ll find more tips on how to increase your video exposure on YouTube in my social media madnes blog posts (and yes, they do contain video! 🙂 Again, well done! All the best and Cheerio for now!
    Sally O’
    Sally´s last great post ..Social Media MadnessMy Profile

    • Keith Davis says:

      Hi Sally
      Thanks for visiting again and thanks for the SEO info on the video link – will do what you suggest, you sound very knowledgeable.

      I’ll pay you a visit and leave a few comments as soon as I get a mo.

      Great to have you over here.


  45. Wow i really enjoyed your video and think this is an amazing idea.. thanks for sharing…
    adnan@google´s last great post ..The Money Hub: How to make money online?My Profile

  46. Kristy,

    Great tips here!

    I’m using video too on my blog, although for sometime I have stopped recording them.

    Instead of making videos for videos sake, I feel that (and what you said) that videos should definitely bring value to your audience – something extra.

    Also, I love the fact that there is a connection between public speaking and making videos. I would definitely love the learn more of the former 🙂 I believe that those techniques would help in creating videos too.

    Timo Kiander´s last great post ..Dealing with distractions when you workMy Profile

    • Hi Timo
      Great to have you stop by.
      Appreciate you coming over and many thanks for the comment.

      BTW – I will pay you a visit ASAP.

  47. I’ve seen many comments about Video Presenting here that I have to say I delighted about. As a Presenter, Video Coach and Online Radio Host (My own Station) it’s vital that we find the most powerful tools to project our message. And Video, Live Shows and Radio are right up there…
    What worries me is that some so called coaches teach students to become clones of themselves and not help the students find there own creative niche.
    Just my point of view guy’s… responses please ~ Steve 🙂
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

  48. Hi Kristy,

    This video of yours has got me interested to try out a similar approach for my blog. Your points are well taken although for some it might be the other way around, in which they are more comfortable talking with a camera rather than in front of many people.

    By the way, I have featured this post on my blog carnival last week (follow the CommentLuv link). I tweeted you about this earlier. I don’t have Keith’s Twitter name so I figured to drop by to let him know too.

    Kudos to this great post and hope to see you both too on my blog.

    Ramcel @Meek Watcher´s last great post ..Bunch O’ Blogs and Finger PhysicsMy Profile

    • Hi Ramcel
      Glad you liked Krisy’s video.
      I think that she has a great style and really keeps the info coming.
      I’ll check out your site.

      • Hey Keith,

        Thank you for stopping by at my blog and I really appreciate you liking it.

        I totally agree, Kristy has brought a message, although it’s awkward to talk at the camera, that video blogging entails benefits far beyond blogging itself. I really need to consider making one for my blog although I may not look and sound great in front of the camera. LOL.

        Ramcel @Meek Watcher´s last great post ..Why Your Blog Just Screams and BegsMy Profile

  49. Guys let me help… These are areas that I help clients with to perfect their Video Presentations – Personality, Humour, Memory Hooks, Body Language, Voice Tones, Wake Up Calls, 10 Golden Sec’s, Word Control and that’s even before we even get to consider editing & equipment… Oh yes much more to Video than Lights, Camera, Action :-)Steve Harris
    Video Presentation Coach * Online Radio Host (Own Show)’LIVE’ Speaker…
    Steve´s last great post ..Set up a Facebook PageMy Profile

  50. Great post. I have heard a lot about viral marketing but never tried it yet. Many bloggers earned thousands of visitors with just one video on YouTube. However, English is also a challenge for non-native speakers with this model. I will give it a try and use your guides then. Thanks
    Tinh´s last great post ..What Does It Need To Become A Good Blogger?My Profile