Surfing the video wave

Is the sound of your voice holding your business back?

I know this is a public speaking blog – but I want to talk today about online video. Bear with me and I’ll connect the dots for you in a paragraph or two.

You see, online video is the coming wave. Whatever line of business you’re in, if you don’t use it in marketing, you’ll get left behind. Far-sighted competitors who’ve adopted video will already be surfing that wave into the future.
Good online videos can do wonders for your business, yet many never get past the first hurdle.

Here’s where online video meets public speaking

Want to know the main reason most people don’t make videos for their business?
Because they hate the sound of their own voice.

“For many people this loathing of the sound of their own voice becomes a form of resistance – and stops them from pressing record on the camera again.”

So what can you do?
Here’s a thought for you – what voice do your present clients hear when you talk to them?
The same voice YOU hear when you press playback on a video recording!
The sound of your voice is something that you can do little to change – and you don’t need to.

Ever have a Client pull out of a possible business deal because he didn’t like the sound of your voice?
Nope, thought not.
So the first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Even though you hate the sound of your voice when you playback a recording, you just have to accept that it’s your voice. And get over yourself.

Confession time

image indicating disliking your voice

I use Video a lot. I’ve got around 120 videos on my YouTube Channel, so I hear the sound of my own voice a lot. And I still loathe it.
But here’s the important thing – though I loathe the sound of my own voice, I don’t let it stop me creating the videos I need for my business. I’ve just learned to deal with it.

Now I didn’t know any better when I started creating videos, and it took me about thirty attempts before I started getting comfortable with the sound of my voice when I was editing. And I posted every single one of those first thirty videos to my YouTube channel.
And I can’t watch them now. They make me cringe. If I was doing it again I’d create a series of videos purely for the express purpose of getting comfortable on camera.

That’s what I came here today for – to share a way YOU can do this, if you’re in the position where you need to create online videos for your business but are finding it a struggle.

Get comfortable with video – One take at a time

So here’s what you do, create a series of 10 videos, edit them, post them to your YouTube channel and make them private or unlisted so no-one will ever see them. Even though you are never going to show these videos to ANYONE – not even your nearest and dearest – you still have to be professional

Set up your video camera in a room where you can have privacy and film a 5 to 10 minute monologue once a day for 10 days. I don’t care about lights or how the shoot is set up – all I care about is that you get comfortable with talking to a camera and editing your footage and not freezing at the sound of your voice.

The only other ingredient you need is a topic list. Pick 10 topics that you can talk about for 5 to 10 minutes. You could talk about your favourite sports team, your favourite band or your favourite film.
I know Keith likes his films, so every day for the 10 Day duration you could talk about a different film. And why you liked it. Or how it could be made better. It doesn’t really matter what you talk about.

Just talk into the camera for 5-10 minutes, then when you’ve finished, it’s vital that you take that footage,import it into your computer and edit it as if you were going to post it for all to see. (But don’t!)
It’s amazing, how quickly you get comfortable talking into a camera. You’ll find that though you never grow to like the sound of your own voice, when you hear it in your headphones it’s becoming bearable.
Once you get to that stage, you can start thinking about harnessing the power of online video.

The Gary Vaynerchuk test

image indicating getting used to your own voice

Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s the poster boy for the online video generation? I won’t bore you with how he’s leveraged online video – Google his name and read about him, you’ll find out for yourself. He was probably one of the first video bloggers out there – he started in 2006 and he started creating a daily video on the topic of Wine.

Go to his website – – and watch a few of his latest videos. When you’ve watched two or three episodes, find the Archive section and go back to 2006 and watch some of the early videos and compare the two. The Gary V of 2011 is totally comfortable in the video medium and to use his own words, is absolutely crushing it. But the Gary V of 2006 is a bit stilted, awkward and unsure of himself. The difference is that he’s had a ton of practice at speaking to a camera and got very comfortable.

The more comfortable he’s got, the more his personality has come through. The more personality he’s displayed, the bigger his audience has become. It’s no coincidence that the bigger his audience, the more his business has grown (from a turnover of $4 million a few years ago, to $60 million now).

Online Video is only going to get bigger

I lied to you earlier, I said Online Video was the coming wave. Well, it’s not, it’s already here. Gary V has been making videos for 5 years and I’ve been making them for 2 and a half years. The question is why aren’t you making videos to promote your products or services? If you’re not making videos because you don’t like the sound of your own voice…. that’s something you can fix.

With a small investment of time you can get to the stage where you are no longer feel like sharp nails are being dragged down a blackboard when you hear yourself. You’ll still loathe the sound of your voice, but what’s important is you won’t let it stop you from creating videos.
And then you too, can surf the video wave to promote your business.

Time to have your say

Do you use video on your site?
Do you like the sound of your own voice or have you just learned to live with it?
Has this post tempted you to have a go at using video on your website?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below – look forward to hearing from you.

About PaulPaul Wolfe started out as a Quantity Surveyor but found that the 9 to 5 didn’t agree with him. He escaped to the French Alps where he formed a group and played bass guitar. He took his first online steps teaching bass guitar via online videos and soon had students in America, Canada, Argentina, Holland, Australia, Singapore, Germany and Denmark.

Paul now teaches business online at his hugely successful site “One Spoon at a Time“.
If you’re interested in Marketing or Online Business be sure to pay him a visit.


My thanks and gratitude to:

Paul Wolfe for his super guest post. Paul blogs over at “One Spoon at a Time“.
Mish Sukharev for the Microphone thumbnail on flickr
Katie Tegtmeyer for the Finger to lips photo on flickr


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  1. Paul
    Thanks for kicking off this mini series on using online video.

    A lot of people are going to benefit from your advice on hating their own voice.
    Always good to get advice from someone whose been there and done it.

    Many thanks

  2. Hey Keith

    No problems – thanks for publishing this. Everyone needs to be using online video – the sooner they get started the sooner they’ll get comfortable with it. Gary V is a great model of what you can achieve – getting over the sound of your voice is the first hurdle towards using online video for your business.

    I hope this helps your audience – if anyone has a question, just post it here and I’ll answer it!

    Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..How To Create A Nested Outline For Your eBookMy Profile

  3. Well, now you’ve gone too far. 😉

    As part of my redesign I’m slowly formulating in my head, video is a big part of it. And yes, I need to get over the sound of my voice. Paul, you hit the nail on the head here.

    The great thing about video, or at least someone talking, is that you can do other things (for the most part) while the video goes on. Giving you a bit of multi-tasking opportunity as a consumer. That, and I think most people understand things better when they can see if happening before their eyes, rather than reading it.

    I would make a video right now if only I hadn’t client work to get done. I’m glad I have that going for me though. 🙂

    Nice read! Helps put things in perspective. Thanks!
    Wayne @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..Playing around with Gravatar HovercardsMy Profile

    • Hey Wayne

      There are lots of ways that you can use videos on your website or blog. And like I say in the post, if you don’t embrace it now you really run the risk of being left behind. In a big way.

      Making good videos are harder than is generally made out by the ‘video blog gurus’ – but that’s no reason NOT to do it.

      In many ways it’s an even more powerful reason to start getting to grips with making video – because if making good videos is hard, that guarantees that a fair proportion of your competitors WON’T do it (path of least resistance) and will differentiate you from them in the eyes of potential customers.

      The time to get onboard the video wave is now….if you do it right, you’ll be able to leave your competitors in the dust.

      Anyway, gotta go. Got THREE videos to make today believe it or not! Thanks for stopping by.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Wayne
      Thanks for bringing a little of that California sunshine over to EasyP.

      Appreciate you stopping by.

  4. Lights, Camera (OUCH), Action!

    For me, Paul, it’s not the sound of my voice that’s the issue, it’s the camera.

    I think you’ll find this interesting …

    I’ve been presenting to live audiences for many years. I love it! I’m basically an introvert (bigtime) but get me in front of a group of people and I shine. Go figure. I always tell people I’m the female version of Johnny Carson. Of course, you’re probably too young to remember late night talk show host, Johnny Carson (use your search bar). 🙂

    I remember the first time someone asked to film one of my presentations. I figured it was no big deal, right? I knew my lines as well as any seasoned actor. That is, until the camera was turned on.

    Suddenly, I found myself stammering and stuttering and my focus went right down the crapper! Having that blinking camera pointed at me was more intimidating than I ever imagined. What a (memorable) night — and not very pleasant memories, at that.

    A rehearsal sure would have been helpful had I been given the opportunity. And I believe that’s why you’re stressing the point here of creating videos just for the sake of getting accustomed to and comfortable with the experience.

    Thanks for an awesome post! I’m grateful to Keith for inviting you to be his guest author.
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Light Yourself On Fire And People Will Come To See You BurnMy Profile

    • Melanie

      Thanks for stopping by. Yep, a rehearsal or run through would have really helped you in that scenario – and I can relate to it, some of my first videos took forever to film.

      These days I find it much quicker to create a teaching video for my bass guitar website. In fact I’m making three today! (Filming is the easy part – editing, rendering and uploading takes wayyyyy more time!).

      I’m just about to start making my first videos for my One Spoon At A Time site and audience – and I’m really nervous about them! I’m aiming to do something a little different – and experimenting a bit. And really stretching my comfort zone. This is a good thing – and the way the human brain learns. But I am really nervous!

      Anyway you’re right about making a string of videos just to get yourself comfortable with the video format. the human brain can learn anything – most people never make the attempt though.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Mel
      So what do you think of the Wolfe man?
      Certainly knows his stuff.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Hi Keith and Paul,

    I’ve been dabbling with video on my blog, and I have to agree. I can’t stand the sound of my voice, but one of my strengths is public speaking. Whenever I do a video, I always hate it at first, but after I watch it a few times, I start to like it more and more. I think it really is a matter of just doing it.


    • Hey Stacey

      Thanks for stopping by. Being truthful, I’ve NEVER got used to the sound of my own voice, even after creating 100 plus videos for my YouTube channel, and around 50 hours of tuitional content that forms part of courses that I sell.

      But the point is to realize that and just get on with it and not let it stop you. (Or if you’re making decent revenues, pay someone else to edit and upload! I WISH!).

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Great to see you back on EasyP Stacey.

      Appreciate you adding to the discussion.

  6. Hi Paul.
    I have chosen to start with podcasting as a way to get used to publishing my voice. It works really well, it is easy to create and publish and doesn’t take a lot of work.

    The plan is to move on to video from there, but I think podcasting can be a great place to start.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last great post ..Book Review- Personal Development for Smart People by Steve PavlinaMy Profile

    • Daniel

      Podcasting is a great way to get used to the sound of your voice. iTunes is definitely touted as a good way to get traffic and stuff….for me personally I’m planning video for the One Spoon site and considering getting Video Podcasts (aren’t they referred to as ‘Vodcasts?’ – stupid name!) into iTunes.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Daniel
      Starting to see you all over the web – great stuff.

      Podcasting sounds like a nice intermediate step.

      Appreciate your comment.


  7. Hi Paul! Hi Keith!

    Okay, I have to admit that I just about died laughing at the beginning of this post. Most people hate the sound of their own voice?

    After hearing a recording of myself, I’m always telling people that if I had to listen to that voice the way they do, I’d have smacked myself silly by now. Delena should definitely be seen, and not heard.

    Funnier still, I sound exactly like my younger sister (we’re ten years apart), and I *love* her voice! We talk for hours on the phone. Yet even our own family can’t tell us apart when we call.

    My complete discomfort has been part of why I have completely procrastinated on the video aspect of my blog. Having a baby that uses me as a jungle gym is the other. How professional is it to have a baby crawling all over you in a video?

    Alas, I’ll have to get over myself some time and just do it. …And resist the urge to smack myself.

    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..123Inkjets CouponMy Profile

    • Delena

      It’s just about universal – everyone cringes when they hear their voice recorded.

      But to borrow from my favourite author Steven Pressfield, the professional attitude is to get on with it and get the job done.

      Even the top level professionals STILL detest the sound of their voice recorded – but they don’t let that stop them from doing their thang…’s important that you don’t. If you sound like your sister, try and imagine it’s your sister.

      Or get your sister to do your voiceovers! LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Delena
      Finally made it over to your site.
      Couldn’t add much to the discussion on “potty training” but I did leave a comment. LOL

      Good to see you back

  8. Hi Paul,
    I understand the importance of Videos for any online business. I have signed up for a channel on YouTube but have not make or upload any video till now.
    My Voice Sound is just average.
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..epc BelfastMy Profile

  9. Hi Paul – I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of video and the future impact it will have on blogging.

    I’ve never liked how my voice sounds or how I look in video’s, however, as you’ve pointed out, that can’t be something that deters your video blogging efforts.

    It’s just something you need to get past and move on creating video posts for your blog.

    I like @Daniels recommendation about getting started with podcasts. This might be a good way to get started.

    Thanks for this reminder. It’s easy to leave things on the back-burner when you’re unsure of it.
    Mark Harai´s last great post ..Be Memorable – Dig Deep to Create Valuable Content for Your BlogMy Profile

    • Mark

      That’s exactly right – how we ‘look’ and ‘sound’ is exactly how our friends, family and clients perceive us. The only ones who don’t like it is us! How weird is that.

      We’ve just got to get on with it – honestly it passes with time. The easy solution is just make a bunch of videos or podcasts. It still grates, but you get used to it.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Mark
      Good to see you back.
      Hope you’ll find time to take a look at the rest of the posts in this vdeo mini series.

      Thanks for your comment.

  10. Paul,

    Boy you hit it on the head….my voice sounds spooky to me.

    And then I sound retarded especially at the first of the video. After a few seconds I seem to settle in.

    The number of times over = certainty, so practice practice practice. I figure it is like writing. The more you do it the better you become.

    Your method of practicing is a good idea. (The Tiger Woods method)

    I am new to doing video so I only have 3 on YouTube so far and I have a big list planned.

    I will be checking out your YouTube channel.
    Sheila Atwood´s last great post ..I Said Blog Disclaimer and You YawnedMy Profile

    • Hey Sheila

      It sounds like you’re doing one take videos/talking head type videos. If it’s taking a few seconds for you to warm up then here’s a suggestion:

      Introduce yourself on the video and talk for 45 seconds or so, then say CUT, count yourself back in and re-introduce yourself. Then you simply edit the ‘warm-up’ out when you get to editing stage.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Sheila
      You are a real superstar.
      Just spotted your trackback.

      Hope you enjoy the series and I’ll be over later to thank you properly.

  11. A nice post, Paul. (And thanks, Keith, for alerting me to the series.)

    I think that you are right about the growing importance of videos in terms of promoting one’s business. A lot of people – sadly – do not want to spend the time reading; they would rather watch and be told. But this makes being comfortable on video very important.

    Most people should be able to get over the sound of their own voice or at least comes to terms with the fact that it will never sound great to them. But they can learn a lot by focusing on other aspects of their speaking: the pace; the tonality; emphasis; pauses; inflection; use of filler words; etc.

    One “trick” is to video yourself and then play it back but do not watch – just listen. Focus on the words and how you have said them. Then watch the video with the sound off. Look at your facial expressions, your eyes, any distracting movements. Finally, watch the video with the sound on.

    Taking a “staged” approach to deconstructing yourself on video is one way to learn from video. Of course, as you rightly note, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become.


    John Zimmer´s last great post ..Ten Commandments for Writing and SpeakingMy Profile

    • Hey John

      There’s some really good advice there for people. My take on just about anything is that you can get better in a deliberate and focused way. But most people kind of do stuff, and settle for the natural level that they end up at. And getting better at things like Video Creation is a great way of differentiating yourself from your competition.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Thanks for coming over John.
      You know how much I value your opinion.

      If anyone wants to take a look at some great Public Speaking material… head over to John’s site.

  12. Hi Paul (and Keith),

    I’m loving this post! Recently I did a series of 10 posts on my blog about using the power of video (and not getting left behind). People have a lot of varying reasons not to want to do video, voice being a big one, appearance another!

    I’ve always been behind the scenes person. Writing scripts for clients. Encouraging them to shoot video of themselves. But this series was my first experience with making videos (for myself). I knew they weren’t great, by any stretch of the imagination, but I figured if I put myself out there, with all my imperfections showing, perhaps others would think that they could do it too.

    Video sells! Video is considered to be 6 times more effective when it comes to marketing. That alone, is reason enough to get in front of the camera!

    Great post!
    Deb Augur´s last great post ..How many “Gurus” does it take to screw in a light bulbMy Profile

    • Hey Deb

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You raised an important point in your post – whether we like video or not personally, it’s here to stay. And it’s something our potential clients WANT to see.

      SO it’s not about US – it’s about our Audience. We always have to remember that we are NOT our audience.

      Personally I’d prefer to write – writing is my bliss – but in my Bass website, without video I’d be sunk.

      So it’s not about what WE like or want – it’s what our potential clients want to see.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Debs
      It was one of your videos that opened my eyes to using videos on the web.
      You made it look very easy and matter of fact.

      If anyone wants to see Deb mashing it up, take a look at…

      Thanks for giving me the idea Debs

  13. Hi Paul! I always thought people were more intimidated by how they looked on video than they were about how they sounded. Although I’ll admit I’ve never liked the sound of my recorded voice.

    That’s a great suggestion about creating 10 videos in the same amount of days. (Can I rest on the 7th day?) Love to see people encouraging others to take action. It’s brilliant advice. Very motivating. Thank you.


    Hey, Keith, when are we going to see you on YouTube? Hmmm?

    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Social Media Site Management- Is It Okay To Hire This OutMy Profile

    • Theresa

      Personally I think it’s the voice that’s the big issue. All of us are used to seeing what we look like – we look in the mirror a few times every day, or catch our reflection in things.

      But we don’t hear the sound of our voices unless we record them on something. And our instant reaction is to dislike it.

      As long as we recognize that EVERYONE has that reaction and don’t let it stall us or stop us, then that’s cool.

      That’s what this post is really about.

      And Yes – you can rest on the 7th day!

      thanks for stopping by. Paul
      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa
      See me on youtube… do you want to scare the children?

      Not got much of me on video but I’ll see what I can find.
      Might have to make use of the “soft focus” rather a lot.

      Thanks for taking part T.


  14. > I hear the sound of my own voice a lot. And I still loathe it.
    I’ll never forget the first time I heard my voice. I was like, “Who the heck is that?”

    Maybe some day I’ll get used to it 🙂

  15. Hey Paul!
    This is an excellent post and I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more.

    Especially, the Gary V. transformation. Getting comfortable in front of the camera takes some getting used to. Each time I do a video I get more and more comfortable with my ability to think on my feet and communicate effectively while recording.

    I can also attest to the fact that there is a huge audience that you can reach via video that you simply won’t get to with traditional blogging. There are people (many people) who just don’t like to read – they rather watch.

    And, there is a very lively community with a lot of interaction on YouTube that engages much like traditional blogs.

    Great tips you’ve shared here!
    Marlee´s last great post ..The Only Guide to Creating Killer Content You’ll Ever Need- GuaranteedMy Profile

    • Hey Marlee

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      The thing about Gary V that’s really interesting is watching how his style has really evolved. There’s a clip of a video interview that Corbett Barr of did on Corbett’s site – and you can see that Gary has ‘trained’ himself by doing so many shows to think on his feet and be an engaging and compelling speaker.

      That’s a great 6 minute clip btw and you should definitely go check it out. Not only is he a great speaker but he’s an innovative thinker and definitely worth following and modelling.

      I’m a big fan of video – I’m just about to start using them for my One Spoon site. But I create an hour or two of video for my courses and bass site every week.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi Marlee
      Can’t tell you how much I admire you video posts.
      Natural, enthusiastic and ram jam full of useful info.

      Thanks for coming over and taking part in the conversation.

  16. Paul, I thought this was a perfect fit for Keith’s site. Well done, both of you.

    And like you Paul, I’m not a fan of my voice. It’s annoying. If I ever write a book I won’t come close to doing the audio version.

    But, again like you, I love speaking. I love video. I love talking with an audience. And because God gave me this voice and it ain’t going to change, I’m simply not going to worry about it.

    Great suggestion regarding video practicing though with youtube.

    Keep up the awesome content Paul.

    Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion´s last great post ..Relationship Marketing- Emotional Connections- and the Power of YOUMy Profile

    • Hey Marcus

      Always a pleasure to cross paths with you.

      When it comes to content creation few people actually break down the process in whatever medium and practice the elements in isolation.

      Gary V didn’t either – but what he did (an object lesson for everyone) was he committed to creating a 15 minute ‘live’ show 5 days a week. And he used the feedback that posting it in a ‘blog’ forum generated to fine tune his process.

      That’s why he’s such a good speaker on camera. Thanks for leaving a comment and your encouragement too.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers-1 Tiger WoodsMy Profile

    • Hi big fella
      “Great suggestion regarding video practicing through youtube.”

      Paul has come up with a winner with that one – I’ve already opened my account on YouTube.

      Randy Cantrell – met on your site TSL – has already sent me a video, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube.
      What a voice that guy has.

      Going to use his video to close out this short mini series.

      Appreciate your comment Marcus.

  17. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog ( and I would like to take you up on your video request.
    In fact, I don’t know if you know, but I’ve started my online video marketing course at It covers all the essentials of online video and in fact, I’m just uploading the last in the series.
    So Keith, what do you want me to cover for you buddy?

    • Hi Tom
      I’ve watched your videos at and been blown away by the content and the quality.
      You really do make it look easy.

      If anyone is interested in online video… head on over and sign up, for free.

      Great to hear that you will produce a video for the series… rather than spoil the surprise, I’ll contact you directly.

      Thanks for coming over Tom and special thanks for your generous offer.

  18. Paul
    First of all great post. I have thought about using video blogging but have not because of my voice. It is different then most people but I know I can continue to work on it to become a better speaker. I know people will see my passion and want to hear what I have to say over my voice. So its something I need to just start doing so I can become more comfortable doing it.

    the post has really encouraged me to start posting video blogs. Thank you

    Dan Black´s last great post ..6 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From LifeguardsMy Profile

    • Welcome back Dan
      I think that YouTube will have a run on new accounts after Paul’s post.

      Let me know how things go and don’t forget… we all have to start somewhere.

      Thanks for coming over.

    • Hey Dan

      If you’re passionate about your topic then the person you want to model is definitely Gary Vaynerchuk. The guy exudes passion and commitment- he’s almost high on it.

      There’s some great footage of him on YouTube doing conferences and stuff – so you can see him doing his thang in a contex that’s not wine related too. He’s the real deal… can learn a lot from him.


      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..How To Write An eBook That Doesn’t Suck – ReviewMy Profile

  19. Hi Paul! Keith was kind enough to watch and comment on my very first video blog post (link below), then he asked me to stop in here and share my thoughts.

    I’ll admit, the whole subject of your site intimidates me. Public speaking is not exactly my favorite thing; there’s a reason I am a writer. ; ) But I’ve done public speaking in the past and have always received compliments on my delivery.

    But. Yes, I have always hated the sound of my own voice on video! And watching how my mouth moves when I talk?!? Ugh! I know, however, what the most important first step is, and it’s one you mention:

    I simply have to get over myself.

    Once I screwed up my courage to edge a toe past that step, I recorded myself 5 or 6 times before I got a video I could tolerate enough to make public. That link down there takes you to a video that’s 8 min 41 sec long — and is down from almost 12 minutes.

    Get over yourself.

    And practice, practice, practice.

    Sadly, my readers seem to have liked this enough that I’m going to have to do it again. *sigh*

    Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..I Dream- Therefore I Write — And Video!My Profile

    • Welcome Courtney and thanks for a brilliant comment.

      I know that this site is called easypublicspeaking but Public Speaking is far from easy. You just have to practice until it looks as though it is. LOL

      “Sadly, my readers seem to have liked this enough that I’m going to have to do it again.”

      And I for one am looking forward to it.

      My next post will feature a super video by Kristy Fifelski.
      I’m sure that you will find her tips very helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit again.


      • Hey Courtney

        I know the feeling. I consider myself a writer too – for me though it was necessity that dictated that I needed to create some videos. My written articles – a couple of which I thought were REALLY good – were just not getting me any traffic or any notice.

        The minute I started creating videos that all changed. Literally my traffic quadrupled overnight (that sounds more than it is – 4 times not much is still not much! LOL). But as I created more videos the traffic kept rising – even though my early videos were terrible (bad lighting, bad camera quality, stilted autocue delivery, yada yada yada).

        But people found their way past the bad production values to the content that I was sharing. And saw past the bad production values.

        As I started realizing how powerful video was, I started to learn how to make them better. I bought a decent HD camera. I bought some cheap lights – and more importantly, learned how to set them up!

        And I’ve just kept going. I read Gary Vaynerchuk’s THE THANK YOU ECONOMY at the weekend – Gary is predicting that mobile devices are going to expand our online markets exponentially and that because it’s hard to read text on a mobile device that Video is going to be at the forefront of that explosion.

        And video is already mainstream. And only going to get bigger IMO. So it’s critical we do get over ourselves, and get past the intimidation and get out there and do it.

        Thanks for stopping by – I’ll try and check out your video later!

        Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

        • Paul, I think you’re right about mobile devices. I hate trying to read blog posts on my phone. Videos are far easier on the eyes. And even if I’m driving somewhere and can’t watch, I can at least listen.

          Like I told Keith above, I’ve been completely surprised at the positive responses to my video — mainly the number of those responses. That one video did significantly increase my traffic! The numbers have dropped off some again, so I guess that means it’s time for another video.

          I’ll see what I can come up with. 😉
          Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..5 What-To-Dos When Your Novel Is Too LongMy Profile

      • Keith, you’re too kind. Thanks so much! It’s good to know I’m at least doing enough right that people want me to do it again.

        I was so afraid that video post of mine wouldn’t get much of a response — instead, according to Google Analytics, it’s the second most popular post on my blog so far. Which completely flabbergasts me.

        I’ll let you know when I do it again. Thanks for the support!

        Courtney 🙂
        Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..5 What-To-Dos When Your Novel Is Too LongMy Profile

        • Hi Courtney

          “according to Google Analytics, it’s the second most popular post on my blog…”

          The proof of the pudding girl, the proof of the pudding.

          Many congratulations – onward and upward.


          • Courtney

            Keith is right. If it’s the second most popular post on your blog – that’s a BIG CLUE where you should be focusing your energies!

            Imagine what it would be like when you’ve put 10 or 20 up there – and the natural improvement there will be to your video game.

            And videos can be used to attract traffic from multiple sources. For just about ever.

            Seriously I’d recommend committing to 10 and then analyzing the results then. My guess is that it will do wonders for your site….

            Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Protected- The Three Layers Of Compelling Video ContentMy Profile

          • Keith, all I can say is, this pudding had better turn out to be chocolate, because that’s my favorite.

            (However, I already suspect chocolate it is.) 😉
            Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..I Wrote This Because You Are BeautifulMy Profile

        • Great advice from Paul Courtney – and he should know.

          Thanks for coming back with some super replies to comments Paul.
          I think that I’ve learned more than most.

          • Paul, I’ve maxed out your reply buttons, it seems. So I’m borrowing Keith’s. ; )

            I like the idea of committing to 10 videos and then re-evaluating. The week I started my blog, I entered the SHINEonline blogging challenge (by Julie Isaacs, The goal was to commit to a set number of blog posts for 16 weeks.

            I committed to 2 per week. So far, I’ve kept to my schedule, and the regularity of it has grown my blog faster than I thought it could.

            All of that to say, I do believe in the power of making a definite commitment to something, instead of just saying, “Oh, yeah, I guess I’ll do that.”

            So there you go. I just committed to 10 video posts.

            Paul and Keith, I don’t even know you — how did I let you talk me into this?!? 😉
            Courtney Cantrell´s last great post ..I Wrote This Because You Are BeautifulMy Profile

  20. Hey!!

    I just saw a tweet from Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki’s wife and one of my role models) earlier today, and she mentioned how they just got done listening to the recording of their first radio show, and how it went well but she always hates how her voice sounds.

    It immediately reminded me of this post. You’re absolutely right, Paul: the pros don’t let it stop them! Today, I’m gonna Just Do It, and record my first vid for my blog. No practice runs secretly uploaded to YouTube. That’s too much a temptation for me to say I’m doing it but just hide.

    There’s a product review I’ve been putting off. Maybe I’ll do that.


    ps. Thank you for coming by TMAM, Keith! I was very happy to see you there!
    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..PsPrint Gift CodeMy Profile

    • Delena

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Glad that you’ve been inspired to Do It! Video is intimidating to start out with – but the learning curve is actually not as steep as it appears.

      Plus you can take the approach of learning as you go…the important thing is to get in the habit of making videos and posting them regularly. (Tip: a few videos isn’t enough – you need to create videos on a regular schedule. Imagine that the Delena Show airs weekly on your channel – and make sure it always does. You’ll thank me in a couple of years – and 100 videos – time!)

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

    • Hi Delena
      Good to visit your site, I think that I still owe you a few comments.

      Thanks for coming back with a second comment.


  21. Keith and Paul,

    Keith thanks for having Paul at your site. I don’t have a great need for video at this time, but I enjoyed reading this post AND the comments. Who knows, maybe in the future, my posts will all be on video!

    I cracked up at Melanie Kissell’s comment because I have the same problem. Turn a video camera on me and I’m go blank. I’m also not that wild about seeing myself on video either, but oddly, my voice doesn’t bother me at all:~)
    Sara´s last great post ..Story Photo- Walled GardenMy Profile

    • Sara

      thanks for leaving a comment. Personally I believe that if you don’t embrace video soon that you’re handing a competitive advantage to those of competitors who are.

      Personally I would just love to write – it’s my thang, as they say. When I write I disappear into the hole in the paper (Stephen King’s analogy – not mine – but describes the experience).

      For my bass guitar video site I HAD to do video – or start from scratch somewhere else.

      But it’s getting bigger in every market – the proliferation of video compatible mobile devices is going to explode online video . Maybe YouTube will be more popular than Google one day – we’ll see.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

    • Hi Sara
      I always look forward to your comment and you never let me down.

      You and me both have got to get into this video blogging.

      Let’s hold hands and jump together.


  22. Keith and Paul

    the article is so much fun, easy to read and persuasive
    yes, I remember Dean Hunt and James Schramko chatting endlessly about the importance of the video marketing. It absolutely is a great tool. Internet has less dimensions than personal contact has, so let’s fix it.

    Great to see this article just when I am preparing for my first videos!

    What software do you use to record the videos? Do you use a specific microphone?

    all the best,
    thank you
    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..Tuesday – Success Strategies of the Successful Ones – Arnold Schwarzenegger The ApprenticeMy Profile

    • Hey Martyna

      Thanks for stopping by at Easy P!

      You asked a great question, possibly without realizing it. IMO 50 to 60% of the success of your video will relate to the AUDIO quality. So get the best microphone you can. Some kind of lavalier mic – I don’t know which country you’re in, there are different choices available depending on where you are, but I’ve just started using the Rode Lavalier mic. It’s expensive – but gives good audio quality.

      Seriously – AUDIO is really important. Don’t try and get by on a crappy headset mic, whatever you have budgeted for a mic, add $150 to it and buy a top of the range pro level lavalier mic. It will make an enormous difference.

      Software – I use iMovie for editing. Comes standard with Macs. There are equivalent programs for PC, forget the names though.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

      • hey Paul and Keith
        thanks guys for your advice, I really appreciate it.

        Paul, iMovie? ok, yes, I see that it is for Macs.
        I know camtasia,
        Keith, when are your videos coming out?
        all the best
        Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Fundamental Skill to Make It Big OnlineMy Profile

        • Hi Martyna
          “Keith, when are your videos coming out?”

          When it comes to video, I’m a mere beginner.
          This series on video blogging is as much for me as anyone else.

          It’s so good that guys like Paul will share their knowledge with the rest of us.


    • Hey Martyna

      “Great to see this article just when I am preparing for my first videos!”

      I am really looking forward to that – hope all goes well and please let me know when your first video is live.

      And don’t forget Paul’s advice about the microphone. LOL


  23. Hi Keith and Paul!

    That was really great tips for v-blogging especially for me, who personally offers video contents for my readers..

    I agree, audio is very important, since it can help understanding more what we presenting..

    Though as non-English speaker like me, would definitely receive some comments that say, “Your English sux” something similar LOL..

    But I don’t care about those negative comments as long as I have tried my best.

    Kimi@wordpress videos´s last great post ..Infolinks Earnings Infolinks ReviewMy Profile

    • Kimi
      I find there are two types of negative criticisms. There is the negative type that you can get nothing from – you just delete those and block the users.

      And sometimes there’s the negative comment that you CAN turn into a positive. If they have a problem with something you said you can ask why. Or if they didn’t understand your teaching, you can ask why and try and pinpoint it so that you can improve your future videos.

      Those kind of people I like to call out….I say something like: Hey, thanks for the comment. You made some valid points, here’s what I’d like you to do. Make a video and show us how it should be done and post it as a video response, then we can all learn from the process.

      Funnily enough – no-one has EVER taken me up!

      Keep doing what you do – ignore the haters. Thanks for stopping by.

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

    • Hi Kimi
      Can’t thank you enough for coming over and adding your thoughts on video blogging.

      I’ve watched many of your videos – you should be very proud of them.

      What an uplifting line…
      “But I don’t care about those negative comments as long as I have tried my best.”

      No negative comments on easyP Kimi.
      You are an example to us all.


  24. I couldn’t agree with you more about people hating their own voice. It is becoming more and more a fact of life that Google LOVES Youtube. Maybe because they onw==wn it, duh

    • Hey Elizabeth

      It’s not just YouTube that Google loves – it’s video in general. It’s easier to get a video on Page 1 of Google than it is a webpage or an article.

      My ‘duhhhhhh’ moment came about 12 months ago. I’d spent teh best part of a year working on SEO for my bass site (you know, backlinks, comments, squidoo lenses, all that sort of crap) trying to get on Page 1. And all the time not one, but TWO of my videos were there hosted on different channels than Youtube.

      It wasn’t until someone in my Mastermind group was going back through some of our old threads and she knew how hard I was working and she said: aren’t you already there?


      ANyway – for whatever reason, Google LOVES video. Another reason to do them….

      Paul Wolfe´s last great post ..Lessons For Content Marketers From Tiger Woods – Part 2My Profile

    • Greetings Elizabeth
      Good point – Google loves YouTube.

      And what Google loves….

      Thanks for taking the time to come over and add to the discussion.

      Much appreciated.

  25. Hi Keith and Paul,

    Thanks for the awesome tips! The article is a great motivator to take action.

    I like that there are now some great online tools which make making videos so much easier and what’s really cool they are for free.

    I’ve started my video marketing and plan to make more videos soon 🙂
    Justyna´s last great post ..Super Affiliate Guy Video Course Double BonusMy Profile

  26. A very good article. I have been encouraging my clients to use video and the main resistance is, as you say, the lack of confidence and them not liking the sound of their own voice. The online video company that I have teamed up with has a technique of interviewing that works, gets people a lot more relaxed etc.

    I’ll link back to this article as it’s a great resource.

    • Welcome Alison
      Thanks for coming over.

      EasyP was lucky to host Paul’s article.
      Not only has he identified a common problem, he’s given us the solution.

      Notice that you are using Studiopress Genesis theme over on your site.
      Looks good and it is so fast.
      Anybody interested in Genesis theme framework should drop in on Alison.

      Until next time.


  27. Hi Keith and Paul .. good post – I’m sure in all your 88 comments you talk about podcasts too, and the fact that video records us as we look .. another aspect. Horrifying at times?!?!

    I totally agree .. we need to become familiar with and then include all aspects into our marketing.

    I hate my voice .. like most of us – but know that it comes across well .. especially to the American market .. the face – well that’s another matter!!

    I’ve always wanted to join up with you Keith in your Easy Public Speaking arena – but Birmingham is a long way from Eastbourne .. but I’m so pleased I’ve found a drama course (new and being evolved by an actor) where we will be doing camera work, audio work etc .. now-a-days … we market everything we have and that’s us too .. we’ve always done it – hence we have friends ..

    Excellent post – thanks Keith .. and Paul – good points .. cheers Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..HH is for Happy Hilary thats what HH is for before I My Profile

    • Hi Hilary
      You sound very thoughtful this morning.
      Must be that Sunday sermon that did it.

      I’ve not heard from you for some time – hope everything is OK.

      Your drama course sounds fantastic – if I lived closer I’d certainly join.
      I’ve always thought that good Public Speakers have a bit of the theatricals about them.

      What’s the weather like in Eastbourne?
      Glorious blue skies up here in the Midlands.

      Thanks for coming over Hilary – I was beginning to wonder where you were.


  28. Guy’s I’m NEW to this Blog Page… and Loving It… I have a Blog Page… but forgot the username and password Lol.!
    You write about VOICE… and the Sound of voice, what a fantastic tool, I simply love my voice and always have done. Why should anyone dislike their voice. In fact the stranger the Voice Tone the better the ‘Memory Hook’…
    Voice is a major chapter in the range of disciplines that I coach and one most enjoyed. I don’t only run with a person’s normal voice I train them to use other voice tones, we just Love that..! There is only one hurdle to producing quality Video Presentations and that is the ‘C’ word.
    I so disagree with cutting 5mins of Video as an intro to Video Presentations it’s like expecting a baby to walk before they learn to crawl…
    Steve ‘It’s a Wrap ;)’ Harris
    Steve´s last great post ..Animation Smoke WipeMy Profile

    • Hi Steve ‘It’s a Wrap ’ Harris
      You know… I like your voice too.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the comments.
      Some useful bits and pieces in there.
      I’m beginning to think that you know your stuff. LOL

      Cheers Steve

  29. Oh man! These mediums just keep on coming, don’t they? Thanks for a nudge in a new direction…
    Adena Atkins´s last great post ..Cash Over CardsMy Profile

  30. Actually I don’t mind the sound of my voice, except for the one time when I taped myself singing. Man, that was awful. I still sing mind you, much to my families disgust :D, but that’s fine as long as I don’t record it and play it back.

    I’ve listened to Gary on several occasions and the guy is a legend. I’ve done few videos but I really need to do more.
    Sire´s last great post ..Welcome To Buy Online Lottery TicketsMy Profile

    • Hi Peter
      Nearly missed your comment.
      As for singing… definately reserved for the shower.
      In the shower I’m brilliant.

      You know, I’ve got this notion that you would be fantastic on video.
      Go on… prove me right.

      BTW – hope your lottery site is a huge success.

      Thanks for coming over.

  31. Very useful post, mate. I believe that videos are the next big thing on the Internet, and the popularity will increase. Thanks for sharing this.
    Jessica´s last great post ..How to Grow Cherry TomatoesMy Profile

  32. It’s hard to create videos specially if you’re just new in making this kind of stuff. I also want to try uploading videos of my own and post it on youtube but I don’t have the guts to do that. Nice post!. XD

    • Yes Angel, your feelings are so normal we all felt exactly the same way however I would strongly recommend you get with Video Coach like Tom Breeze, Andy Phillips or myself more details can be found on our websites.
      There some very simple steps you’ll need to take and practace before you release a Video to the Public.
      In the first instance only practace by cutting no more than 15secs of video which should include a ‘Wake Up Call’ mentioning your name, company and a sentence about what you do… Cheers ~ Steve

  33. Excellent post, great advice, and timely as we are being pressed to deliver more video speeches and online speech contests are an up and coming addition to ASC membership.
    Will be linking to this post.
    Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club´s last great post ..Cardiff Mixed Speaking ClubMy Profile