Oh Mr Darcy….

Colin Firth’s Oscar acceptance speech

What a great occasion, the 2011 Oscars Award Ceremony, attended by the great and the good and there standing out like a varicose vein in winter, “The King’s Speech“.
Best film, best director, best original screenplay and of course best actor, Mr Colin Firth.
From Darcy’s wet shirted enticement to stirrings in his abdomen… does this man have no self control?

But enough talk of his peccadilloes let’s take a look at Colin Firth’s acceptance speech.
I don’t know what you think, but I loved it. This is my take on his speech:

  1. Humorous opening“I have a feeling my career has just peaked” – nice easy start to his speech, relaxes the audience and the laughter relaxes him.
  2. Humility“I’m going to be brief with my gratitude for being on this extraordinary list of nominees” – even hugely successful movie stars need humility.
  3. Gave thanks“My deepest thanks to the academy” – one of the main purposes of an acceptance speech is to give thanks.
  4. Humour throughout“Harvey who took me on twenty years ago… when I was a mere child sensation” – a smattering of humour throughout keeps the audience with you.
  5. One serious point to give the speech focus“David Seidler whose own struggles have given very many people the benefits of his beautiful voice” – even a humorous speech needs one serious point or the speech becomes a piece of fluff.
  6. Just enough emotion – he stays in control but there is just a hint that his voice is on the verge of cracking.
  7. Spoke to the time he was given – the winners have obviously been told to be brief… and he is. It’s just good manners to stick to the time you have been given.
  8. Finished by going back to the beginning“And now if you’ll all excuse me, I have some impulses I have to attend to back stage” – audiences love closure, finishing by going back to the beginning is a great way of providing closure and signalling that you have finished.

I’m not saying it was a perfect speech, there were a few umms and ahhhs and he kept looking down at the award… but eh, I enjoyed it. Take a look at the video below and see what you think.
This is the best quality video I could find, my apologies for the sound and picture quality.

Did you notice how quiet the audience were?
Silence can mean boredom, and I should know, but on this occasion the audience are quiet because they are listening intently to what Colin Firth has to say. They want to hear more.
Colin has both good content and delivery, but he has something else that lifts his speech… occasion.

Content delivery and…. occasion

In my last post I looked at Content and Delivery but both are secondary to the occasion.
If you look at the truly great speeches, they were all delivered at times of heightened emotion or emotional turmoil.

  • Abraham Lincoln“Four score and seven years ago our fathers…”
  • Winston Churchill“We shall fight them on the beaches…”
  • Martin Luther King“I have a dream that one day this nation…”
  • John F Kennedy“Ask not what your country can do for you…”
  • Earl Spencer“I stand before you today the representative of a family in grief…”

Five classic speeches delivered on occasions of high emotion and I defy anyone to read them… and not be moved.

Churchill’s speech after the military disaster that led to the evacuation of the British Army from Europe at Dunkirk… is a great speech… not only was the prime minister’s deep throated delivery forcefully defiant in a hushed Parliament, and broadcast to the world, but the overriding reason was the historic occasion: at that moment tyranny was on the verge of victory, and democracy’s main weapon was Churchill’s rallying voice.”
Great Speeches in History – William Safire

The Oscars may not have the gravitas of the occasions above, but there is plenty of emotion flying around. As Paul Hogan points out in his 3G’s speech“The atmosphere is pure electricity.”

Your speeches, your great occasions

What are your great occasions, your occasions of heightened emotion?
You may never have to deliver a “Fight them on the beaches” speech, but there will be times when you can make a difference.

  • Family events – christenings, weddings, funerals.
  • Work related – job interviews, presentations.
  • Social – your speeches at the Speakers Club you’ve just joined.
  • Blogging – videos, guest posts.

I know what you’re going to say… these aren’t great occasions. Well they are to you so perhaps you should treat everything you write or perform, as though it was your Gettysburg Address, just in case.

Time to have your say

What did you think of Colin Firth’s acceptance speech?
What great speeches have you heard and what was the occasion?
Do you deliver your speeches as though every occasion was a great occasion?
Do you write your blog posts as though each one is a historical gem?
Let me have your thoughts on anything and everything in the comments below – look forward to hearing from you.

The wet shirt sceneMelanie Kissell over at Solo Mompreneur tried to persuade me that she’s never seen the Colin Firth “wet shirt scene” and she asked for a link.
So just by way of a public service here is the link to the Mr Darcy Pride and Prejudice wet shirt scene.
So ladies… view with caution!


My thanks and gratitude to:

Period Dramas for the Colin Firth thumbnail

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  1. Hi Keith,

    Thank you kindly for the public service announcement on my behalf. What can I say except … I owe you one! And, trust me, you’re going to get it! 🙂

    Colin’s acceptance speech exuded graciousness, gratitude, and a welcomed splash of humor. Aside from the umm’s, it was magnificent — the kind of speech one would expect from a warm, charming, and exceptionally talented performer.

    In answer to “Do you deliver your speeches as though every occasion was a great occasion?” …

    I deliver my speeches fully aware of the possibility of not being granted the joy and the privilege of awakening the following morning.


    • I haven’t seen the wet shirt scene either Melanie. 🙂

      Keith made a comment about Colin and his wife in an earlier post he wrote and I’ve been curious about Mr. Firth ever since.

      What was that line Keith? I couldn’t find it.
      Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Smart Tips For Getting A MentorMy Profile

      • Have you seen it now Theresa?
        What did you think of it?

        I think I said something like… “My wife has never been the same since she saw the wet shirt scene. Every time I mention Colin Firth… her legs turn to jelly.”

        If you Google “Jelly legs syndrome” Mr Darcy videos fill the top 1,000 results. LOL

        Good to hear from you Theresa .

    • Hi Mel
      I didn’t think it right that you were the only female on the planet who’d not seen the “wet shirt” video. I feel that I have righted a wrong.

      “…graciousness, gratitude, and a welcomed splash of humor.” A fine example of a three part list with the final item longer than the first two. and… a touch of alliteration.
      I think I’m dealing with a pro.

      Lovely final line Mel.
      Amen to that.

      • Hi Keith

        I’m with your wife on Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice 😉 And I could hardly believe it that Melanie and Theresa had not seen the scene lol

        Have watched that series so many times. Was actually living in the UK when it was a TV series. And he is a brilliant actor too.

        Enjoyed the post Keith. Thanks for sharing. Appreciated
        Patricia@lavender oil´s last great post ..The Lovely Lavender’s Smelling Sweet…Unlike Athlete’s Foot!My Profile

        • Patricia,

          Some of us are sheltered and we don’t get out much. 🙂
          Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..First Ever “No Questions Asked” InterviewMy Profile

        • Hi Patricia not seen you for ages and ages.

          Your blog is so busy, I can appreciate that answering every comment and visiting blogs is almost too much to do. Oh the price of success.

          I’m sure that I’ve asked before but where did you live in the UK?

          Congratulations on the success of your blog and many thanks for finding the time to leave a comment.


          • Hi Keith

            when I lived in the UK firstly I was in Glasgow where I did my midwifery training at Queen Mothers Hospital where they pioneered ultrasound 🙂

            Then I lived in a lovely vilage on a farm in Northamptonshire.

            Then in Birmingham where they have great hospitals and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

            Close to the Cotswalds and easy to get to anywhere in the UK and from B’ham airport easy to go on hols to Europe. Missed the UK for the first 2 years I was home. Loved my time there.

            Patricia Perth Australia
            Patricia@lavender oil´s last great post ..Can’t Sleep Get Some Lavender- The Rest Is EasyMy Profile

  2. Great advise!
    Trying to keep the speech calm and relaxed, but still to the point and important is a delicate balance but one great speakers do well.

    Thanks for the advise and something to think about.
    Daniel M. Wood´s last great post ..Product Review- The Future Selling Institute by David Brock and S Anthony InnarinoMy Profile

    • Welcome back Daniel

      “Trying to keep the speech calm and relaxed, but still to the point and important”
      Sounds like a great summary to me.

      Appreciate your comment.

  3. My great occasion was my best friend getting married, and I was the best man. I had taken time to obtain some witty one liners from a few websites and prepare the entire speech. But, my delivery was just horrible. I got a few laughs, but I know you could tell I was a nervous wreck, and the alcohol didn’t help relax me one bit.

    It should have…isn’t that what alcohol is for? hahaha

    I liked Colin’s speech. But more so, I enjoyed seeing the breakdown of it. I can better understand it with the structure you put around it.
    Wayne @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..Free and easy way to make disclosure policies for blogs and websitesMy Profile

    • Hi Wayne

      The old “Best Man” speech – not an easy choice for your first speech.
      “,….but I know you could tell I was a nervous wreck”
      We all think something like that but it’s rarely, if ever true.
      Would have been good to watch you and give you some feedback.

      Agree with you… alcohol is a complete no no.

      I know you are a busy man but joining your local Speakers Club would be fantastic for you.
      That’s the place to get feedback.
      I’m not saying it would be easy, but give it 12 months practice and you wouldn’t recognise yourself.

      Thanks for a super comment Wayne and I hope you think about joining a Speakers Club.

      • Yeah, but you can’t attend an alcoholic wedding and NOT drink! hahaha

        One day, I just might find a local group here and attend a few meetings, find out more about them and see where it goes. As for right now, I don’t foresee myself giving any speeches. I know there are other aspects that it might help, but with time as it is right now, it’s a no go.

        Gotta keep my nose down and fingers typing!
        Wayne @ Southern California Web Development´s last great post ..Playing around with Gravatar HovercardsMy Profile

        • You’ll know when it’s right for you Wayne.
          And when it is… Just Google Toastmasters, Southern California.

          Keep those fingers nimble my man.

          Appreciate how much support you’ve given my blog.
          Many thanks Wayne.

  4. Loved this article Keith. GREAT.

    ….My best speaking moment came at my brother’s wedding, where I gave the ‘sermon’ for the event. In the sermon, I admonished my brother to be the patriarch of his new family, and urged him to follow the example of our incredible grandfather, who sat there in the front row with 95 years of life behind him.

    For the next few minutes, I took the moment to openly express my love and gratitude, and the entire family’s gratitude, for our great patriarch–‘Grand Daddy’

    It was easily one of the most moving and spiritual experiences of my life.

    A few months later, my grandfather passed, but his joy that day, as well as the rest of the family’s, was palpable.


  5. Hi Keith,

    Oh my…Mr. Darcy, how large your eyes are! And oh, Mr. Darcy, how sopping your shirt is! Lemme just help you with that…

    My greatest speech came at my older sister’s wedding. I wrote it in the car on the way from the church to the reception hall, on back roads in a Geo Metro packed with clothes, make-up caboodles for the entire bride’s party, as well as the whole bride’s party.

    Sardines have roomier accommodations than we did in that car. I remember a bridesmaid foot next to my ear for about three miles at one point.

    But it was short, sweet, and had them laughing as I made fun of stereotypes while being every bit as stereotypical myself. It was the first (and so far only) time I was actually funny when I tried to be.

    (btw, sorry I didn’t reply to your last comment; the email update got buried and I didn’t see it.)

    Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..Potty Training Babies- How to Deal with the Negativity Pt IIIMy Profile

    • Hi Delena
      Sounds as though you enjoyed the Mr Darcy video!

      “Sardines have roomier accommodations than we did in that car… But it was short, sweet, and had them laughing as I made fun of stereotypes.”
      I thought you said that you couldn’t do humour.
      You’re pulling my leg.

      Always appreciate your input Delena


      • Aww, shucks. Not pulling your leg, Keith. Maybe just flashbacking to all those times I was met with the sound of crickets chirping and the *blink…blinkblink* of my audience as they swayed, slightly vacant-eyed in their seats staring at what I thought was bloody hilarious.

        Then I see blogs like Hyperbole and a Half, and go, “Aw, man, how come *I* can’t make people laugh so hard they snort in public and embarrass themselves?”

        Delena Silverfox´s last great post ..epc BelfastMy Profile

        • Hi D
          Humour is a personal thing.
          My sense of humour is completely different to my wife’s.

          Thing to remember is what Bob Hope said… “If the audience don’t laugh… it aint funny.”
          But he was a stand up comedian; it’s different for a Public Speaker.

          I’ll make it over to your blog later – promise.

  6. Colin Firth’s speech is a master piece and I enjoyed it a lot.
    I was a debater in my college times and now I try to be good in my daily conversations.
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..Hostgator Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • Hi Naz – welcome back
      Debating is a great form of Public Speaking.
      I’ve been to a few debates and always had a good time.

      Thanks for dropping in Naz.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this post Keith! And I just knew you’d start with Colin Firth (the other Colin Firth)! I loved him in the movie and I really enjoyed his acceptance speech. Umms and all — as a fellow umm-er it’s kind of nice to know I’m not alone.

    I never thought about how an audience’s laughter could relax the speaker. Very nice point and one I was not aware of! You do a great job of incorporating humor into your posts… always. And by doing so, you teach.

    Somebody once responded to a blog post I wrote with, “You must be a national treasure.” LOL 🙂 I think of posts as becoming indelible the moment I hit “publish” … I’m not sure I would call them gems, but I write knowing that they have a very long shelf life. On the other hand, if what I write is read by one single, solitary person and that person was moved or inspired to action by my thoughts, that post becomes a gem in my mind.

    Including posts that create stirrings that form themselves into dance moves.

    Would this be a great occasion? I think so.

    I adore where you go with your posts Keith. I love it when my mind gets to take little trips around your world. You are a gem.

    Theresa Bradley-Banta´s last great post ..Do Not QuitMy Profile

    • Hi Theresa
      Peggy Noonan who was one of Ronald Reagan’s speech writers said “Reagan always needed a joke at the top of a speech because he needed the quick victory of laughter.”
      That’s a great way to think about a humorous opening “A quick victory.”

      “…if what I write is read by one single, solitary person and that person was moved or inspired to action by my thoughts, that post becomes a gem in my mind.”
      Agree 100 percent with that T.

      Hope your mind has recovered from that little trip around my world. LOL

  8. Hi Keith .. having not seen the film .. but all the build up certainly projected him to be the winner .. difficult time for him & then he won, after last year.

    I didn’t like the erms and aaahs .. but you wouldn’t have got a word out of me! As we said before saying your own words out of the blue .. is much more difficult for the actor than saying someone else’s words ..

    He was definitely overwhelmed .. so kudos to him for being able to give his speech. I love the way you’ve summarised his points .. that actually make up a great speech – short and to the point.

    Some people have the knack .. cheers thanks .. Hilary
    Hilary´s last great post ..How a play came to be written Samuel Pepys- Robert Hooke My Profile

    • Hi Hilary
      Not seen the film? Make sure that you find time to see it.
      Not a great film, but a pretty good film.

      The Umms and ahhs definitely detract but standing in front of your peers… can’t be easy.

      Glad you liked the summary.

      Talk to you soon.

  9. I wonder if I am alone in wondering why all the actors who win Oscars do not give perfect acceptance speeches?

    After all, they are actors…

    It was a revelation to me when I first saw an actor being nervous on a chat show.

    Perhaps some actors are comfortable only when they have prepared lines.

    But then acceptance speeches are (or can be) prepared lines?

    Perhaps they are only comfortable when speaking their prepared lines in a situation where they are the centre of attention?

    But that’s what Oscar ceremonies are like for them, at least for their 15 minutes of ‘super’ fame.?

    Or perhaps they are only comfortable when the Director is on hand – maybe that explains it.
    David@Quillcards´s last great post ..Ai Weiwei Sunflower SeedsMy Profile

    • Welcome David
      Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Not sure why actors perform so badly.
      I remember seeing the late great Phil Silvers on a chat show and he was hopeless.
      In the Phil Silvers show he was quick and animated, in real life he spoke slowly and without much passion – weird!

      Hope you’ll visit again.

  10. Hi,

    I couldn’t stop myself watching “the wet shirt scene” again. I love that movie and I also enjoyed watching the Colin Firth’s last one.
    As Melanie Kissel pointed out, Colin is just a warm, charming, sensitive Englishman 🙂 and so was his speech.

    One might think that because actors play and in a way speak publicly, they shouldn’t feel stressed while speaking on such occasions but it seems that they do (well there could be some exceptions of course, such as Jack Nicholson 😉
    Justyna´s last great post ..What Twitter- DiggDigg- Twitterlinks Comments and Thesis Have in CommonMy Profile

    • Hi Justyna
      Glad you like the “wet shirt scene” thought you might. LOL

      I think you are right; Colin Firth is a nice man.

      Yes can’t imagine Jack Nicholson ever being nervous, but who knows?

      Thanks for your comment J and remember me to Martyna.

  11. Keith,

    I saw the “The King’s Speech” today and it was really great!

    Colin’s performance was worth an Oscar and the topic of the film was interesting as well. I can only imagine how hard it has been for someone like George VI to have public speeches with a stammering problem.

    • I still want to see that Timo, I guess it would be a good idea for me to wait until it is out on DVD now 😛
      Christopher Roberts´s last great post ..Thought for the day 11th of MarchMy Profile

    • Hi Timo
      Great to see you back

      Glad you liked the film – did you notice the clips of Hitler using his great powers of oratory to whip up the crowds? It was a great contrast to the stammering British monarch.

      George VI was a victim of when he was born.
      If he had been born earlier the radio had not been invented and he would not have had to speak to the nation. If he had been born later, his speech could have been recorded because recording technology had been invented by then.
      A bitter irony for a man with a stutter.

      I’ll be over to see what you’re up to later.

  12. Hi Keith,
    Would you please suggest me any website from where I can download the video of Oscar Awards in a single file.
    nazimwarriach´s last great post ..GoDaddy Coupon CodeMy Profile

    • Hi Naz
      Sorry, can’t help.

      A lot of the Oscar videos have been removed from Utube.
      Not sure why but they are no longer available.

      Hope you find what you’re after.

  13. Hi Keith,

    I think your blog is very interesting. I’ve always been comfortable with public speaking. I was always the one in school who, when we had a group project, could present it to the class, even if we weren’t quite prepared or read the wrong chapter. I’m just now starting to do more public speaking to promote my business ventures, so I will definitely refer to your site. Plus, my oldest son, who is a teenager, is a very gifted public speaker, but he doesn’t see the importance in it yet.

    I have to say that my downfall is that I say, “Uhmmmm” way too much. I have also found that I need to only spend 5 minutes writing my speech, instead of planning it word for word. I’m more nervous when I’m trying to memorize the words in a long speech. I think I have a lot to learn from your blog!


    • Welcome Stacey
      Good to hear that you are at ease with Speaking in Public, a useful ability to have.

      “I have to say that my downfall is that I say, “Uhmmmm” way too much…”
      I’ve been meaning to publish a short post on the subject of uhmms and ahhhs, thanks for the reminder.

      Many thanks for a great comment.
      Hope you’ll be a regular visitor.

      BTW – best wishes for your new site and don’t forget the CommentLuv and Subscribe to comments plugins.

  14. Bravo! I can’t stand an over rehearsed speech. Sincere, funny (not too funny), humble (not dripping)…seems like a very nice fellow.

    • Welcome Billy
      I know what you mean; over rehearsed speeches can sound very twee.
      I’ll check out your site over the weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hell Keith, you know how I am with speeches, but if I was looking for a great occasion I reckon a good one would be when we win back the ashes. 😉

    As to great occasions when writing a post, perhaps every one should be written that way, but truth be told some are more important to the writer than others and so that would reflect in the writing of it. Personally I think that if I was to wait for each post to reach that level of intensity my output would fall drastically.
    Sire´s last great post ..So- What The Frak Is Good Content AnywayMy Profile

  16. hey Keith 🙂

    How are you?
    thank you for the video, it is so refreshing to see a man who can play a king just because he is a king himself.

    “Did you notice how quiet the audience were?”

    “In my last post I looked at Content and Delivery but both are secondary to the occasion.”, it is like with the locations for buildings. Even a great location will be ruined when there is no content.

    Content+ Delivery+ Occasion= Meeting Point

    Colin Firth is romantic in a very odd way.

    thank you for the article, I liked it

    Martyna Bizdra´s last great post ..The Most Important Principle of Leadership by Rudolph GiulianiMy Profile

    • Martyna
      I’d almost given you up!
      Thanks for finding time for a super comment.

      Glad you liked the article and I’m glad you dropped by.

  17. Good to know, Keith. I was starting to think Theresa and I were some sort of mutants. 🙂
    Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..First Ever “No Questions Asked” InterviewMy Profile

    • Hi Mel
      Thanks for visiting and really adding to the comments.

      I’ll be visiting you over the weekend so get hitting that big Publish button.


  18. Hi Keith, really enjoyed this post on Mr Darcy – your analysis is illuminating and constructive (as usual). Colin is a super actor and I really enjoyed his Oscar speech (even more so now, with your help), especially the humour. As you said it wasn’t perfect – too many ums and aah’s but they made him even more endearing and so did the looking down – gave hope to us all….on reflection, perhaps it was a perfect speech after all!

    • Welcome back Carol

      “…but they made him even more endearing…)

      Never thought of that, but you are right.
      It’s a touch of the Hugh Grants, being slightly unsure and awkward.
      You could be right Carol; perhaps it was a perfect speech.

      BTW – had a good chat with Lilian and Ian at the ASC District meeting last weekend.
      Sounds as though Sans Souci Speakers Club is going from strength to strength.
      You should have come along, it was a really good day.

      Talk to you soon.

      • Hi Keith,
        Glad you enjoyed the ASC District Meeting, heard it was an enjoyable day and was sorry to have to miss it – had a prior charity engagement that had been booked for months.
        Yes, it’s going very well at Sans Souci but you have been sorely missed – know you have been busy with your writing but hope we are also able to hear you speak again very soon!

        • Hi Carol
          Yes… for once it was very good.
          Hilary chaired the meeting and she pulled everything together and created a relaxed atmosphere.

          Hopefully, I’ve still got a few good speeches left in me. LOL

  19. Hi Patricia
    Sounds as though you know the UK better than me. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed your time here.

    I’ll be over to your blog later to see what’s happening with the lavender lady.


  20. Hey Keith,
    I am such a huge fan of the Oscars and the acceptance speech “offered” every year. I never bisected any speech as brilliantly as you have! But then, that is what you do (Lol!) Personally I loved his speech not only because he is one of my favorites but also because it was very well timed and interesting…didn’t name a hundred people we don’t know!

    • Hi Hajra
      Thanks for your comment – so sorry that the video has been removed.
      We live and learn!

      Like you I loved the speech.
      Difficult for me to listen to a speech and not disect it – can be a disadvantage sometimes.

      Before I finish I’d like to thank my mum, my dad, my wife, my…… LOL

  21. Wonderful article Keith!

    The film was sensational for me, and highlighted many interpersonal communication problems that alot of us suffer from but are too lazy to get them addressed.

    His acceptance speech was admirable! This actor can do no wrong in my eyes, and dare I say especially not in his performance in BBC’s version of Pride and Prejudice ! My goodness!

    Please read my new article on the communication skills (and lack there of) of many call centre agents around the world. I look forward to your next visit to my blog … Gabz

    • Welcome to easyP Gabriella
      Sounds as though you are a real Colin Firth fan.

      Agree with you about his acceptance speech.
      I think that he got it about right.

      Thanks for a super comment.
      I’ll head over and check out your article.

  22. I didn’t know the movie until my brother told me. Public Speaking is really important to improve your “life”. Better communication, better understanding, better result.
    ahmad´s last great post ..Losing your voice by the end of the dayMy Profile

    • Welcome to easyP Ahmad
      Thanks for leaving a comment and I totally agree with your sentiments about Public Speaking.

      Hope to see you again.


  23. He was very eloquent and gracious with his speech and it was absolutely well deserved!

    • Hi Julie
      Great to see you back.
      I think that you were very “eloquent and gracious” in not saying that the video no longer works.

      So sorry, nothing I can do but thank you for your comment.


  24. Oh, how I love him! (As I’ve said before) 😉

    The video has been taken away (as they so often are) but I headed over and watched the speech, thanks to your suggestion. I agree with you on every point you made.

    He’s really a guy with class in his thanks, and he stuck to all the important points you mentioned.

    I wonder. Is he hoping I write with my phone number one day soon?

    Maybe I’d better get on that!
    Paula Lee Bright´s last great post ..Oh- Sarah Even Stephen Colbert Can’t Save Your Ass This Time!My Profile

    • Hi Paula
      Great to see you back and in good spirits.
      Sorry that the video was removed… just one of those things.

      As for your phone number, make him wait. LOL

      Mel K reminded me just what a good writer you are and she is so right.

      Lovely to see you here again.


      • Paula!

        I’m overjoyed to see you here!

        Keith’s blog is definitely one of my favorites. Oh, and he’s not too shabby, either. 🙂

        Actually, Keith is one of my rare “guy” friends in the blogosphere. And he invites the most wonderful guest bloggers to take the seat of honor here.

        As of late, he’s had “Tom Breeze” and “Randy Cantrell” as guests and the conversations in the comment box have been going on for weeks!

        This is a fabulous community of bloggers and I hope you’ll stop by often,
        Melanie Kissell´s last great post ..Looking At Life Through Blog-Colored GlassesMy Profile

        • Hi Mel
          Always amazes me that guys like Tom and Randy give their time so freely.
          We all love great content but without comments from you and everyone who supports easyP… what would be the point of blogging?

          I do remember Paula from ages ago and I do recall how well she writes.
          Thanks for reminding me of the connection.

          Until later.